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  1. Can confirm that I am also facing this issue. As you said in your later posts, seems like it's related to scraping a lot of games at the same time.
  2. @C-Beats Did some more testing, I'm on the latest beta (Dunno if I should be reporting this here on in the beta thread?) and Wii U Zelda games are not downloading videos, unless, of course, just like A.G.E., I download them manually one by one. Zelda Wii U not downloading vids.rar
  3. Do I have to add everything to take advantage of this? Or is there a quick way to do it? Thanks!
  4. 404.zip A.G.E. not downloading video (Amiga).rar
  5. Some more testing: Doing per console doesn't download everything, didn't work for two games (at least from what I could find). 3D World Tennis (Didn't download the music) A.G.E.: Advanced Galactic Empire (Didn't download Marquee and videos) It just skipped them without giving an error, and doing each game individually would actually download. Edit: Both are Amiga games.
  6. Did some testing today, apparently it only occurs when I'm scraping a massive amount of my library, so I resorted to doing a single console every time.
  7. It happened to me before I got into the Beta, stopped after I swapped to beta, and it's happening again when the current version (11.12) came out, and it's happening only when I download from emumovies. This whole Emumovies thing is frustrating me to no end, the integration is terrible.
  8. I found this thread after I couldn't find a way to change PC Engine SuperGrafx to NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx. Do admins care/check these threads? You've had it up since April, and the WonderSwan's name is still the same.
  9. Hello, When I scrape an individual game or a small amount of games, it downloads from LBDB and Emumovies, but when I scrape in bulk, it only scrapes LBDB, I'm clueless about what I'm doing wrong. I have LB premium and I'm a EM subscriber. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I've requested a name change for the title Extreme-G: XG2 to Extreme-G 2, but it got rejected. Here are some points why I think it should be renamed to Extreme-G 2: 1- It is officially released as Extreme-G 2 on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/582260/ExtremeG_2/ 2- The game is referred to as Extreme-G 2 in the game it self. 3- Every database has it as Extreme-G 2 (gamefaqs,wikipedia,metacritic, youtube, twitch, etc..) 4- It is known as Extreme-G 2, the XG2 is just a "cool" abbreviation, which should be the alternate name. 5- The series uses sequen
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