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  1. I was able to solve it. After I added the png file to the directory, I opened up Launchbox again (not Big Box), went into tools and clicked Refresh All Images. Then restarted the program and voila, it was there.
  2. Love these! But is there a way in Big Box to mute the platform video sound? I havent been able to find a single setting that enables/disables this in Big Box...
  3. I'm apparently having an issue on mine.. several of the missing Platform images that are for some reason not included in the default download (installed directly from within Big Box) aren't loading, even when I put them in the correct format in my Themes\COLORFUL\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo folder (example: Sony Playstation). Any help or ideas?
  4. Aha, that was it! Launchbox comes included with default core recommendations for a bunch of systems, but not the one that I specifically loaded my PCE-CD/TG-CD games into (so basically, there was no default core selected for "NEC TurboGrafx-CD" as a platform). Added the platform and core to the emulator configuration in Launchbox manually and voila, it works.
  5. So I've got all of my systems set up to emulate via Retroarch, and so far the only one still giving me issues is PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx CD. I've got the BIOS files loaded into my Retroarch\system directory and the games load perfectly when I launch them directly from Retroarch, but for some reason when I try to launch those same games via Launchbox, nothing happens -- no window opens, no screen pops up, no error message, nothing. Just a double-click and then nothing else. I've got the proper core selected as a default in the Retroarch emulator configuration within Launchbox (using the mednafen_pce_fast_libretro core), so I'm not sure what the issue is. And it clearly has to be a problem on the Launchbox side since launching the content via Retroarch is working just fine. Any ideas on what I might have missed?
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