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  1. I have the SN 30 Pro as well. Loved it so much that I got the SN30 Pro + once it came out, since all the reviews were glowing. Cannot recommend enough!
  2. Ohh, right. Kind of forgot about that. Given that I use EpicFail's ScummVM Launcher to make ScummVM portable, I'm not sure it will work the way I want it to, though (the EpicFail ScummVM Launcher creates bat files that point to LaunchBox's version of ScummVM, which I could potentially edit/redo, but I'm not 100% sure that would work, and even if it does, it would take a bit of fuss to get it to work). Might look into it if I have the time, but for now, probably not worth the effort for me. Thanks for the response!
  3. I read that the update added a "pixel perfect" scaling option, as well as compatibility with a few games, improved Roland MT-32 sound emulation, and support for syncing save games via cloud services (pretty impressive set of new features!). I went to update my non-LaunchBox version of ScummVM, and I noticed that it uses the installer, which I'm guessing isn't ideal for the LaunchBox version. I'm looking at the download page on ScummVM's website, and I assume I'd want to use the "Windows 64bit zipfile" version to overwrite my files, but I'm not sure if there are any files that I *shouldn't* overwrite. It's worth pointing out that I'm also using the EpicFail ScummVM Launcher, so I need to be careful about not messing up those settings (one of my hard drives is pretty big, so I'll probably make a copy of my LaunchBox folder & experiment with it, once I get the chance. I'll update this post once I do). Related question - anyone mess with the pixel perfect option in ScummVM? One thing that has bothered me, including with DOS Box, is that the resolution scaling can be off. I never really notice it, but I like to try to capture the original experience as much as possible (minus quality of life things - I don't need to emulate the load times of old floppy drives, or switching disks, although I do like how the Amiga emulator has the option to simulate that, down to the disc reading sounds 😂). Also curious about the improved Roland MT-32 emulation, since I LOVE that feature, but sometimes the notes sound a bit sour.
  4. I do think this is a good idea, since I went a long while without realizing that the collective updates was eating quite a few gigs of space. I don't really need that feature since I can just do it manually, but I'm thinking more of new users who don't realize the old update files are still on their hard drive. If there's a reason why adding the option to delete the old updates isn't feasible (even if it's just a prioritizing features thing), maybe just adding a notification letting the user know that they can delete old updates manually would be a good temporary solution. For instance, just a line or two of text when you confirm installing the latest update (maybe also mention that it's advisable to keep an old update or two in case you need to revert to a previous version).
  5. Thanks for fixing this, Jason! I presume this is in the official 10.6 update that came out, and is no longer in beta?
  6. Actually, I may have figured out how to add the games to the SNK Neo Geo AES Platform while pointing to the same roms that are already there. I had to do, "Force Import Duplicates" when importing. I was afraid that might might a second copy in the same folder, but from what I can tell, it didn't. Now I just have to figure out the best way to make a AES & MVS config for RetroArch, and have RetroArch load that with the Final Burn Alpha core.
  7. What I have right now is my Neo Geo romset (Ghostware) imported simply as Neo Geo, with the RetroArch Final Burn Alpha core set as the default emulator. Most games run fine, but a few games, like Battle Flip Shot, won't run under any RetroArch core that I've tried. Also, in Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings 2 & 3, I don't get sound past the menu (initial sound is fine, for reasons beyond me). Anyway, the important thing to me is trying to get it setup so that I have both a MVS & a AES platform/playlist so that choosing which version to play is as simple as choosing the right category. My plan was to make separate config files for the Final Burn Alpha core with one set with MVS as the default, and one as AES as the default. Unfortunately, when I create a "SNK Neo Geo MVS" platform, even if I tell it to scrape as "Arcade" (done through editing the Platform to default as scraping as Arcade), it still scrapes as SNK Neo Geo MVS (which doesn't have as many media files). When I name the platform simply "Neo Geo", it's fine. So my question is, how do I get it so that I use those files downloaded under the Neo Geo platform for 2 separate Platforms/Playlists so that I don't have to have 2 sets of the same files? I was planning on importing as "SNK Neo Geo MVS" as my basis for a "SNK Neo Geo AES" playlist that has the option selected to appear under the Platform list (with only the games that were released for AES), but how to then set it so only that playlist uses a AES config for the Final Burn Alpha core (I could easily do this if it was a Platform, but to my knowledge, I would have to reimport everything... or can I point the Platform to those same folders? I attempted to create a Platform named "SNK Neo Geo AES", but then changed all the folders to the Neo Geo folders, but when I tried to scan to add new roms to the AES platform, it only imported 2 games (I think those 2 were ones I removed from the Neo Geo Platform because one was the Neo Geo CD bios & the other was a Korean version of Art of Fighting 3, but Art of Fighting did latch onto the image & video files in the Neo Geo folders). Any ideas? I hope I explained that well enough.
  8. It looks like myself & clank10 are having a similar issue where it only scrapes as Arcade when done manually, so here's a screen shot of how I have my Platform set up, and as you can see, it says, "For SNK Neo Geo MVS" under the title. If I search for the metadate manually, that changes to Arcade.
  9. I actually happen to be adding Neo Geo games as well (I had a bunch already, but they kind of got split between "Arcade" and "Neo Geo". Now I'm trying to import the full set to "SNK Neo Geo MVS", and while I have that Platform set to scraping the roms as "Arcade", they default to SNK Neo Geo MVS anyway. If I search the meta data for each individual game, it will pick the Arcade version (or allow me to), but then I'd have to do that for 170+ games. I'm not sure how to get it to scrape as Arcade automatically (like I said, it's set to Arcade as the default in the Platforms editor, but it's not using that). Should I scrape it as Arcade first, then sort by date added, and just select all the new ones & edit the platform to "SNK Neo Geo MVS"? If I download images & videos under the Arcade category, and then edit the platform, does it move the images & videos to the proper folders? I'm also debating on how to make another platform/playlist with all of the AES games listed, and then set it to use Final Burn Alpha within RetroArch, and have it load the AES version by default. Is there a way I can do that without having to reimport the entire romset (which I know how to do that), but also have it point to the SNK Neo Geo MVS images & videos folders so that I don't have to have 2 copies of those?
  10. I tried the 10.5 update today (on a back up copy I made), and after starting & exiting Big Box a few times, I thought the problem was resolved. Unfortunately, after enough attempts, I got the crash again (same issue). I'm going to avoid upgrading until whatever is causing this is fixed, or, if it's somehow a problem on my end, that I can fix it. The platform that is always causing a conflict is the Sega Master Series platform, so even though I'm not having the problem on 10.1, I'm still wondering why it's always the Sega Master System. I'm gonna try exiting Big Box a few more times on the 10.1 version, just to rule it out. I'll update this in a few... EDIT: Tried it a bunch of times, never crashed once in 10.1, so I have to assume it was the 10.3 update that introduced the issue for me (I never used the 10.2 update, just fyi).
  11. I created a similar thread semi-recently, although I was asking about syncing save games/states. I settled on using SyncThing, which, once I got it setup, has been pretty headache-free. Someone else mentioned syncing various aspects of their LaunchBox collection using this program, but I've yet to do anything like that. You might want to give the thread a look, although I don't know if it would cover all your needs (I think the trick would be figuring out which files control the aspects you want to sync).
  12. Not sure if this is related to the 10.3 update or not, but it only started today. I can replicate the bug on 10.3 (decent chance for it to crash, but it's not 100%), but on a 10.1 backup that I have, I've yet to have the same issue. I haven't worked on Sega Master System stuff in a long time, but I do feel like I should mention that I spent a decent amount of time on trying to organize my Neo-Geo collection by moving some games from the Neo-Geo platform into the Arcade platform (this was for games that were released for MVS, but not the home AES system). I did this by editing the Platform from Neo Geo to Arcade. I assume there's no issue in doing that to organizing games, but it's the first time I've done it, and this is the first time I've had a crash of this nature, so I figured I'd mention it for context.
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