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File Comments posted by tycho1974

    Lambda beta

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    20 hours ago, Traveler said:

    Hi, awesome theme. I have a problem - how can i make the video background transparent in the game details so i can see the fanart background image? When i click on a game for a brief moment the video background is transparent ()with a white play button) but after a few seconds it turns black.

    I'm not a coder so i have no clue what to do. I would appreciate your help.

    2021.06.08. (21-21-39).png

    These videos should autoplay; I'm not sure if there's a setting for that. If so, make sure autoplay is on.

    Are you using VLC or Windows Media Player as your default player? Whichever it is, switch it to the other and see what happens.

    Or you can just disable the videos so that the fanart is the only thing that shows.

    Lambda beta

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    On 6/3/2020 at 11:37 AM, shadowfire said:

    Yes, that's intended behavior. The background of videos is darkened when there's no FanArt in case someone has "Auto-Play Video" turned off  to hint the area where the video player is. (Otherwise it would just show a large play icon which can be confused with meaning "play game" or something.)

    But if you prefer to have it transparent you can override it by removing the comment tags in line 55 of Lambda beta 1.1/Views/Settings.xaml so it reads like this:

    <SolidColorBrush x:Key="LD_VideoBackgroundBrush" Color="Transparent"/>

    (You may have to restart Launchbox for it to take effect.)

    I see, thanks for clarifying that. I think that, given my own personal proclivities, I am more likely to flesh out my backgrounds collection; that being said, I'll try this out later tonight and see it for myself.

    Thanks again for this theme, it is everything I never knew I wanted for LB presentation and visuals.

    UPDATE: I added about fifty more backgrounds, then looked at the prospect of finding backgrounds for around 6,000 more games, and decided to go with this method of making the placeholder transparent. Works great!

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    Lambda beta

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    1.1 is a great update. Thanks for the time you put into the changes - I love the fanart as bezel for the video snaps. That is some *chef's kiss* work.

    Update #1:  I noticed some odd behavior with some video snaps, consistent with the particular files. For example, my Descent video, which is 640x480, displays in the 4:3 ratio, and I can see the fan art underneath. My snap for Descent II, which is 640x480, also displays in 4:3, but shows black bars on the sides. Upon further inspection, this seems to happen with games that do not have any images classified as "fanart - background". Every game that has such an image displays videos properly, and without any black bars.



    Update #2: I can confirm that manually adding or defining an image as "fanart - background" fixes the issue, and allows proper video display. Not a big deal, as the completionist portion of my brain is now demanding I make sure every game in my collection has a proper wallpaper now...

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  1. This theme inspired me to make my own designs. I made a total of 24 platform screens, and only one game-specific screen for now; here are a few that I whipped up today. I duplicated the Street Fighter file and named each copy for every arcade Street Fighter series game I have, so now all my SF games have the same pause screen, because they're all configured the same.


    Nintendo 64.jpg

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance.jpg

    Nintendo Gamecube.jpg

    Sega Dreamcast.jpg

    Sega Genesis.jpg

    SNK Neo Geo AES.jpg

    Sony Playstation.jpg

    Sony PSP.jpg

    Street Fighter Series.jpg

    Lambda beta

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    4 hours ago, shadowfire said:

    Not 100% sure if this will also work with WMP (as I mentioned mine is broken so I can only test VLC for now) but you can try adding MaxHeight to your already modified VideoControls line in GameDetails.xaml like this: 

    <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" MaxHeight="500" Margin="0,-10,0,5"/>

    The value of 500 is just a suggestion, you may want to tweak it depending on your preferred window size. Also this will most likely pillarbox your vertical videos anyway because reducing height also means reducing width.

    Thanks, appreciated :) Note that the workaround I'm working on will have a fixed aspect ratio but I'll make it relatively easy to change the default to another one (e.g. 16:9, 4:3 or 3:4 vertical) 


    Thanks, this worked like a charm. I set my max height to 400, and now the vertical snaps don't take up the whole are, and I can now access the middle frame of the game details window. 16:9 and 4:3 snaps also play "full frame", so to speak. Thanks!


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    Lambda beta

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    5 hours ago, shadowfire said:

    ( @tycho1974 ) I would recommend using the MaxHeight property since that would not mess with scaling when you want to to reduce the width of the Details panel. Set it either on the video control or one of it's containers should do the trick.

    I would love to try that, but the entirety of my coding knowledge tops out at a "deleting stuff line by line and testing until it works and hope it doesn't break anything" sort of reverse engineering. If anyone here could post a code snippet, I'd be more than happy to test it out.

    Here are a couple vertical videos for you:

    Lambda beta

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    5 hours ago, shadowfire said:

    I'm kind of interested in feedback on this, particularity if anyone cares about the left/right margin of 4:3 videos (pillarboxing) as a consequence. Also since I've moved code around and I don't have many (4:3) videos (and WMP) maybe someone wants to volunteer as a tester before I do before an update to the release?

    Since I'm using WMP, I don't have any issues with 4:3 and 16:9 videos. I did, however, run into something interesting with vertically-oriented videos. The video ends up taking almost all the real estate in the game details screen, probably because I deleted the height properties in the appropriate xaml file. I don't hate it, but there's so much I can't see when a vertical video snap is playing. This is a tricky one.

    mame big video.png

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  2. I have MAME 210 set up on my LB build, with all roms nested in the MAME roms folder. I also have Bezel Project bezels for each game, and their respective cfg files, in the MAME folder. I installed MAME 220, then added this no-nag executable and copied over all recommended folders and ini files from my 210 install; finally, I added MAME 220 as a separate emulator in LB. When I try to launch games from LB using the 220 emulator, they won't run. I tried copying over all the cfg files for each game, still no success. I copied over a single rom and then attempted to run that game, but still no joy.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I absolutely yearn for a no-nag MAME experience, since I'm getting my young kids into retro gaming, and I'd prefer if they didn't have to bypass any error messages.

    Lambda beta

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    1 hour ago, Kondorito said:

    Thanks @tycho1974; that is what I did previously. I tried copy/pasting your line just in case there was something different in it, but the same issue happens:


    Weird. All I can suggest is that you make sure:

    • You have WMP set as your video player inside LB
    • That you have videos selected to show up in Game Details
    • That a video for the game exists and is properly linked

    Beyond this, I'm afraid I would be of no help, sadly.




    Lambda beta

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    1 hour ago, Kondorito said:

    Tycho, do you mind telling exactly what did you remove from line 124 (or sharing the xaml)? I tried with the entire height property, as well as specific fields in it, but I only got either an error of the theme, or the description text went over the video. Thanks!

    Sure! Here's the original line in the file:

    <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" Margin="0,-10,0,5" Height="{Binding Path=ActualWidth, RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}, Converter={StaticResource VideoWidthToHeightConverter}}"/>

    And here's the modified line:

    <controls:VideoControl x:Name="VideoControl" Background="{StaticResource LD_VideoBackgroundBrush}" Visibility="{Binding VideoVisibility}" Margin="0,-10,0,5"/>

    Hope that helps!

    Lambda beta

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    2 hours ago, CriticalCid said:

    Yes it does work with auto-play videos turned off, just tested it.

    Btw. I really love your theme. I've made a few modifications here and there for myself and now It's my new go to theme for LaunchBox. Great job! :)

    Agreed - After using it for almost a week now, it's become my favorite. Out of curiosity, what other modifications have you made?

    Lambda beta

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    2 hours ago, CriticalCid said:

    It does work if you set the video engine to Windows Media Player. Just remove the Height property of your video element and it will dynamically resize the video to fit in. Unfortunately this doesn't work with VLC at all.

    I have WMP set as my video player in LB, and I can confirm that this does in fact work. I removed the height property in line 124 of GameDetailsView.xaml, and both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio videos are showing no black bars. Screenshots attached.



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    Lambda beta

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    7 hours ago, neil9000 said:

    Sorry i thought this was referencing the screenshots in the game details.

    The only option is to not have "show subline" active.

    Yes, that did the trick. All that's listed underneath the thumbnail now is the game title. If I had my druthers I'd also like to have the year down there, but this works. Thanks!

    Lambda beta

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    40 minutes ago, neil9000 said:


    I thought this section only applied to the Game Details window. If I uncheck unwanted details, then they'll disappear from both under the thumbnail and the Game Details section. Ideally, I'd like to keep those details in the side window, just not under the thumbnail...

    Lambda beta

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    Thanks for this - I love minimal themes. Since this is a beta release, may I offer some suggestions? I've attached a screenshot of my setup, and there a couple of things I'd like to note.

    • The first are video snaps. I have snaps for all my games, and in your theme, they show up in the top right. It works great, but if my snap is 16:9 aspect ratio, I get gray bars above and below the video. 4:3 snaps take up the full frame. Is there any way to ensure 16:9 videos don't have those bars?
    • Second, is there any way to specify what details are shown in the text under each game thumbnail? I'd like to just have the game title and the year displayed, but I'm not sure where (or if) I can specify that.

    Again, great theme, I love the clean style. Thanks!



  3. 10 hours ago, mitchhawks said:

    Looks like that's probably an issue with your config, I've been unable to reproduce that on my machine with the latest dev build

    Yeah, I'm going to hold off on working on this any more. I'm not happy with the 1.5.0 dev build, there's some behavior I'm not crazy about, like the program not closing when I quit from the game pause menu. I'd rather stick with 1.4.0, and that means not being able to use this configurator plugin. Them's the breaks...

  4. 36 minutes ago, mitchhawks said:

    Looks like you've downloaded the src files instead of just the dll. The src zip I attached is just for the developer and/or people who want to compile the plugin themselves, and includes several files that Launchbox will recognize as plugins and try to load them, causing the above error, to fix, remove everything from the plugin folder except for the 'assets' folder and settings.ini, then download the single dll. your PCSX2 Configurator Next folder should look like this:


    You were absolutely right. Fixed everything, and now the plugin works. That being said, I am seeing some odd behavior that I am hoping is not standard:

    • Upon first launching a game after downloading a configuration, PCSX2 (latest 1.5.0 developer build) gives me an error, telling me it can't find the PCSX2 plugins folder. All I do is open the config and click OKAY, since the correct plugin folder is already there in the settings. Then I exit PCSX2.
    • Upon launching the same game a second time, I get another error message, saying I have to choose a BIOS. I only have one BIOS file, and I've already established its location and selection, so I click OK, then exit once more.
    • Upon a third launch, the game launches successfully.
    • This three-step behavior repeats itself with every game for which I download a configuration. (Tested with four games so far.)

    After that, I have some nitpicky issues with PCSX2, but those are not for this thread.

  5. 1 hour ago, jayjay said:

    @tycho1974 right click the dll, go to properties and select unblock.

    EDIT: the previous error I can replicate by putting the contents of the zip in my plugin folder. Not sure what else would be going on for you.


    Unblocking the DLLs resulted in the single exception error (the same one you replicated above). My .NET installation is up to date, so yeah, I'm at a dead end. But I'm not going to stress about it too much given the developer's recent statement about a new iteration of this plugin coming at some point.

  6. 50 minutes ago, jayjay said:

    @tycho1974 did you by any chance download the zip and extract it into the plugin folder? That error is LB trying to load the system drawing dll found in the zip. Im guessing you want to remove the contents of that zip from plugin folder and use the .dll instead. 

    EDIT: just the pcsx2 plugin dll that mitchhawks posted.

    I'll try this as soon as I finish putting the kids to bed. Thanks!


    No joy. Same error as before, now with an additional:


    I should also note, given previous comments in this thread, that I also have the Playtime Tracker plugin installed.


  7. 10 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

    wow, you have many issues according to that error. You ever tried fixing your Windows before blaming Launchbox Plugins?

    Well, seeing as how LaunchBox worked perfectly on my computer until I installed this hotfix, I don't think sharing my results in this thread is jumping the gun. Sharing results is not the same thing as "blaming" a plugin, last time I checked.

  8. 2 hours ago, Thornback said:

    Love the way each video starts by showing the game logo, if only it wasn't for the low resolution. Any chance we can do the same in HD, preferably 720p or higher?

    Thanks! But like the logo in the beginning of each video, the resolution was a conscientious choice; HD formats would make the files too large, and my LB/BB setup doesn't show the snaps anything close to fullscreen sizes. I won't be making an HD set anytime, either - that would require me to capture new footage and re-edit all new videos, unless someone wants to send me their own HD footage. Sorry!

    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    So I used to play this weird game when I was a kid that had Star Wars droids, and there was some kind of factory where you had to make sure they were assembled correctly, or something like that. I've been searching for the name of that game for years, and nobody knew what I was talking about; no one had ever heard of a game like that from the early 90s. I started to think that I was going crazy, that I had never played such a game, but I held out hope. We're talking fifteen, twenty years I've been trying to crack this.

    I download this image set, and there are a lot of images for games here that I don't have in my library; naturally, I start going through it, image by image, deleting the files I don't need. And then I see it.

    "Night Shift", by LucasArts, 1990.

    Holy. Shit.

    I'm not lying when I say that my heart literally skipped a beat. I sat there, slackjawed, staring at this box for this game I've been searching for, for a good ten seconds, without taking a breath. I took it all in - my eyes going over every inch, thinking to myself, "Is this real?" And it is. It really exists.

    So thank you for this pack, for that image alone.

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