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  2. Awesome work @POOTERMAN , very nice first post on the forums!
  3. Holy sh*t! This looks AMAZING! I need to get home and give it a try! Hopefully my minipc can handle it Thank you as always Lust for your insane and sexy work!
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  5. Thank you so much!!! You just saved me a lot of time and probably also a few headaches :) Never tried maxcso. I will give it a spin this weekend.
  6. In case you like, the improved sequel to this theme:
  7. Same issue for me, at least I have something to work with now. Thanks from me also
  8. @HugoBR no problem, you're welcome. I'm planning on making one for the TurboGrafx-16 mini + PC Engine CoreGrafx mini + PC Engine mini , when they release the list of games. So keep an eye on my profile when that happens 🙂
  9. Loving the 'default' image features for the categories Jason has recently created. I've been waiting on this for a while. Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. I'll have to think about this a bit more before I make a decision either way. Concerning your idea about having a GUI to make changes to the config.xml in a more user-friendly manner, it is something I've already thought about. It actually wouldn't be too difficult to implement. The only thing that makes it a bit tricky is implementing a GUI/Window from a class library (DLL)... It isn't something that is done too often mostly because it doesn't make a lot of sense for most things, but it is most certainly possible to do... Should just a be a matter of referencing the correct .NET libraries and adding a bit of initialization code. I could technically probably even get LaunchBox/BigBox to spawn the window for me, but I'd have to do a bit of testing to see how feasible that is... The only real advantage I could see in doing it that way is that LB's controller input might work in my custom window that way without me having to duplicate all of that code myself (which I am definitely not going to do right now). I'll have to do some testing... I'll definitely let y'all know what I find out.
  11. I had trouble with the cso compressor for PSP. I'd recommend you use maxcso to compress PS2 games, you can batch convert them all with it (just drag and drop). The marginal benefit of gzip over cso is not worth the trouble of needing a cache file. CSO it's your best option for PCSX2.
  12. Some interesting stuff here, seeing as one of my upcoming tasks will be to play around with PS2 very soon. I apologize if this is seen as derailing, but it might also be too lame to start a new thread about it Packing with 7zip: Some of the games are kinda huge, like 4GB. Does the "unpack before run" not take some serious time at every game startup? Packing into cso: This idea intrigues me, since i do the same with PSP games. I didn't know this was possible for PS2 also. I read somewhere that PCSX2 will take gzip-files if the emulator indexes the file beforehand, but that seems kinda tedious. So, should i just use the same tool for both PSP and PS2 to end up with cso-files?
  13. Xyb0t

    Missing box art

    I experience this also, different platforms. I scrape, and the games are found in Launchbox database (i am sure because it shows the game ID in top right corner of "edit" page), but the videos are not all downloaded. Then i go to "Edit" and re-download without touching the game name, and i find videos available. I kinda feel that it is due to retry count, like it tries 3 times and then moves on to next title. This puzzles me as i have a very fast and stable internet connection. But of course if Emumovies does not answer then my speedy connection isn't worth pants Another weird thing i experience: The games are shown in Launchbox with different graphics (3d boxes being my default). Some show up with f.ex "cart front" or the likes. I go to "Edit" and confirm that there really is an image for "3D Box", then i click OK and suddenly the default picture turns to 3D Box. I don't really think this issue is about my connection I have a few other examples of unexpected behaviour, like sorting alphabetically and such, but i am fairly new and i am still unsure if this is cause by me not following best practice when scraping or if it really involves bugs, and in the case of the latter, where to report and that sort of thing. I have a strong feeling that thesse minor booboos will all get sorted in time And despite these occasional hiccups i am 110% in love with both Launchbox and Bigbox. I come from the Retropie scene, and i haven't looked back a single time ever since i bought my LB license. Enough babbling and derail, sry Early morning here. Gonna grab some coffee and OCD some more about my collection.
  14. Awesome! Don’t feel rushed and take all the time you need. I also just tested the new version and can’t report any issues so far
  15. Ok so I did try this and at first got an error saying couldn't find Daphne, so I put the full path. start /w "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\Daphne\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile" /M start /w "" D:\Hyperspin\Roms\Daphne\Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 -framefile "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\Daphne\framefile\%1.txt" start "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile" /M Got an syntax error from Daphne. Want to thankyou thus far but I should have used the emulator AAE as a better example. I tried the following it looks like the games load but just loses focus to command window and when try to bring game up its blank screen. I think I am getting close. If you have suggestions for the one I'm trying below I would appreciate it. Perhaps AHK works better then batch files? or works the same? AAE doesn't require any command lines to launch... I just need to load a controller profile as the emulator has only default keyboard inputs. start /w "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\AAE\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile" /M start /w "" D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\AAE\aae.exe %1 "D:\Hyperspin\Roms\AAE\%1.zip" start "" "D:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\_Default\blank.xpadderprofile" /M Default emulator Batch file emulator
  16. Ok so I have solved my own problem and just in case anyone has the same oversight as me I would like to post the answer. It is simple really and I feel quite foolish. I have my files to stay zipped unless playing them. My save file therefore for the game would be located in the same file as the TEMP UNZIPPED game and NOT the GAMES folder that houses the ZIPPED game. Very foolish of myself to think otherwise. What threw me off was seeing a .sav file in the actual folder with all the zipped games. The more you know. Hopefully this will withstand the test of time and anyone having this issue will get help from this post.
  17. i m wanting to have multiple platform videos per platform to play randomly is there a hacky way to do this either by having bigbox run a batch file when it first loads to rename the video files in a group or something? any ideas?
  18. So my main version of Launch Box is on my desktop, but I also keep a version of it on my laptop. I tried running a DOS game last night, and while DOS Box launched, it crashed before it properly loaded. I tried running DOS Box outside of Launch Box, and it had the same problem. I had a version of DOS Box on my laptop, unrelated to LaunchBox, and when I ran it, it opened up fine. I tried deleting DOS Box in my Launch Box folder & replacing it with that version. When I ran it from that location, it ran fine. So I booted up LaunchBox (noticed that it updated something in the DOS Box folder), and when I tried to run a DOS game, it crashed again. Now, on my laptop, I don't remember having a problem in the past. I copied the version of Launch Box from my desktop PC to my laptop (and DOS Box runs on my desktop without issue), and when I tried to run a DOS game from within Launch Box, DOS Box crashed again. Any ideas on what the issue might be?
  19. Hi, first: great theme, second: where I can find th addon background for snes MSU-1 that has the video from the video platform set, the one with the 2 snes controllers and the logo for SNES msu-1, please help, Thanks
  20. Definitely try to restart launchbox. That isn't intended behavior, may be a bug. (I like that low key slow show off scroll you did in the video. 😂)
  21. Yesterday
  22. I don't know what the name of this, but I clicked on the X, and can't remove the info. It's a bug or there's other thing to do?
    The new "view" and features look huge with City hunter it is undoubtedly my favorite theme, What research work on the media! Congratulations again and yes briskly PASC !!
  23. Awesome right up. Some day i will get to building a vpincab. Completely understand the different versions. I toyed with setting up Future Pinball and it's amazing how many different versions of tables there can be! Until you play it and get the "feel" it's hard to tell which is the better version or at least the one closest to what you may remember playing.
  24. Hmm, the first solution is easy, I will add the steamdb first then get the info, if the game is removed it will add steamdb and quit. Now for the second source it's going to require a lot of refactor of the code, unfortunately now I do not have much time to do it, but, I'm already using steamSpy for the tags so I think I can make a "workaround" to get it from another source but it's not going to be pretty. I will add the SteamDB fix like right now and then later, maybe on weekend try to scrap the info from another source.
  25. @Lahma I agree with @cammelspit While I can't see any downside to the command line tweak some users mightn't care for the change for whatever reason. But then what's the point of having the plugin if it doesn't work. I dunno how feasible it is to implement, but a toggle in a GUI either through LB or in its own configurator to edit the config.xml would be the Holy Grail for most end users. Obviously would require a butt load of work. Thanks again guys for developing and testing This plugin really just ties everything in my HTPC setup together so easily, with no stressing about controller assignment and the like. Everything just works now!
  26. Thanks. The playfield is 27 inch, the backglass is 19" and the DMD is a 7 inch. Besides the PC and monitors, it has a 7.1 surround sound for SSF (Surround Sound Feedback), Two power supplies, one of which powers the LED Matrix and the other powers the strobes, beacon, Led Wiz and other toys. Besides the PC speakers in the backbox, there are also two 2.1 mini amps that power the other speakers and sub below the playfield for the Surround Sound Feedback. A lot of the other guys that build real size pins will also include other toys like shakers, fans, chimes, knockers, solenoids, among other things to simulate real feel and sounds coming from their cabs. With my mini setup, I didn't have room for any of that so I was pleased to find the SSF stuff simulates that stuff pretty well. When the ball hits the bumpers you can hear AND feel it coming from the table. Its pretty insane. There is also an accelerator type board (KL25Z Pinscape) in the cab that feels motion so you can bump the table and see the ball move. It's really neat. For what it's worth, the frontend on the table is not Launchbox/Bigbox, but I think with some work and a good theme, @Jason Carr could easily make Bigbox cabinet ready. I'm really just showing the video to demonstrate what a proper pinball cabinet is capable of. I do have Visual Pinball set up on my BigBox arcade cabinet playing tables in landscape mode. I'll try to post some video of that next. Possibly this evening if I get time.
  27. starfiretbt


    So I have been combining all my games into Launch-Box. This included games from other platforms. I also had some manuals and as I was looking for a place to move them I noticed a folder called manuals in Launch-Box. Normally I had been leaving manuals in the specific game folder and linking the manual as an additional app. Should I keep my manuals in the manual folder or leave them in the game folder they pertain to?
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