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  1. Screenshot attached shows what it looks like when I try to download a platform video. If I hit "cancel", the cancel button will get grayed out, but nothing else happens. From there, I just close LaunchBox & relaunch, but none of the Platform Videos will download for me. In the case where there was a video already, the old video just got deleted, although no new video was saved. Any ideas? I think there was another situation where it would hang like that, but I can't recall what it was (I think it might have had something to do with importing games, I can't remember exactly, though). I am able to download media for the games, though (box art, clear logos, videos, etc...).
  2. Yup, although I think you could stick to stuff like turn based RPGs & be fine with touchscreen controls. That's why I enjoyed Knights of Pen & Paper 1 so much. Very easy to control, yet still fun. That bluetooth controller that ETA Prime was using looked really interesting, though! Apparently, it's the Saitake 7007X. Maybe if I get into this enough I'll pick one up for myself (I kind of dislike syncing my controllers up all the time, so it would be nice to have a dedicated one).
  3. Liking what I see so far. Looks fairly straightforward, too. I actually need to buy a new smartphone, coincidentally. The Moto G7 Plus currently seems like the best bang for the buck, but I usually don't keep track of smartphone models until I need to buy one, so just curious if anyone here has some experience with it or some recommendations in that price range (roughly $250 USD). I typically don't enjoy mobile gaming due to touch screen controls, but fortunately, I bought one of those cellphone clips that work with 8bitdo controllers, so it looks like I'll be getting more use out of that! There are plenty of good solutions like that. Looking forward to messing around with this!
  4. That makes sense. When I saw there was a newer version on the forums/website, I had just assumed that Retrotastic was one of the themes that just doesn't use the updater, so I did it manually. I'll just wait a few days before doing it manually next time, just so that the updater doesn't lose track of what version its using (I'll use the updater once Retrotastic 2.03 is on there). Thanks for the info.
  5. Ah! Ok. Didn't realize it worked like that. I'll just have to give it more time, then.
  6. Hi, love this theme! I noticed that Retrotastic was updated a few days ago on the website (even though it didn't show up under the Big Box Theme Manager), so I manually updated it. When I launched Big Box, I checked to see if there were any other themes that needed updating, and it said that there was an update for Retrotastic, suggesting that 2.01 was the latest version, and that the current version (that I was using) was "unknown". Just thought you might want to know that it's not showing up properly in the updater, at least for me...
  7. I think I'm gonna hold off on doing LaunchBox syncing, at least for now. I did just add a third PC, and I made the mistake of syncing my RetroArch saves from the new PC onto my laptop's ScummVM saves... so that was interesting to delete, lol. It did get me thinking, with 3 computers, is it best to have one main computer that the other 2 base their syncs off of, or should I do what I'm currently doing, which is to have each computer sync with the other two at the same time. I.E. computer A shares it's RetroArch saves with computer B & C, computer B shares it's RetroArch saves with computer A & C, etc... I was thinking of daisy chaining them, so that A shares with B, B shares with C, and C shares with A (so that it becomes circular), but my 3rd computer is set to sleep after enough downtime... and I'm guessing SyncThing stops working then... Fortunately, I have a backup of LaunchBox with all my saves on both a MicroSD card & another hard drive on my desktop PC... but on Google Drive as well! Yeah, I've put so much time & effort into this that I'm not taking chances.
  8. Their website says, "Easily save your settings on a game by game basis with custom profiles", but I have to assume that requires you to use the program to switch profiles. I don't know anything more about the software than what that video review shows. It is an interesting concept, though!
  9. To add onto what everyone else has said, I'm currently using the 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller (I also have the SN30, same thing, but with SNES style buttons), and find that it works wonderfully for balancing between a retro feel with modern functionality. They just released a new model, called the SN30 Pro+, which has some software that lets you customize some aspects of it. I just watched this review of it, and the guy who tested it said that it has 44 ms of lag via USB, which is the same as the X-Box One controller, and 64ms via Bluetooth, which he claims is among the best he's tested. The only problem I have with the SF30/SN30 Pro is that, after a bit of wear-in time, the d-pad, analogue sticks, and X/Y/A/B buttons become *slightly* stiff. Not that I've had any problem with them, but after a few weeks, they lost a bit of the smooth quality. To be fair, I'm not sure most people would really notice, but people reading a message board on the subject of controller recommendations for emulation are going to be a bit more discerning than your average gamer. They still feel fine, but I do wish they were slightly better. I read that the Pro + has improved components, but that's according to the manufacturer, so I'd be curious to see if anyone else has tested it. I also wish that it had analogue L & R buttons for consoles that benefit from incremental values to their L&R buttons instead of just on or off. Not sure if the Pro + has it. I also bought the 8bitdo M30, which mimics the 6 button controller for the Sega Genesis. It didn't feel right playing Genesis games on a SNES style layout, and I wanted a D-pad closer to the Genesis style, and this filled that need for me. Retro-Bit also makes a similar style controller, but it's wired.
  10. Alright, thanks for your help. From all my testing, it seems to be working the way I want it to (I haven't tried deleting anything, but given that it's syncing things when I create a save state, I have to imagine it works). I do need to set it up on my 3rd PC (I have it connected to my living room TV), but otherwise, I think everything is the way I want it. I'm still debating whether I want to go as far as syncing the data xmls & media. I probably will, although I'm mostly done adding stuff for now (we'll see how long that lasts, lol). The one thing I need to avoid is that sometimes I'll delete my entire LaunchBox folder on my laptop, and then copy the latest version from my PC. I need to do that one last time, so I'll have to close SyncThing on both computers. I might try syncing the data xml & media folders after I do that so that I don't have to delete the whole thing ever again, although I feel like I'll inevitably leave something out (I was thinking it just needed to be LaunchBox.xml, Images & Video, but I took a look at the folders, and there's also Manuals, Music, etc... And even though I don't use those much, I'd still need to sync them, and I'd also need to sync the games folder as well, so... I'll have to think about it). I'm definitely glad you suggested SyncThing. I'm always a bit hesitant to have programs running in the background due to how easy it is for them to mess things up, but so far, it's been very smooth, works the way I want it to, and it's fairly straightforward.
  11. Finally trying Syncthing... I have it set up on 2 computers, where each computer is sharing its RetroArch saves & states directories. The thing is, each one has a different file path because the username on each computer is different. So, for instance, let's say one of them is C:\Users\PurpleTentacle\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\saves whereas on the other computer it's C:\Users\GreenTentacle\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\saves. I changed the filepath on each computer so that it saves to correct folder, but what happens if I overwrite a save on one of them? I noticed that when I synced one of the folders, it asked me to take care of some conflicts. Will it does that every time? I'd kind of like it to operate as if they're literally the same folder, but I assume it doesn't quite work that way? What happens if I delete a file on one of my computers? Does it resync that file? Or does it delete it on the other computer? Also, just curious if you've happened to notice, but is running Syncthing resource heavy? My laptop struggles running emulation sometimes, as it is... Dunno if you have the answers to those questions - just wanted to make sure I set this up right.
  12. That's pretty neat! I hadn't settled into setting up a synced save state/save game directory yet, since I was still updating my LaunchBox setup on my desktop PC & hadn't finalized things yet (maybe I never truly will, lol), but I've essentially reached the point where I'm ready to setup a synced system. Are you able to set it up so that if you update LaunchBox on one computer, it automatically updates LaunchBox on the other computers? I.E. so that if you add a game on one computer, it will automatically update on the other computers? I had considered that, but I wasn't sure if it would work smoothly.
  13. Ah, ok, I was thinking that the Backup/Restore settings was closer to just automating the process of making a total backup of LaunchBox (similar to manually copying LaunchBox to another drive or such). Both of those features sound great to me.
  14. So on the idea of, "Big Box Theme-Specific Settings (Save and Restore Settings for Each Theme)", I'm kind of curious as to what this would entail. I was there for the live stream, but I kind of forgot the concept behind this. What aspect(s) would be saved/restored? One feature that I thought of that I wanted (but forgot to suggest) was the idea of having the ability to save what themes are being used for what platforms. Sometimes I want to switch themes, but I've put a lot of work in choosing the theme I like the most for each platform, and I don't want to lose that. I'd love to be able to save/load different setups to make it easier to change themes without losing the way I have it now. Is that essentially what that option means? Or are there other settings that it's referring to?
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