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  1. I have a support ticket into Invision Community, our forums provider, to get this fixed. Sorry for all the trouble.
  2. Indeed, yes it does. You should be good to go.
  3. Yes, that's probably why. If Android isn't telling us what it is from retrieving all of the storage devices, it'll probably be difficult to find it. I'll be on this soon.
  4. Thank you @wooshaq, sounds great. Unfortunately I don't think I ever received any half-completed files from @wirtual82 (let me know if I'm wrong @wirtual82). You would need to get the files from him in order to resume his work. Otherwise, you'd basically be starting from the beginning (which is fine, but of course would be more work). If you read the first few posts at the beginning of this topic, it has full instructions as far as how to get started. Once you're done, you can upload the translation files here, and then I will compile them into a release.
  5. Well, it sounds like this thread is unrelated to that, so it would be best to create another thread to troubleshoot. I've not heard of anything like that for the 11.17 release. It could be theme-related, however.
  6. Yes, that helps, thanks. Might not be obvious what's going on, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I'll look into it.
  7. Okay, well that's interesting. If Retroarch can't see the ROM files, then most likely we won't be able to launch Retroarch regardless. But I'll still dive in and see what I can figure out.
  8. @MDamian Hmm, well this one is likely to be difficult to solve without having that specific hardware for testing. It might help though to enable debug logging in the options, then maybe we'll see some errors in there if you can share a crashed debug log with us. The logs are in Logs subfolder of your LaunchBox folder, once you enable it.
  9. I haven't tested with dongles so far, so perhaps that's the issue. The curious thing though is that we're using the built-in storage mechanisms, so they should show up, but Android doesn't always do things the way they should, sigh. I'll see if I can grab a dongle and/or a USB drive to test with.
  10. You might need to grab the sideloaded version of Retroarch, but I think Retroarch Plus should have it. If mamearcade_libretro_android isn't there, it might be called mame_libretro_android.
  11. With Firefox, if a download fails, you should be able to just hit "Retry", and it should resume where it left off.
  12. The rep is still visible just by hovering your mouse of the user. I'm not familiar with that IDM product, but it sounds like that change happened when we updated to the latest version of Invision Community. Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to troubleshoot one-off forums issues like that with third party software packages. I will say though, that if you use a decent browser, the browser is able to resume downloads on its own just fine (or at least Firefox does just fine for me).
  13. What Retroarch core are you using @eggrally? I have Neo Geo games working fine using the mamearcade_libretro_android core, but they're in my Arcade platform with my modern MAME ROM set.
  14. @santaclaw Looking into this, but I don't have a MAME 2003 Plus ROM set. I assume you're using a ROM set specific for MAME 2003 Plus? I'm getting a black screen with that core as well, but I have a modern MAME ROM set, so it's not likely to work anyways. Regardless, unfortunately, since the other arcade cores are working, most likely it's a bug with that core in Retroarch. Have you tested any other frontends to see if they work with that core?
  15. Somehow we'll need to pin it down in order to figure it out. Obviously it's not affecting everyone, so it's probably either a specific hardware configuration or a setting in iCUE, or something like that. It doesn't come up often enough for it be a major issue, so I doubt everyone who is running iCUE is affected. With issues like these, generally, there's not much we can do, as the fault almost always lies with the OS and/or the faulty software that is causing the issues. Usually it's caused by interference with .NET apps in general, which means that it would affect a large number of apps. That said, just because it's happening on the one system doesn't mean it's necessarily being caused by iCUE. What anti-virus and/or anti-malware software are you running?
  16. @sucramjd @PaDeMoNiuM Sorry for the trouble with the uploads. It should be fixed now.
  17. Thanks @RapsterUK. Added to the list.
  18. @abattrick @neil9000 It sounds like the issue is related to the Corsair software conflict known issue (per information found in another thread). What specific Corsair product are you using?
  19. Hi @ehssan, we are seeing some unfortunate issues where LaunchBox is not allowed to write to SD cards due to the scoped storage issues (thanks for nothing, Google). But as of yet, I have not seen an issue where LaunchBox can't read from external storage on Android 11. However, we've been primarily testing with SD cards, of course; we have tested with USB drives, but definitely not with that specific device. So first off, if you have an SD card slot, I would try seeing if that works.
  20. This is a different issue than anything else in this thread, so it would probably be best to troubleshoot it in a new thread. We have found a few devices that are overly restricted and for whatever reason don't allow apps that are using the old storage model to write to the root of external storage. Unfortunately we don't have a solution to this currently. If we upgraded to the new storage model, it would break a number of things that are required in order to share files between the frontend and emulators, so there may not be a good solution here. One option you do have would be to put your games on your SD card, but keep your LaunchBox folder and media in your internal storage.
  21. Thanks, I have this on the list, so I should be able to add it soon.
  22. Using this link: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues
  23. We did put some related performance improvements in for 11.17, so it may actually be a permanent fix. Let us know if you see it again.
  24. I would expect this issue to be a bug with Retroarch, because launching a game from a frontend should not affect the achievements at all. Can you report this as a bug to the Retroarch team @GrandMasterLynx?
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