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EmuMovies Not showing Videos for Metadata


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I am sorry to post this because I have seen many forum posts about this issue but none have resolved my similar issue. To keep this short as possible and simple.

My issue:
Videos are not showing up as an option in Tools>Download>Update Meta Data... or even when editing a single game and trying to update the metadata through EmuMovies. I have seen many videos showing Videos in the metadata wizard just past screenshots and I do not see that or even game manuals in the wizard either. I am a Lifetime member in EmuMovies and a Premium Launch Box and am using the latest beta build, but videos were not showing on either beta or stable.

Other things I have tried:
-Options>General>Video Playback> Use VLC
-Options>Visuals>Game Details>Show Videos [Checked]
-Options>Intergrations>EmuMovies Login UserID


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14 hours ago, brett190 said:

Videos are not showing up as an option in Tools>Download>Update Meta Data

In the Download Metadata and Media Wizard, when you get to the "Would you loke to download media from EmuMovies?" page (next page after "Would you like to download images for your games?"), are any options (check boxes for images or otherwise) showing up?  

Right now, mines not looking too good. But I'm on my test PC and I may have something screwed up.


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35 minutes ago, brett190 said:

Yes, I do have the window showing up and no videos show up in the menu

It could be the platform you're in.?.  To test, go to Arcade and select one/several/all games and click Tools>Download>Update Meta Data... and see if they show up then.  (the game 1942 is always a good, all-around test game.)  You can click Cancel afterwards so as to not download what you [may] already have.  Also try [what you did before] and edit an individual game ("1942") and look in the EmuMovies tab.

If they do show up there, then chances are what you were trying to download the videos for simply doesn't have any (some other platform?).

If they don't show up there, then it sounds like an in-house issue with either LB, EmuMovies or both.

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