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  1. Hi guys, I just tested this with the version I have downloaded, and it's working just fine. I guess maybe there's just multiple versions of Dolphin MMJR available on the web? The version that I have downloaded is this one: https://github.com/Bankaimaster999/Dolphin-MMJR/releases It's the latest 11460 version. What version are you downloading and where are you getting it?
  2. Okay, that is certainly interesting. I'm not seeing those issues on devices with similar or lesser performance, so something looks like it's awry. Will look into it.
  3. Yes, these are current known issues with the desktop exporter. All are on our list to fix here soon.
  4. This report was created in the Android section, so I assumed that the issue happened on Android and not on the desktop. I assume that is correct @YDINO?
  5. Currently with the Android importer it's not possible to restrict to certain file extensions, unfortunately. We'll be adding some sort of feature to allow for that before too long though. In the mean time, you might be able to use the desktop exporter to import that platform.
  6. It might help to turn on debug logging in the options and then share some of the log files with me after you get one of the crashes. It may be that it's just running out of memory, or it could be a different bug that I need to look into. It is true though that the device is rather under-powered. It might help to use one of the easier-to-run views.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll look into this here soon.
  8. Unfortunately that currently won't allow you to set custom banners yet. This feature is a priority though, so it will be coming soon.
  9. Thanks, I can replicate this, so I'll get it fixed. Some of the settings are very platform or emulator-specific, so a lot of them don't make sense to set globally (such as the extract archives option). I can see that causing more issues than helping. But yes, changing the view everywhere would be very helpful. I'll add that to the list.
  10. Most likely Android is somehow refusing write permissions to the root of the SD card on the device, but the Android APIs are claiming that the app does have write permissions. Anyways, I still have this on my list to look into and dive in deeper.
  11. Can you explain what you mean by won't recognize them? Are you referring to the import process?
  12. I put this on the list. We should be able to add it here soon.
  13. We do plan to add support for video snaps here soon. Not sure on formats yet, but we'll look into that when we start working on video support.
  14. @Vader I'll look into that issue. To be honest, the Shield is a relatively low-powered device, so we might not be able to get the scrolling to be completely smooth. It might be also that it would help to download any missing media so that it doesn't have to happen in the background. Have you tried running that process to see if it helps with scrolling performance?
  15. Thanks for the note about the icon. Not sure what could be causing that, but it's on the list now. Yes, that should be possible. However, the right stick can already be used to move much more quickly through the collection.
  16. This is because, traditionally, MAME ROM sets cannot be divided up without major issues. This was by design because of those MAME restrictions. There are ROM sets that can be divided up, but most MAME ROM sets cannot because files rely on other files in the set. In the future, we're planning to add an option to ignore that, but the only way it will work in that case is if you have a non-merged set.
  17. Hi @Bodine Grunch, is LaunchBox giving you that error message, or is it the emulator? I suspect that the issue is the commands that you're putting in for the emulator itself, but I can't say for certain without more information. If you can give me a screenshot of the error message, that would be helpful.
  18. Yes, it works well on the Nvidia Shield TV.
  19. The Y button on a traditional controller (top button) opens the top menu, so the top button on the RP2 should open the top menu. From what I can tell though it is a rather low-end device, so I'm not surprised that performance isn't all that great, especially with only 1GB of RAM. It is cool though that it runs on an $80 device.
  20. Thanks, not sure if I've ever tested that. I'll look into it.
  21. Thanks, this has come up once before. On the list.
  22. Hi @Vhero, yes, the Android version is a separate purchase from LaunchBox Premium on the PC. It's pretty much a complete rewrite for us, so unfortunately we don't have a choice but to charge separately for it. That said, you can try it out and use all the features for free; it just has a 100 game restriction for the free version.
  23. LaunchBox for Android 0.40 is out now with the following: Added a Search option to games lists via the top menu Fixed an issue where game emulator settings overrides were not working properly Fixed an emulator settings potential crash issue with the MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ platforms I believe this should fix the issues with the new game emulator override settings that some users were running into, as well as the emulator settings crash with MSX platforms. As far as Neo Geo not downloading any art, I looked into this, and unfortunately the LaunchBox Games Database just doesn't really have much art (or games for that matter) for the SNK Neo Geo MVS platform, which is why nothing is being downloaded: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/210 If you import as SNK Neo Geo AES instead, there is a lot more art available. I'm no expert when it comes to the differences between the two platforms, though (other than the fact that one is for home and one is for arcade), so I'm not sure if it would make sense to copy the games and media from AES to MVS. My hunch though is that that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Thoughts?
  24. What device are you using? Unfortunately we may not be able to do much about this, because of Android's badly designed storage security mechanisms. There are ways to fix it so that our app can access it, but then we've found we often have issues with sharing the ROM files with emulators. The good news is though, you can always put your ROMs on your SD card regardless.
  25. There are two versions of "the one with no date". The old name and the new name. So that may still be the issue.
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