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  1. It is still a decent price and I'll still be making the upgrade today. I was just under the impression that the Grandfathered status locked the previous prices before the price hike for all versions of the license. I purchased last year a yearly for $10, which had I purchased that a year earlier, I would have had the option to upgrade the license the following year for $20, making it $30 overall. But since the price increase happened between the time I purchased the yearly, to the time I was going to upgrade, those who got yearly last year with the intention of upgrading this year, now pay
  2. I thought last year the upgrade offer was $20 for existing users? This year it's $30?
  3. What's the purpose of the "screen capture" in LB settings? Where is the screenshots saved to through LB? I have Retroarch set to take screenshots and it does this successfully, but I'm coming across issues with LB / BB? If I'm using LB, I load up a game that uses RA and then use F8 to grab a screenshot, it appears in the screenshots folder I have selected for RA. Upon exiting the game, LB asks me if I want to save the screenshots I had taken. If I click "yes" or "no", both give me the same result and don't actually move anything or delete anything. But with BB it's different i
  4. Hey, sorry I've only just got back on this. If you haven't yet found the solution, don't use the AHK but instead add "--nogui" to the Default Command-Line Parameters in the Emulator settings on LaunchBox.
  5. I'm trying to find a way to create a playlist under a platform already imported. What I would like do is have platform view in BigBox menu, which then lists the games 0-Z in a list (which it currently does), but then have an option to switch the platforms games list for a Playlist/Genre type list that only includes the system selected. Is there an easy way to do this? Currently when I switch the view to Genre, it includes every system.
  6. I love the work you've provided on these! They look amazing. I'm running into a slight issue setting the screen correctly though on 1080p. The screen doesn't fully match up with the overlay. See the bottom corners and you can see an overlap. If I extend the screen fully down (you can see the black bar near the middle), it would just make the edges more overlapping. How can I fix this / hide the screen behind the overlay so I can make it fit? I've tried the various shader presets and for some reason the only ones I can seem to get to load are LessHalation.cgp and LUST666-Verti
  7. Something is seriously messed up somewhere. Even though last night I was able to add in ROMS for NES, the community star ratings have all disappeared, and trying to download them again does nothing. Also whenever I try to add more ROMS now, I keep getting this error and LaunchBox crashes Any help is much appreciate.
  8. I ended up ordering 8bitdo controllers, m30 (MegaDrive) and n30 (NES) tonight. Hoping to win a bid on the sf30 (SNES) controller, I much prefer the original look over the new sn30 design. What adapters do you use for GameCube? also an adapter for N64 and Dreamcast would be handy.
  9. I've found another issue. Once I've closed down LaunchBox.exe under the 11.0 version, I can't load it back up again, it just doesn't respond. If I close down 11.0 and try to load it back up again, it tries to install version 11.4, which is confusing. It's like the LaunchBox.exe is tied to the updater. All this is supposed to be from a clean fresh install of LaunchBox. EDIT: Possibly crisis averted! I usually would always install LaunchBox under "E:\Games\Retro\LaunchBox". I just tried creating a new location under "E:\Games\RetroGaming\LaunchBox" and installed 11.0 there. I w
  10. Launchbox was working perfectly fine until I did the update. I must have been on 11.3 when all this started and I attempted to update to 11.4. These are the errors in which I've received. I think I've had another also, one about not being able to update to the latest version because it's corrupt. I have uninstalled everything, restarted the PC and tried installing versions 11.3 and 11.4 numerous times, each time I can install them but I can't import games, and I can't update 11.3 to 11.4. I installed 11.0 and tried updating straight to 11.4 and again, I started get
  11. Hey, looking for some advice. I would like to buy controllers mainly for the NES, SNES and MegaDrive (not so important controllers but would also like eventually: GameCube, N64 and Dreamcast), I have a DS3 controller which is great for PS and PS2 use, but I want something more catered to the system I'm playing on. They need to be compatible with Windows 10 and RetroArch / Launchbox. I know the obvious answer is 8bitdo and I'm very tempted by these. I'm just keeping open other options I may not have heard about. These will purely be used for retro gaming, all more modern games I us
  12. This collection looks very impressive! I think I need to go through and get rid of the duplicate games, any easy way you've found to do this? Also when it comes to deciding region, do you usually opt for Europe or USA?
  13. Is it possible to exit BigBox to use the option "Switch to Desktop Mode" when it's Locked? I currently have it set as "Allow Exit While Locked" but that just kills the application and doesn't automatically load up LaunchBox on the Desktop.
  14. I'm using the latest version of m64p and it's working but I need it to act differently in BigBox mode. When I exit a game (esc), it closes the game but leaves the program running, so I tend to have to alt tab over to close it. Can I set some kind of command for Launchbox to automatically close down the program when I press (esc) to close a game? ETA: Managed to get around this using the Auto Hotkey Script.
  15. I'm going to upgrade later, can some please confirm if the Emumovies discount has an expiry date?
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