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  1. Hey @faeran, I was wondering if you could set some of the platform themes to work for very similar platforms. For example if you could have the nintendo 64 theme work with the 64DD platform or the SNES theme work for the Satellaview. This is something I used to do myself when the themes wer eindividual, but is a little harder now with the themes being combined into one. Regardless thanks again for creating this fantastic theme!
  2. Another beautiful theme @faeran! Thanks for the hard work you do on these!
  3. Great updates as usual @faeran. I always get excited whenever I see this thread update! Thanks @thatpurplestuff the new themes look terrific!
  4. Glad this is still alive! The new TurboGrafx theme looks great!
  5. @faeranScan-lines look good after overwriting. Can't find where to unblock the plugins. I am using windows 10 if that is any help. Edit: I was able to batch unblock the files via cmd which seemed to work! Unblocking the files also fixed the font-size as after unblocking the logo disappears and the game-list is able to populate the entire column, allowing for more games. I also wanted to note that the wii, wii-U, and wiiware themes all work well on my non 1080p or 4k monitor. (the monitor is still 16:9)
  6. Will do. Thanks for the quick response!
  7. @faeran Have been getting a weird error while using your themes. Whenever I open a console that is using one of your themes or open a game within the console, the following warning pops up Also as can be seen in the picture there is a slight error with the scan lines in some of the sega theme (as well as other themes that use scanlines such as the n64 theme) where they don't go over the entire video. I am using a 1440x2560 monitor which might be causing the second issue? All help on either of these problems is greatly appreciated!
  8. Love the new theme @faeran! Your amazing work never ceases to amaze me!
  9. Would love to test this amazing looking plugin! I use a lot of different emulators so I would also be able to check compatibility with more niche emulators!
  10. Love that this is still being updated! Keep up the great work @faeran!
  11. I'm currently just using your webgl video for HTML. If you want to create a new version for the html that would be awesome, but definitely not necessary!
  12. Hey @dragon57 Flashpoint has been recently been updated to 4.0: http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/, adding a new unity game category (as well as renaming the webgl category to html5), so I was wondering if you could make a new platform video for unity. Thanks again for all your great work!
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