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  1. Thank you all for a great product. I'm still getting used to navigating and customizing Launchbox/Bigbox. I'm using the Unified and ultrawide Theme. If I go under Street Fighter Collection, ( just as an example), under the games list, at the bottom I can see the Name of game, then developer, genre, play mode, and rating. However no platform which is checked under theme specific options, then game details. Does unified theme not support this or I'm I probably missing something? I need the platform to display because every conceivable version of street fighter is under this collection but you can't always know what you are selecting by looking at the box. Thank you.
  2. Okay, so I just downloaded Sharp x86000, and have several hundred games that are missing box art, that after reviewing, would prefer to just hide. This collection has close to 2000 games, so no big deal. My problem (probably noob related), is that when I choose "hide games missing box art" under view tab, launchbox wants to edit all systems. I also highlighted all x6000 games and chose the edit wizard, but do not see anywhere to change this field. Maybe consider a per system option under view field for next update. (I know you can manually highlight each game then choose hide) But this collection is very large. Any way to edit per system?
  3. Thanks. Enjoying the learning curve.
  4. Thank you. Will give this a go. Appreciate your time and effort.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm going to put this on ice until a better core/emulator/tutorial/solution comes along. 15,000 games will keep me busy till then.
  6. Watched and followed your tutorial to set up Atomiswave and Naomi using Reicast...first issue, there no longer is a Reicast core, only the Flycast cores, tried different approaches and setups to no avail....updated and downloaded latest retroarch cores...tried the Demure emulator as last ditch effort after 6/7 hours...read 2 hours worth of post, mostly from 3 or 4 years ago... And the correct bios was installed. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  7. Transfered Launchbox build over to 2tb ssd. Original build is still on hard drive. Watched the video on how to autostart launchbox , which works fine using the hard drive but won't let me use the exe file from the Ssd. How is this accomplished? Will I have to boot directly from external ssd, or is there a way to do this from within windows? Thanks.
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    Can someone tell me what game this is? google wont bring up another image with name...Thanks
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    Damn, noob level 8....I am..thank you! Didn't see it, will be my excuse...
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    Fairly new to Launchbox/Bigbox, after 2 years of Learning Ins and outs of Retropie/Recalbox. I would like to know how to add a Favorites option on main Platform wheel without switching over to playlist...ect. I want to set this up in a Bartop, so ease of use for people playing it is important. Tried to create a platform called favorites, but it was not placed in main platform list. Also, how does one add a playlist option to the main platform wheel, or do you have to set a button up on controller to switch back and forth between views? Thanks.
  12. Noticed that many of the videos in console themes download option in launchbox do not play for preview. If I downloaded them from the Launchbox Forum, where exactly do I place the file? Looked in Theme file and video file but did not notice a specific console theme folder. Thanks.
  13. I have spent 2 hours trying to find a straightforward answer and step by step guide to adding Background music to Launchbox. As installed, there is a music folder within Launchbox folder. The forums say to add a background folder, then another platform folder, then finally the platform folder that contains the mp3 files. I have tried all different ways to get this thing to work with no luck. I simply want random music to play in background while I make a game selection, to resume after I'm done with game. There is no tutorial, just posts with different ideas and problems. As of now I have the free version. Is this the problem? Please, some clear, concise help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks. Got it up and running over two weeks ago. Enoying the learning curve after using and learning everything about retropie. Would like to see a quick tutorial on how to restore launchbox if it won't Launch. Maybe this could be added into next release. If user does routine backups from within launchbox, an executable file within the backup folder restores xml files, ect....if launchbox cannot be accessed. I lost over a week and a half of loading/confiquring/reconfiguring. Over a corrupted xml file. Message said where to find the file, but no real info on how a noob with semi literate computer skills is supposed to do this. Your tutorials done by eta prime are excellent. Step by step instruction is exactly how I've been able to get as far as I did. Maybe he could show all of us how to restore if launchbox crashes. I look forward to getting everything back up and then on to big box which will eventually run my bartop. This emulation thing can become addicting. Thank you and the whole team for creating such a great product. Despite the setback, I'm enjoying the experience. .
  15. First day with LaunchBox. 4 hours of my Saturday trying to download a program videos describe as easy/simple.... Fresh Install of Win8.1 Won't get through initialization. I'm tired. Would like to use this program and even pay for big box but This feels like a job. Help maybe?
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