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  1. put the video you want in the videos folder and call it "startup". Try that.
  2. i have run across a game here and there that MAME wont run for me. For those occasions I can usually find a version of MAME in Retroarch that will.
  3. i was able to fix my problem. I pinpointed what was causing the issue by going into the Event Viewer and locating the application that was trying to run. I then went into Task Scheduler and seeing that that program was trying to run (update) at certain times so I just disabled. It is an audio program, THX, so I can periodically search for updates on my own instead of having the computer do it after every restart.
  4. In the last couple of weeks I have been having the same issue. I have LaunchBox 11.6 and it happens with MAME, ePSXe, Retroarch etc... It happens at random times. I think something might be opening in the background and causing this issue. I dont have mozilla installed so unfortunately the above doesnt correct my issue. Checking the eventviewer, looks like THXUpdSvc runs and may be causing the minimizing (it happens pretty much at that moment). Doing some googles, i cant find out how to disable this. I had THX software and I uninstalled that, but that did not stop the updater.
  5. Seeing what everyone is using for their coin doors to catch the quarters? I used a ceramic vase but didnt like the sound. Now I’ve moved onto Christmas cookie tins.
  6. i am not getting sound? I tried playing via the above link and downloading. Looks cool though, definitely in the rotation.
  7. great that worked, was also finally able to find support in another thread which i someone wasnt able to find before. The cores/name.dll also needs to be in "s
  8. So I am changing some roms from Mame to Retroarch because they wont play. My issue is that I have 3 cores for Mame and based on the game, I need to switch between the three. Is there a way to set the specific core for that game only?
  9. I had the same issue, unzipped the files and now works!
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