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  1. I'm getting ridiculously slow speeds while downloading art. I've got fast internet and the latest LB. I started downloading art overnight, but when I woke up, only 500 out of 12,000 pieces of art were finished. I restarted my system and tried again, but still super slow. I'm also getting numerous "the remote server returned an error (404)" messages - see attached. Anyone have suggestions how to fix this?? IMG_2032.heic
  2. I'm slowly making progress with Launchbox and the many emulators I've downloaded. But each new emulator has its own set of problems, which is just taking so much of my time. Happy to pay someone who lives in Los Angeles to come over and help me get this shit sorted. No rush. I'm also vaccinated. If you're in the mid-city area, hit me up and we can discuss. Happy to pay for your time.
  3. Sometimes, I want to replace the default thumbnail with a screen grab. However, the screen grab - or stock image that LB downloads - isn't the same aspect ratio. So I end up getting images that aren't the same dimensions. Maybe a lil OCD, but I think a 'slider' on the images would be amazing. You could zoom in on whatever photo you have, to make it fill the frame. And yes, I understand this could degrade the quality, but the thumbnails are small, so it shouldn't make much of a difference. I can't be the only one - please see attached pic. Thanks!!!
  4. I've got LauchBox Premium. I've also got a 'Retro Achievements' which used to work in the past, as I've got 200 points or whatever (which may have been before installing Launch Box - can't remember). I tried playing a few NES games using NEStopia through LB, hit a few achievements, but I'm not seeing it in either RA or, subsequently, Launch Box. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  5. This is what I'm talking about. Happy to "zoom it in" so to speak, so that it fills the entire black frame. And I understand it'll get cropped on either side, but that's okay.
  6. Some of the default game images aren't great, so I've been changing a bunch. However, some of the images fill only half the frame, so once it's selected, it's not the same size as the others. Would love to have a 'checkmark' feature to take whatever image I've selected and have it 'fill the frame.' I understand this would a) degrade the quality some (which isn't a big deal, as the images are already small-ish) and b) it would crop the left and right side of the frame. Again, this is fine for me. It's like taking a 16:9 image and putting into a 4:3 field. Just having the option would be cool - so as to keep all the image sizes the same. Thanks for the amazing software, btw. It's truly incredible!!!
  7. I've got the latest version. However, something small, but very annoying has changed. I'm going through and deleting the games I don't want. Everything is sorted alphabetically. So I'm in the 'E' section. When I now delete a game, it takes me back all the way to the top in the 'A' section. How do I fix this? This never happened before until now. Thanks!!
  8. I'm being super OCD about this. It's not a big deal, really. But yeah, I chose those specific screen grabs because they were better than the default image. So to my original question, I was wondering if I could take a screen grab and then zoom it in to fit the dimensions of all the other images. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.
  9. Actually, I've finally gotten around to doing what you mentioned (been out of town) and though that's great for ALL of the thumbnails, I'm more interested in adjusting just a random thumbnail here and there. Not all of them. Is that possible?
  10. I do! And you're a legend. Thank you
  11. Thanks for the reply, but this isn't a "resolution" issue, it's more of a sizing / aspect ratio issue. Check out the two attached screen grabs. "D.D. Crew" and "Darius" - I chose these specific photos from what LB had automatically downloaded for me, which is awesome. But they are clearly cropped because of different aspect ratios. What I'd like to do, is be able to zoom the photos in automatically, in order to match the template size. I COMPLETELY understand this will result in some cropping on the left and right side of the photos, but I'm okay with that. Is this possible? And thanks!
  12. Some of the default thumbnail images for the MAME games aren't what I want to use. So I go to EDIT, switch to another picture, right click and select Image Type>Box-Front. This solves the issue. However, most times, the dimensions don't match up with the original, so I'm left with an image half the size. Is there any way to have the image scale / zoom so that it matches everything else? Not a big deal, but thought I'd ask. Thanks!!
  13. superdavit

    CHD Files

    Thanks for the thorough reply. Yeah, I'm getting those .CHD files running properly, which is cool. Just wasn't sure about those .zip files and what was inside. The system plays the games with just the .CHD files, and nothing bad happens when I put the files from the .zip files as well. Figure I'd just leave everything there because why not. Again, I appreciate your help.
  14. superdavit

    CHD Files

    Getting my MAME up and going. Just got a bunch of .chd files, which I put into an identically-named folder as the rom. However, let's say for NFL Blitz, I've got a zip file. Inside is a 'blitz1_2.u32' and 'sound102.u95' file. Are these files necessary? Should I put them into the same folder as the .CHD file? Thanks so much!!
  15. You're a legend! Thanks for that.
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