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  1. I Love this theme! After Trying out dozens this is my favorite thus far! Will be using from now on! I was just wondering however how I would go about adding something like a super Famicom clear logo icon for the console section in your style! I have a Super Famicom Section but it uses the SNES Logo.png If I could figure that out this would be perfect! Thank you for all your hard work! I look forward to any further updates even though its great out of the box!
  2. Sorry, I thought that was descriptive enough. It does seem to be Media as I thought Media was included in the metadata so my apologies for the confusion but these are the type of errors I am getting. Whenever I try to important new games I get could not import errors and when I import media via edit EmuMovies Hits me with unable to log into EmuMovies although I am logged in
  3. It sounds like a server issue with Launchbox I told EmuMovies about this problem and their reply was "Metadata doesn't come from EmuMovies it comes from Launchbox Servers so it sounds like more of a global issue. As far as the login failing, usually the quickest fix is resetting your password here and then log back into Launchbox".
  4. I am getting constant errors when importing games. I also occasionally get messages saying that I am unable to login to emumovies even though in options I am logged in and the test is successful. Importing now takes 3 times as long and downloading metadata takes even longer as well. I am a beta user if that matters. If anyone can offer am explanation or some assistance i would be grateful
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