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  1. Dang, well, I'll let you know if I get it working. Hopefully someone will figure out what the issue is.
  2. I'm having the same problem. I deleted the old files, extracted the contents of the zip file to the folder. Made sure that the dll files didn't need to be unblocked (the option wasn't there). Loaded up Launch Box, and when I right click on a game, the option for YouTube Scraper isn't there. Even tried deleting the entire folder & remaking it, just to make sure I didn't do something wrong. Did you happen to get it working, Zoratsu? Anyone have any ideas? This is one of the most handy plugins, so I want to see if I can get it working.
  3. I did actually end up buying it, and I love it! I haven't had much use for the advanced features either, but in the end, that's because it does everything I require from it anyway. It's definitely the best of the 8bitdo controllers (the Sega Genesis 6 button style controller is fantastic as well, but it fits a different niche, so I can't compare them directly).
  4. I actually found a better way. If you look in the \RetroArch\autoconfig directory, you'll notice other directories, the important ones being "dinput" and "xinput" (depending on if you have your controller set to dinput or xinput). In each of those directories, you'll find files named 8Bitdo_M30_BT.cfg & 8Bitdo_M30_USB.cfg. That's where it stores the key binds for the controller, so from there, it's a matter of matching up the button numbers with the buttons you want them to be. This, for instance, is what I have set for 8Bitdo_M30_BT.cfg: The tricky part is that the default keys in RetroArch need to be set to "auto", or else it won't use those. Unfortunately, I can't remember how to set it to "Auto". It was something like going into the RetroArch Input menu, and then "Save autoconfig", and then you have to save the default configuration file under the "Configuration File" menu. (the retroarch.cfg file). Lemme know if that works, if you try it out.
  5. Thanks for the response. I'm considering making a work-around, something like making an identical Platform with a different title, but that points to the same roms & images/videos, so that it doesn't take up any extra hard drive space (with the only difference being the Platform title & default emulator). It worked well for separating my Arcade & Console versions of Neo-Geo games without having to have 2 copies of each.
  6. So I do have an official version of MAME, but I use RetroArch with the MAME core as my default, with the official MAME as an alternative option. The high scores don't show with this setup, but I tried making a backup of my Launch Box collection & switched the default emulator to MAME, which allowed for the option to view the high scores to show up. I also noticed that it uploaded my score when using the Launch Box setup where MAME is the default, but it didn't work on my Launch Box setup when using MAME as an alternative. I assume MAME has to be the default emulator for this to work? Is there any way for Launch Box to recognize that MAME is there when it's not the default? Would really help me, since I like to use RetroArch as default across platforms to keep the hotkeys & general UI consistent (and I've yet to figure out if there's an easy way to switch which monitor is being used in MAME, outside of using command lines). Also, for some reason, I couldn't get Burger Time to run using the default version of MAME, but it runs under the RetroArch MAME core, so I'm not sure if all my games run under MAME (I'm using the 0.217 MAME romset & the 0.217 version of MAME, so I'm not sure why it's not running, but that's a separate issue that I'll have to look into). Of course, I'll understand if this isn't feasible due to whatever checks Launch Box has to make to verify that a valid version of MAME is being used...
  7. I'm definitely all for removing the scores, especially since it hasn't been tracking them that long. I never really mess around with dipswitches, but I could certainly see myself messing around with them just for fun. Does the system just recognize those scores as invalid & ignore them? Just want to make sure that the system isn't assuming that the intention is to cheat & end up with a ban. I suppose I could just stick with RetroArch MAME when it comes to messing with dipswitches, since it wouldn't even attempt to send those scores...
  8. Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll do that. (I still don't know why I left my version of MAME at 0.214...)
  9. I've been using RetroArch for my MAME games, but with the MAME leaderboards, I'd rather start using MAME itself. Only problem is that I'm running the 0.217 romset, and my current version of MAME is 0.214 (I don't know why I didn't upgrade it before). One thing I've never understood is whether MAME is backwards compatible with older MAME romsets or not. I'd prefer to not bother updating my entire romset (maybe eventually), so should I upgrade to the latest version of MAME or should I go with MAME 0.217? Also, I assume updating MAME is just a matter of installing over the old version of MAME (sort of like how you'd do it with RetroArch)? Just making sure before I go through with this.
  10. I just tried it, and after pressing "Play" on the CD-I menu, it just crashes. Not sure what the issue is either.
  11. There was a game or two that I tried, but couldn't get working (don't remember the title). Never tried Mutant Rampage, but the game that wouldn't work for me would also hang, although I think that was after selecting English or Spanish (if I recall correctly). Dunno what the possible issue(s) could be, unfortunately.
  12. huh! That was clever of you to change that. I would have never thought of that. Fortunately, it has been working for me, although, tbh, I still haven't even played any of the games beyond going, "Well, that works!". Maybe that's something I can mess around with tomorrow.
  13. Sweet, thanks! I'll try it tomorrow. It's kind of a pain to manage 2 collections, which is why I really appreciate Launch Box's modular design (of sorts). Coverbox for the main theme, although I use a lot of various themes for each platform, depending on what I think looks/works best for that platform. Usually, if it's not Cover Box, it's most likely Retrotastic, Unified, or CriticalZoneV2 - BlueBox (might be a few other random ones for Playlists). I'll have to test it out to see if it occurs with another theme (in terms of the main theme). Cover Box just went to 3.0, so who knows... (I absolutely LOVE Cover Box).
  14. For the first question - I currently have 2 versions of Launch Box, one is gigantic & contains a lot of Platforms, and the other is about half the size (although still large). I recently redid my Famicom games because the zip files incorrectly say that they're translated to English, so I manually renamed them & changed it so that it points to the new file names. I also imported some roms that were actually translated. The thing is, now I need to do the same thing to my bigger version of Launch Box. Since it took a bit of effort, I'd prefer to avoid doing it all over again, so I'm wondering what the easiest way to do it would be? Can I just copy over the Famicom image, game & video folders, and then overwrite the Nintendo Famicom.xml with the new Nintendo Famicom.xml file? Is there anything else I'm forgetting? As for the second issue, for some reason, when I back out of a Platform in Big Box, it sometimes backs out to the wrong Platform instead of the one I was on. So let's saying I'm browsing my Sega Genesis games, and then I hit escape, there's a chance that it will bring me to a random Platform like, say Commodore 64 (it doesn't open up the list of Commodore 64 games, I mean that it brings me to the list of Platforms, but not to the Platform that I was just browsing). Any idea what's going on?
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