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  1. Unfortunately, I do not think it did. Just upgraded to 11.10 beta 6. Have just tried importing DOSBox folders several times and everything looks great. Hit finish, and nothing.
  2. Thanks! I tried that approach, and it works with standard games and 2/3 of emus, but reWASD is a little different than other similar apps as it watches for exe files and activates only when they are in focus, not just running. I ran into issues with TeknoParrot and other more recent arcade games that sometimes have an XML or other file type as the actual game launching file is what must be in focus (literally- it goes in and out with TeknoParrotUI being on top). I came up with an alternate approach yesterday that is working nicely. I set reWASD to unmap all native controls and leaving it alway
  3. Thanks @JoeViking245 ! I tried that with reWASD and it will not launch. It does work with XPadder though, at least opening. Xpadder is staying running on game close though. I also noticed with reWASD, it would show the app as closed and not running, but my controllers are "stuck" with the settings until a restart. Now wondering if I should just stick with Xpadder, assuming I can get it to close with games! As for the /m, I have no idea what it means other than the code snippets in the forums for it had it for Xpadder so I transferred it over. Apologies for my ignorance!
  4. Total noob to AHK and hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a little help. I am using reWASD with certain emulators (basically anything that isn't Retroarch). Based on the super helpful folks in this thread, I have learned much and almost got it working as I would like. There are two slight issues: 1. It opens fine, but I need to mouse click on the game screen to focus for the reWASD input to work. Xpadder exhibited the same behavior, Likely there is something I am unaware of I need in my script. I did observe that this does not happen if I have game start screens off, bu
  5. Thanks for the tips here over the past three years, lol! I wish I'd come here prior to importing media for 8k C64 games over the course of a couple days. Only timed out on me four times in that span. Night and day difference in speed unchecking that remove roughly matched media check.
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