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  1. Whenever I change the settings in the Manage Emulators/Associated Platforms menu for RetroArch, it asks me if I want to make RetroArch the default for a few platforms (GameCube, since I use Version 5.0 of Dolphin for Metroid Prime, for example), but unfortunately, I can't figure out which Sega Genesis game doesn't use RetroArch as the default (or potentially uses a different command line parameter). I tried using the audit tool, but unfortunately, that doesn't list what emulator is used. I want to find which Genesis games are using something different (including specific command line parameters, which was something that happened with a Game Com game). I was easily able to find which Game Com game was different by manually editing each game to see the default settings (it was a command line parameter). The Genesis has way too many games for me to do that, so I'm hoping there's an easier way.
  2. Alright, then we're definitely having different issues. I'm baffled as to what could be causing your issue. Good luck!
  3. It happens with any core for me, at least once I hit a button combo that Big Box was using. Makes me wonder if we're having separate (although maybe related?) issues.
  4. I think I might have figured out the source of the problem - have you made any hotkeys in Big Box/Launch Box that you also use in RetroArch? I made turning the volume up/down the same button combinations (pushing down on the left thumbstick + d-pad right/left), and I noticed that the issue would start right away because the first thing I do in RetroArch is use the hotkeys to turn the volume down a bit. I'm assuming there's some kind of conflict going on. For now, I just undid those button hotkey combinations in Big Box. I didn't use them a whole lot anyways because if you have one of the keys assigned to another function, it will do both, instead of just the one assigned to the hotkey combination. I suppose the trick is to save some buttons to not do anything at all when pressed by itself, but to use 2 different button combinations assign to the same button, if that makes sense... That way, it only does 1 thing at a time.
  5. I saw someone else on the forums have the 1st issue, which occurs for me after opening a game using RetroArch in Big Box (the other person had the issue when launching games in Launch Box, difference being that they were using a controller for the LB UI, and I'm not). After a bit of experimentation, I figured out that the most likely cause of this is because I set up the same set of hotkeys for Big Box that I did for RetroArch (pressing down on the left thumbstick & left/right on the d-pad controls the volume for both Big Box & RetroArch for me). This causes a "Port Mapping Failed" error, once it occurs. I'm assuming there's some sort of conflict with Big Box listening to the hotkeys & RetroArch doing the same (this is still occurring as of 10.10). I'm just going to remove the Big Box hotkeys for now (if the problem still occurs, I'll edit this post). Like I said, I saw someone else mention this issue on this forum, but I've narrowed it down to the conditions which I think recreate the problem, and wanted to make sure the dev(s) knew. The other problem I have is that Guardians of the 'Hood (MAME) is overlapping with the media files from the MAME game, "Guardian". Both games scraped to the correct Launch Box ID, but for some reason, their images are getting mixed up. I think the problem might be because the game, "Guardian" has the zip file name of grdian.zip, where as Guardians of the 'Hood has guardian.zip as the file name. Not sure if there's a solution for it on my end?
  6. So I'm getting a similar problem with RetroArch (1.8.4), but it only happens when I use Big Box. It also happens with the MAME core in RetroArch, for me (I tried it with the Mesen-NES core, and it happens with that as well). The error message I get, once I open up the RetroArch menu (I use the keyboard to do that) is "Port Mapping Failed". Like I said, I haven't had the issue when I launch a game from Launch Box itself, only with Big Box. I think the difference is that I don't use a controller to control my Launch Box UI, only Big Box. Makes me wonder if there's some kind of conflict there. I notice that pressing Select on my controller opens up the MAME config menu, which means that Select is pressing Tab (unless there's another key for that menu). So the controller is still putting in inputs, but it's not mapping properly.
  7. So the 10.9 update solved this issue for me. Box art & such loads very quickly now, and the scrolling issue I was having was also resolved.
  8. Ok, a follow-up. I opened up RetroArch on its own without any core/game loaded (for some reason, when I try to save a config, it often fails when a core/game is loaded). I then set up my 8bitdo M30 contoller the way I wanted, and then saved a new configuration (Main Menu --> Configuration File, and then the "Save New Configuration"). Then I renamed it to RetroArchM30.cfg. I moved that file to the RetroArch root directory, and added the command line, "--config RetroArchM30.cfg" to the command line for Genesis GX Plus within Launch Box. I do wish I could get it working to where it would automatically switch the controller settings on the fly, but this works well enough for me, for now. I'm probably going to make a separate entry within the Emulators menu within Launch Box used just for my M30, that way I can use the same cores for either controller.
  9. I'm wondering if the problem is that I don't understand how the RetroPad configuration works. I currently use the SN30 Pro & the Pro + as my main controllers (buttons are the same, so switching between them is effortless). When I connect my M30 (the 6 button Sega Genesis style controller), the buttons are all out of whack, so I have to go into Settings --> Input --> Port 1 Binds & rebind the controller (for whatever reason, with the way I have my SN30 Pro configured, I can't get the Z & C buttons on the M30 to map properly on any of Genesis cores, although Blast'Em will map the 3 Genesis buttons properly, for some reason (although I want to start using RetroAchivements, now that some features are integrated into Launch Box, and Blast'em doesn't work with RetroAchivements). So my impression was that each device had its own autoconfig that automatically changed when you changed controllers. When I remap the buttons, I make sure to click on "save autoconfig", since I had assumed that is what saves the device index for that controller. Am I misunderstanding how this works? I can only get one controller or the other to be configured properly, but not both. I'd like to get RetroArch to swap automatically, but if RetroArch doesn't actually do that, can I save a config specifically for Genesis games, and then use a command line to load that config when launching it in Launch Box? I don't know what the command for that would be...
  10. The HP Gaming laptop actually does have a slot for a 2.5" SSD drive, so I figure I can buy a 1 tb SSD & install that as my secondary drive. Since they seem to go on sale for about $100 for a 1 tb SSD, that's not too bad. I generally don't need a TON of space, and I think those 2 drives combined would easily cover my needs. Oddly enough, HP's own official response team is claiming that you need a GTX 1070 ti to play freakin' Civ 6. WTF! A 1050 should handle it no problem. It's not like you need 60 fps for Civ 6 (I'd imagine Civ 6 is more CPU dependent anyway).
  11. That is one of the laptops I was looking at! Unfortunately, the price is back up to $450 on Amazon. I'm also considering this HP Gaming Pavilion laptop for $500. Normally I assume "gaming" hardware just means that they charge you for the branding, but the specs on that laptop check out (still need to see if I'd be able to add another hard drive & that its build quality is good). There was another one I was looking at, but I can't seem to find it (I should have bookmarked it).
  12. I might have spilled some water on my old laptop, which may or may not be working (spoiler: it's not working now) - assuming that drying it out doesn't work, I'll need a new laptop. Fortunately, my needs aren't necessarily that high. I'm basically looking for something that can run my LaunchBox Collection (with GameCube games probably being the most complex that I'd run, maybe PS2), as well as some of the simpler PC games like Civ 6 or Darkest Dungeon, while also being able to watch videos on a 2nd monitor (I have a little 11" screen that I hooked up to my old laptop for watching Twitch/YouTube while playing games). Looking to spend about $400-500, but of course, the cheaper the better. Ideally, I'd like a SSD for running Windows 10, but I'd also like to have enough storage for my LaunchBox collection (about 200 gigs), but also a handful of Steam games. So if it comes with a 256 gig SSD, it would also need room for another hard drive (don't mind buying that later). Just figured I'd ask here - not sure if anyone has any specific suggestions.
  13. I believe I have the portable version of FS-UAE installed (I don't recall how I installed it, but the Portable.ini file is in the root directory). I downloaded the portable version of FS-UAE 3.02, and I *presume* that I can just overwrite my current files the way you can with updating RetroArch, but I want to be sure (especially with how time consuming it is to setup FS-UAE for each game).
  14. Thanks! That was quick. Tried it out, loved the change! The whole thing looks great, very arcade-y. I also like that it shows the star rating for each game - that's something I always like on a theme since it helps narrow down which games to try. Appreciate it!
  15. Nice! Glad that you like the idea. Like you said, it is kind of a limited usage thing (although, obviously, the arcade category is gigantic), but it looks great for the games that make use of it.
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