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  1. As the option to download game manuals is only possible with an Emumovies premium account it would be nice to scrape manuals automaticaly from http://replacementdocs.com
  2. So now I found the optimal solution: The reason why button presses where not passed through correctly was because of the steam overlay. When I disabled the steam overlay no button worked in the emulators at all..... I figured it out however, you have to set the game specific input settings to always off. Now everything works flawlessly, I can use the guide button to exit all my games (setup inside Big Box), I can use all my buttons as expected in the emulators and I don't have look at the glitching steam overlay anymore (wasn't working nicely with my theme)
  3. ozboss

    Cemu Guide

    Oh wow ok I figured it out now I just activated the controller for LaunchBox and saw the hotkey option for exiting games and this worked flawelessly. So I had a look inside Big Box again and well.... I had a hotkey combo setup within Big Box for the option: Exit (idk if translated correctly) but that was just for exiting Big Box.... The correct option would have been : Close Active Window This was at the very bottom for me and I must have overlooked that option. Anyway yes this works now for me aswell, but still it helped me to solve this problem: This is the prefered solution for me as I find it more intuitive to exit out of games with the guide button, for people that are not as familiar with my setup. Anyway thank you very much
  4. ozboss

    Cemu Guide

    Yes the emulators work fine, just AutoHotkey doesn't pick up any buttons but the guide button. How do you exit Cemu with your controller?
  5. Are you using an XboxOne controller and try to setup and AutoHotkey script? That was the problem for me as AHK doesn't pick up my buttons. What works however is the guide button (I'm using that for Retroarch, Cemu and Dolphin): vk07sc000:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  6. ozboss

    Cemu Guide

    So if anybody else is also trying to exit Cemu with an XboxOne controller: The buttons of the controller don't get picked up by AHK (if anybody knows a solution please let me know) The only button that does is the guide button. Here the script: vk07sc000:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  7. So I found a solution by accident: I was settling for the Select + Start hotkey, but when I was trying to setup an exit for Cemu I found that I have to setup an AutoHotkey script for that. Anyhow my XboxOne controller doesn't get picked up by AHK... (If anybody knows a solution to that let me know) However what does get picked up is the guide button So I tried that within Big Box started from inside Steam Big Picture and it works 😀 So now I have the script setup for all my emulators and I can close them all with the guid button. Here the script: vk07sc000:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  8. I have the Guide Button (Xbox Button) assigned to close Retroarch and other emulators, which in theory is the perfect solution to me, especially now that LaunchBox also supports this function too. Unfortunately this does not work when I start BigBox from inside Steam Big Picture, Steam won't pass through the button press. Ofc Steam has it's own functionality for the Guide Button, but you can disable the Steam Overlay and then everything should work as usual, at least I think this has worked in the past. Anyway it doesn't work, anybody knows how to get around this? (btw. I also disable the Windows Gamebar picking up the Guide Button press)
  9. Did somebody already get all the vertical covers for N64 / SNES and can share them? Would be awesome
  10. Did somebody already get all the vertical covers for N64 / SNES and can share them? Would be awesome
  11. I appreciate all your effords but i guess this is not made to work well with Intel GPUs? I only tried Ratchet and Clank so far and with standard settings it worked pretty ok but with your config it really was a slow mess I tried your tips and also set resolution to native but that didn't really help. The biggest approvement was when I set the renderer to Direct3D 11 (Hardware). Not meaning to criticize just want to know if there is anything special to watch out for when running on Intel GPUs? (I'm running this on a i7 7700HQ with Intel 630 GPU)
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