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  1. I actually uninstalled OneDrive (or maybe I just disabled it, don't remember) because it kept interrupting what I was doing to ask me to sign in (like, even in the middle of a game). I assume that if you actually sign in & use it, that it's not invasive in ways like that? I might give it a try.
  2. I was looking at another program, Syncthing, but it seemed a bit complicated for such a small thing. FreeFileSync does look a bit less complicated.
  3. Oh, nice! I've never used cloud storage beyond just usage Google Drive as a general way to transfer things, but I never set it up as a folder/auto storage. I was hoping there was something like that, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the reply, I'll look into setting it up!
  4. Obviously, this isn't something you could do in LaunchBox, but I think it would be interesting to have a solution to this issue. It's one of the mild annoyances of having copies of LaunchBox on multiple computers, so it made me wonder if anyone has a solution to it. The way I do it now (and I haven't bothered to do it often), is to have the LaunchBox folder shared on my local network across all my computers, and then I can snag the RetroArch save states/saved games across the network. It's only a mild inconvenience, but I'd be curious to see if anyone has a way to automate this process.
  5. Just wanted to quote you to made sure you saw that the wrong Clear Logo got approved (see my previous post).
  6. Do you have that can at your ready? 🤣 All my other Clear Logo submissions were accepted (and fortunately, all for the right games). It's actually been really satisfying to make these Clear Logos, given that I'm generally fairly limited in my visual arts skills. Most of them were as simple as using a magic select tool on a title screen/box art, and then touching them up. But it was fun to give them some personality. It's also satisfying to know that these semi-obscure DOS games will have Clear Logos available for other people.
  7. Whoops, just saw these replies today. Anyway, here's the screenshots for the entries that I have for MAME. I also had a "MAME Fairchild Channel F" entry separately, so that must have been something I tried in the past (I thought I remember getting the games to work, but I'm probably confusing it with something else). I'm guessing I also tried the command-line parameter "channelf -cart" under the Channel F MAME entry that I made, this is just what I have at this very second, and I'm not going to change anything until you guys say to (just to make it easier for you to know what state they're in right now). Also, just for reference, when I try starting it up using MAME, nothing happens & nothing is launched. When I launch it with the "MAME Fairchild Channel F" entry, I get a command prompt that pops up really quickly with the file path/name, and it says, "Unknown System". It seems to not recognize the filename, and lists a bunch of alternatives. Does the file name have to match something specific? I uploaded a screenshot of it. It passed by so quickly that I never thought to screenshot it in the past.
  8. Ok, since I already have MAME setup, I'm giving that a try. I put the Channel F bios in folders that MAME looks for bioses in. I used the command line "channelf -cart", since that what I read to do, and when I try to launch it, nothing pops up. Just tried launching Pac-Man in MAME (I usually use RetroArch, but I have MAME assigned as a backup for my arcade platform), and it worked, so I know MAME is working correctly. I did try a few other games that didn't work, but I think I just never bothered to put the various bioses in the right directory. Is there any more to making MAME run Channel F games, other than pointing it to the right bios? I want to troubleshoot this, but I need to make sure that there isn't something else I'm missing before I assume that it's a bios issue.
  9. I know that RetroArch can do it, but that it's rather tricky (couldn't find details though), and while MESS is also tricky, it's apparently easier to set up for the Fairchild Channel F? Has there been any progress on other methods? I installed MESS to see if I could do it, but I ran into some issues. Even though I ran MESS, I can't seem to find the mess.ini file. I have the Fairchild Channel F bioses in the /roms/ folder, but since the ini file is missing, I'm not sure how to tell MESS to look for them there (or if I even need to anymore). Also, I want to keep LaunchBox 100% portable, so I assume that there are ways to write out the filepath in the ini file to keep it that way? I'd vastly prefer to use RetroArch for this, since I like making the hotkey commands as universal as possible, but if MESS is much easier, I'll go that route. Just not sure why I can't find the mess.ini file.
  10. ha, will do! I have to imagine they won't accept Astro Grover for Bouncing Babies, but just in case, I know where to go for that can!
  11. ha, alright, thanks! I uploaded the right logo with a message attached, so I'm sure you guys will take care of it. 😄
  12. Accidentally chose the wrong file, so I wanted to cancel it. Or will the people who review it just deny it, and I shouldn't worry about it?
  13. Thanks for keeping this updated & adding more systems! I use CoverBox as my main theme, and then use Retrotastic to fill in for the systems that aren't available yet (I also use CriticalZone v2 BlueBox for MS-DOS). Using the T.K.O. Cinematics videos for the systems that have them, captures what it was like as a kid, looking at the box art for the games & system. To me, that's what separates LaunchBox/BigBox from just using emulators. There's something a bit sterile about opening a game in an emulator by itself, but having themes like CoverBox comes as close to making me feel like I'm flipping through a physical game collection as possible.
  14. For the longest time, I was having a major issue with RetroArch where RetroArch would stop responding to hotkeys if I used my hotkey enable button + the menu toggle hotkey in order to close the RetroArch menu & return back to my game. I had only found one other person who had this issue, and so I was baffled as to what the cause was. Well, after giving the latest RetroArch nightly build a try in order to see if the issue was fixed, I found that it wasn't. Disappointed, but not discouraged, I tried making RetroArch fullscreen, and I noticed that it opened the RetroArch menu... with the RetroArch search menu opened. It then became painfully obvious that what I was doing by using the X button as my "RetroArch menu toggle" button, was accidentally opening the search function, and then closing the RetroArch menu. So it's no wonder why RetroArch stopped responding to my hotkeys. The other person I saw having this issue was using Select, which opens up an information window showing what the highlight menu option does in RetroArch, so it's no wonder they had the same issue. Solution: Make sure to choose a menu toggle hotkey that isn't used by RetroArch for something else. Right now, I'm using my left analogue stick button as my "hotkey enable", and Start as my menu toggle hotkey. From quick testing, this works fine, but I haven't used it long enough to claim that it's flawless.
  15. Around this time period, I had a 486 "multimedia" PC, so my CD-ROM needs were met, but I was curious about what games I was missing out on. These days, it's more about seeing how each system handled their interface & design, or how the PC ports were handled (like the 3DO Need For Speed port). I feel like it's impossible to get the full CD-i experience without having to put up with the awful controller, on top of everything else (not sure how those Gravis gamepad looking ones are, but the stock spoon thing looks awful for games). I remember condescendingly writing off the Playstation as another electronics company failing at entering the video game console market when it was announced, all because of Panasonic & Phillips not quite getting it right (or getting it all wrong, depending). I'm usually pretty good at predicting how these things will turn out, but I was dead wrong about that one!
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