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  1. Haha thanks man I'm glad that you stayed to help me out really appreciate it
  2. Holy crap that was the reason 😧 but hey I downloaded the proper zip file and it works now, thanks a bunch!!! Turns out that the zip file I got from the github link was incorrect: https://github.com/roguesaloon/launchbox-plugin_pcsx2-configurator-next
  3. I think the issue is that I'm actually missing PCSX2 Configurator Next.dlll, as well as the remote folder and Settings.ini
  4. I'm not sure, but is this what you're talking about? I might have made the same mistake, though I did not create a new folder and extract the zip-file into a new folder if that's what you mean. I took this directly out of the zip-file and put it in the Plugins root
  5. Hi everyone, I am currently running Launchbox 9.3 and PCSX2 1.5, but even after I put the folder into the root of PlugIns, PCSX2 Configurator Next wasn't an available option whenever I tried to right click a game. Could somebody help me with this? Much appreciated.
  6. @alec100_94 Hi I'm currently using PCSX2 1.50 and Launchbox 9.3, but even after I put the folder in the root of plugins, when I right click the PS2 game, I don't see the option to choose PCSX2 Configurator. Could somebody help me out? Much thanks. Also I was wondering this but why is the plugin thread unaccessible?
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