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  1. These are great. Any chance at 4K, or did I read wrong about these being 1080p? Some feedback, im seeing a lot of highlight blowout, mainly in the reshade versions. It might be worth considering pulling back a few notches on highlights (or if there is a function, expand the dynamic range artificially so pure white (or any pure rgb color e.g. 255 would be pure red) in game matches pure white on screen, and anything less than that is given a more proper value that doesn't round up) to regain game detail. One of the obvious examples is the clouds in Metal Slug. I feel like it should be possible on those games as their color pallet is not expansive and can work well with dithering and d.r. tricks.
  2. Unless youre using RA for something special (shaders, utility of controls and such being in a single location, etc) always skip it and use the emulator directly unless its a special case. I use shaders for most emus and I like the options RA gives so most stuff goes through it.
  3. Is it possible to have different thumbnail sized in different platforms/playlists/categories? For instance id like big thumbnails in PS3 or WiiU categories while having smaller ones in Super Nintendo
  4. I do have a purchased licences attached to a non-spam email, but I will say that I originally found launchbox by pirated means in one of those large ready-made packs. Did something not apply in my previous official 11.4 install? Also it might help if instead of that error you have a lic prompt so people like me can just go fish around for how to get their proper keys.
  5. It was working fine before clicking update. I was on the previous version to this. Not loving the vague error code method of telling me whats wrong. Do I need a decoder ring for this?
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