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  1. Thanks for pack 4, Xirvet, they look great! (Loved the Red Earth one!)
    Clean, elegant and pleasant to look interface! Highly recommend you to check this out. Even being in beta, this is already my choice as LB Theme!
  2. Hi faeran, I'm loving the new Retrotastic, it's much more optimized compared to the previous versions. You really did a great job! I'd like just to give some feedback: In the theme manager inside Bigbox, this version is still not recognized, so it'll flag a "fake" update alert. In this version I can use the theme even in a 21:9 resolution and custom scaling on Windows and everything will work flawless regardless. This is awesome! For the previous version I would need to constantly lower my resolution to Full HD and 100% scale factor before opening BB, or the theme would not work
  3. Huge thanks for the update, Scratcher! The Highrez packs looks stunning on the big screen! 😁🕹️
    My all time favorite theme just got a huge update/overhaul, what a day! This theme has it all: It's gorgeous; It's well optimized; It has a lot of parts that you can customize; It has an absurd amount of beautiful custom art made by @Scratcher. Stop reading this and go get it! I guarantee you won't regret! Huge thanks for @faeran and everybody that contributed to this!
    These game background really makes Retrotastic shine even more! They are so well done, fits so perfectly! Thank you Scratcher for making and sharing your work!!!
    Light, fast and beautiful! What a great theme!!
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