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  1. Hi Retro808 i’ve gone to edit it to Panasonic 3DO But if I do this will this affect everything in the second image that I have attached before I do it I just wanna make sure thank you
  2. perfect i will do i’m assuming that will change in big box as well automatically thank you
  3. hi retro808 I get it now I named the same as the launch box tutorial 3DO interactive multiplayer is it easy to name it Panasonic 3DO as I like the name better or do I need to delete the platform and then start again and re import? and I can also change the platform video to Panasonic 3DO 👍🏻
  4. Hi There i’ve been adding platform videos for my platforms and I’ve never had an issue at all before The main screen picture 2nd and 3rd comes up on every other system on big box but 3DO and I don’t understand why images attached Can you help
  5. hi lordmonkus thanks for your help👍🏻
  6. hi there I didn’t put the wide screen command line Will this make a difference? -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile
  7. hi lordmonkus I guess you mean the same as a street fighter 2 world warrior on the super Nintendo
  8. hi there it definitely happens on street fighter road rash and need for speed thank you
  9. Hi There I have the 3DO opera core working perfectly fine on retroarch arch and it is working on big box and launch box perfectly too The display fills up most of the screen but there is a thick black border all around it is there any way to make it completely full screen? thanks in advance
  10. Hi Iain thank you i have already set the fast forward hot key and used it to get to the demo part i didn’t realise i had to keep going. can you please send screenshots on how to do the patches because I have no idea where to get the patches or how to do them if the patches are not something that you can put on here or tell me where to get them I totally understand I don’t wanna break forum rules also there is a Way to change the time on the games so will this save game specific so the game boots up at the right time to play it image attached
  11. Hi Guys i’ve changed the BSX file and some of the games work and some of the games they get stuck on the touchscreen and some of the games don’t work at all for instance excite bike mario says the Time and then shows you a demo after one minute and doesn’t work what’s the weather F zero 2 works and f zero grand prix Is a black screen when it loads Please help
  12. perfect thank you what does the 500 G mean in the game is it to do with in game currency to open other buildings Sorry for all the questions I’m just unsure this is the last question I need and I think should be cool thank you
  13. thanks for that so all I need to do is change the name of the bios file to BS-X.bin and change the file extension to .bin instead of .sfc and it will work?? Thanks for your help
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