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  1. Any chance i could get that script? I'm a noob. using retroarch
  2. Hi Jason, I'm not sure whats the problem but my Mame playlists that i had before are not changing to the correct theme, for example if i go into my Midway Classics playlist, it reverts back to the Mame theme background, same issue with all the other mame playlists, it's working fine in Unified Redux 1.2 but not ver 1.4, each playlist had it's own background. Platform View Game List View
  3. Nawaf


    Oh i see! Thanks a lot!
  4. Nawaf


    I don't see it in mine, where is it? (Screenshot attached)
  5. Nawaf


    Looks amazing, just add the total number of games available on each platform and it will be perfect.
  6. Missing Feature: A shortcut icon to launch BigBox from LaunchBox.Next Add Feature: An option to change the opacity or remove the colored boxes surrounding the box art.
  7. Thanks, i'll try that! Please check my post in the previous page about the visual differences, i'm curious if that's normal or not.
  8. Is there a way to Download the original version 1.0 of the theme? I love the theme, it's amazing! Thank you for making it! but i prefer the old Game Details Screen.
  9. I have noticed some visual differences when i change the theme and then go back to it, it looks like the image is slightly cropped, check examples below (difference in red Circle) Does anyone get this issue? Using 1080p monitor with 1080p windows 10 resolution BEFORE: AFTER:
  10. I am a premium member in launchbox and emumovies, and tried to import the videos many time, everything downloads except the platform videos, is there a link i can download them manually?
  11. Where do i download and how do i use platform videos? (the ones that randomly change between games) My Video/Platforms folder is empty.
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