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Simple Touch & Simple Desktop

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I wanted to change the theme to a more Retro look in Version 4. See changelog and last 4-5 screenshots. I will be updating Simple Touch to match Simple Desktop and will leave the v3 online, but to much to keep up with the dark versions.

  • Simple Desktop v4 - Uploaded
  • Simple Touch v4 - Uploaded (last 2 screenshots)
  • Simple Desktop v3 (light) - FINAL
  • Simple Desktop v3 (dark) - FINAL (screenshots close to end)

Some of the features:

  • smaller in size
  • device bezels for game videos (200+ platforms) - (special thanks @Duimon for many of them). Also extra ones in a folder named "unused" and a psd template
  • added Partial Gamepad badge support like Steam does (add a custom field in LB named "Partial Gamepad Support" with a value of "Yes")
  • displays nice little message when no game notes are present (see screenshot 5)
  • displays colorful "No Video image" when no game video is present in the bezel
  • ability to choose scratches & smudges on game videos (delete "Scratches.png" file in ..\Themes\Simple Desktop v3 (light)\Media\Overlays)
  • font changes for better visibility
  • colorful 3 second popup for games marked as Completed, Broken or Not Installed in Horizonal & Wall views (see screenshot 7,8,9)

*updating videos and screenshots I update them

5 versions to choose from. "Simple Touch" (light or dark), "Simple Desktop" (light or dark), and a "Simple Touch Vertical".

Simple Touch Vertical (vertical version) This one is more of a test version. It's made using 3:4 aspect ratio per request. I had to re-size some things and move a few things around a bit, but pretty much the same. I have nothing to test it with, so not sure how well it will look or work on a actual vertical screen. If you give this one a try, feedback would be awesome (especially some screenshots or a video).

Clean, with a modern look. Works well with all the screen sizes I have been able to test, including large screens and 4K TVs. Responsive and simple, thus "Simple Touch".

Audio announces 200+ Platforms now.

* (you can disable the audio by renaming or deleting the Audio folder within the ..\theme name\Media\Audio folder. If you want to remove the family logo image in the settings page, you can do the same thing with it, located in the ..\theme name\Media\Images folder)

I needed this for a A-I-O Touch Screen PC I will be installing in a false wall soon. I'll be doing a home remodeling project soon and thought a touch screen jukebox in the wall would be a cool look. I found a great deal on a Lenovo 700 22ish touchscreen on ebay and have been setting it all up before I start the remodel. I wanted to create a BB theme with a similar look to the Jukebox (media center) software I put on the PC.

(Most of the Platform videos in the videos in v3 and previous were the Bigbox Cinematic videos, in v4 they showcase the Colorful videos with a few I made)

VIDEO: Simple Desktop v4 (11-04-22)

VIDEO: Simple Desktop v3 Light (10-07-22) - Sorry it's so long, I was trying to show all the bezels I used to show the game videos for all the platforms.

VIDEO: Simple Desktop v3 Dark (10-13-22)


Here is the dll file for adding the "Touch Badge" in Launchbox. Drop it into your ..\Launchbox\Plugins folder. (not required, just shows the Touch Badge in Launchbox)

Badge Touch.dll


Startup Videos: (10 seconds)
NEW - Simple Desktop (available in 1080 & 4K)

NEW - Simple Touch (available in 1080 & 4K)



As always, special thanks goes out to:

@JoeViking245 for helping me with the touch issues

@y2guru for sharing CTC with us, thank you

@faeran for allowing me to use a bit of his code

@Johnny T for all the MFME Fruitbox Machine help

@viking for the awesome Colorful stuff and sharing some of his knowledge with me


Don't forget to leave feedback, post comments, questions or suggestions. Will do the best I can to get back.

- Enjoy! 


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