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How do people deal with/organise multi packs of games?

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I have hundreds of old games, such as Amstrad CPC, where some are just collections within the one ROM (e.g. "3D Fight & Balle de Match & Eden Blues & Panzadrome & Roller Ball & Scrounch" or "3D Grand Prix & Who Dares Win 2"). 

I'm thinking I could just delete them all, as I hate that a lot of these don't match in the database and/or have no artwork. I thought I'd reach out here first to see if anyone has any innovative solutions before I do this.

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You can split them up.
For instance : 3D Grand Prix & Who Dares Win 2

Import the same rom 2 times. (check the box that makes sure LB imports duplicate files)
But once with the name 3D Grand Prix

And once with the name Who Dares Win 2

That way, it will get parsed and each item in launchbox gets its images but it's still the same rom but then imported twice.

Only advisable if there are not many of them cause it can take alot of work going through all of them


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I either don't have multiple game roms or only have those packs and not the individual titles (ie Mega Man Legacy Collection instead of individual games), I try to not have duplicate games across the whole frontend.

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I'm currently working on a CPC 3D box art project for the Amstrad CPC so have some insight into this too. My approach is to import the item as it originally was - a collection - but then I'm a completist. I'll make up the original artwork too.

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