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  1. Hey @faeran, thanks for replying! I'm using the latest version of LaunchBox (9.5) and every platform was performing the same way - cartridges would fall till they disappear from the screen and discs wouldn't spin... However, I changed the resolution just as you suggest and it fixed everything, thanks a lot! 🍻 I did a simple AHK script to launch BigBox at 1920x1080 and then return Windows to the original resolution when the program is closed. I'll leave it here in case someone finds it useful: (For anyone that will use this, don't forget to input the correct BigBox path and your default resolution) Moreover, I also use a Text Scaling higher than 100%, but I haven't notice any changes when altering it...
    These game background really makes Retrotastic shine even more! They are so well done, fits so perfectly! Thank you Scratcher for making and sharing your work!!!
    This theme has everything, really! It's gorgeous, light (runs pretty smooth), easy to customize, nice animations, nostalgic, art that ties perfectly with each system! This is really on another level, u must give it a try! And btw, don't u dare to skip Scratcher's Retrotastic game media packs. It's awesome, just follow the link in the theme's description! I give a solid 5 out of 5!
  2. Hi friends! I'm having an issue displaying the animations correctly. When using Game View 1, the cartridges will fall till they disappear from the screen and discs won't spin. Changing the Game View doesn't fix the problem... Any ideas on how to fix? (I don't know if this is relevant, but I'm using a 21:9 monitor, not sure if this can affect something, somehow...) Aside from this, I'm in love with this theme, it's so gorgeous! Thanks for everyone involved on its creation, cheers!
    Light, fast and beautiful! What a great theme!!
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