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  1. This collection looks very impressive! I think I need to go through and get rid of the duplicate games, any easy way you've found to do this? Also when it comes to deciding region, do you usually opt for Europe or USA?
  2. Is it possible to exit BigBox to use the option "Switch to Desktop Mode" when it's Locked? I currently have it set as "Allow Exit While Locked" but that just kills the application and doesn't automatically load up LaunchBox on the Desktop.
  3. I'm using the latest version of m64p and it's working but I need it to act differently in BigBox mode. When I exit a game (esc), it closes the game but leaves the program running, so I tend to have to alt tab over to close it. Can I set some kind of command for Launchbox to automatically close down the program when I press (esc) to close a game? ETA: Managed to get around this using the Auto Hotkey Script.
  4. I'm going to upgrade later, can some please confirm if the Emumovies discount has an expiry date?
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