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  1. It creates a LaunchBox folder either in the root of the SD card (priority), or in the root of the internal storage.
  2. Thanks, I will look into adding those emulators here soon.
  3. You might still just need to uncheck the box that asks whether you're importing a full set.
  4. Unless you've changed the platform folders, they should go in LaunchBox\Videos\Platforms and be named to match the name of the platform. That said, if you haven't tried the LaunchBox platform video downloader, that would highly recommended. There are tons of options and they're all free to download.
  5. It probably is possible to do manually, but would require a different approach for every emulator, and sometimes save states don't work between different architectures and sometimes they do, even when using the same emulator. So it's not something we can do automatically, but you *might* be successful if you did some research and copied them over manually.
  6. Thanks, I have this on my list.
  7. We are hoping to support themes like this here soon. It does sound like a cool idea.
  8. Thanks much, I'll get these in soon.
  9. Thanks, good to know. Importing ROMs will not be an issue, but you won't be able to put your LaunchBox folder (with media and such) inside of the network folder if it's read-only. You'll only be able to keep your ROMs on the network storage, not the media.
  10. Because it's an older version of Android. Also, things are implemented differently across different devices.
  11. It's out officially now, so you can just download it from the main site. Email us at support@unbrokensoftware.com with your Google Play email and we can get you your license.
  12. We have features coming to allow full edit operations and manual searches, etc. But they're not in the Android version quite yet. Hopefully we can get them in soon.
  13. I will review this here soon. I don't think we currently do anything special for multi-disc games on Android, so that will probably need to be addressed.
  14. @Glenn72 Please do not double-post like this.
  15. Strange indeed. Honestly, I have no idea what's going on there.
  16. Good to know. That might not be simple, because first we need a list of all possible save state file extensions. If we can come up with that list, though, it will be easy to exclude them. Any idea where we might be able to find a list like that? Yes, that is currently how you can add new ROMs. We might consider adding a "Scan for new ROMs" feature like we have on the desktop. We could also have an auto-import feature, but generally, my concern with that sort of a solution is that it doesn't provide the end user with enough control over their collection. I generally find those folder monitoring features lacking and more irritating than helpful, but maybe that's just me.
  17. Unfortunately, this is likely related to Google's switching to their new storage security model, which is a complete failure and causes numerous issues like this. So at the root, it is an Android problem. However, the issue should be reported to the emulator devs, as they can fix the problem by switching back to the old storage security model, which works fine. Unfortunately the new storage security model basically makes it so that frontends can't work on Android at all. If you're currently storing your ROMs on an SD card, you may find that it works to use internal storage, but that might not work either, as devices seem to be implemented differently. Sorry that I don't have better news on that. The good news is that Retroarch is available on Android and most platforms do work very well with it (and it does not have this problem). So you can always use Retroarch.
  18. We'll probably need to look into this. I've added it to the list. I don't think the Android version does anything special for multi-disc games at this point.
  19. To clarify, we currently do not have plans to write our own Samba implementation, or integrate a third party product for that. We only have plans to make the Shield's built-in network share solution work in the app, at least for now. Does that only allow read-only access? If so, it will only be read-only.
  20. Yeah, it might be worth trying to use a sideloaded version of Retroarch instead, to see if that makes any difference.
  21. That's quite strange, not sure where to begin troubleshooting that. I think it's more likely to be a Retroarch bug than a LaunchBox one, honestly.
  22. Yeah, just to confirm, if you export Arcade/MAME from the desktop, it will always export the full ROM set. This is because MAME ROM sets are not always merged (most of them out there aren't), which means that picking and choosing ROMs won't work. I'll put an item on the list to allow for that though.
  23. If we ever end up back on Google Play it will be the free version only. We're not interested in doing anything paid on Google Play anymore (and I'm hesitant to even put the free version up there). We just did not have a good experience on Google Play, and I'm not convinced that we need it. It really does make everything much more annoying and makes it so much harder to get stuff done. Anyways, sorry for the bad news on that. We currently don't have any plans to combine discounts, but it is something that we can consider for the future.
  24. Yes, we'll definitely be adding the option here soon to specify a different emulator on a game-by-game basis. Yes, this is planned as well. We'll be adding the ability to customize metadata and media here soon.
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