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    GOG GALAXY 2.0

    I'm going to participate in the closed beta when that starts up and see how it is. I'm curious to know how easy it'll be to add emulators and such, but although I'm sure it will have some nice features, I don't expect that it will replace Launchbox for me.
  2. Yes, Mayflash. I just plugged it in and booted up a couple of games and it actually does recognize the controller but with a pretty major problem, which is that the analog stick is really messed up. The analog controls are inverted no matter how I configure them and it seems to have issues with the range (Mario runs left but can only walk right, for instance). Edit: Actually, I just tried something else - only pushing the stick halfway instead of all the way - and that seems to get it working correctly. Pushing it all the way is what cause the problems...
  3. I have an original N64 controller with a USB adapter. It's been a while since I tried but I couldn't get any emulator besides Project 64 to recognize it. Was very irritating.
  4. Yeah, I think I've got somewhere between 600 and 700 C64 games set up on Launchbox, which I think might be the most of any platform I have. Either that or the Atari 800
  5. Might as well bump this because the Steam Link is currently on sale for $2.50. I got mine yesterday and I've been making good progress getting Big Box and my various emulators to run through it. I read some mixed reviews because of inconsistent performance over wi-fi, but aside from some very rare hitches I've been happy with how smooth everything is playing so far.
  6. I'm eager to see progress but I've also learned to be patient with emulator development, so I probably won't try it out until it's fairly mature. I really want to play my old Xbox games again. All the Sega games, Deathrow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NBA Inside Drive (don't laugh - this was a really good basketball game), etc.
  7. Essential 30 systems, not counting the ones you named? (1) Arcade, (2) Atari 2600, (3) Intellivision, (4) NES, (5) SNES, (6) Genesis/Mega Drive (plus 32X and Sega CD), (7) Playstation, (8) Atari 800, (9) Commodore 64, (10) Amiga, (11) MS-DOS, (12) Turbografx-16/PC Engine (plus CD), (13) NeoGeo, (14) Sega Master System, (15) N64, (16) Gameboy, (17) Gameboy Color, (18) Gameboy Advance, (19) Game Gear, (20) Atari Lynx, (21) MSX, (22) ColecoVision, (23) Atari 7800, (24) Apple II, (25) Odyssey 2, (26) BBC Micro, (27) Vectrex, (28) Sega SG-1000, (29) Sharp X68000, (30) PC-88/98 I guess it would be a slightly different/shorter list if count stuff like 32X and CD expansions as separate platforms, which might be a good idea. I was kind of cheating, there I would have listed the Atari Jaguar but I don't consider its emulation reliable enough. To my mind, though, this gives a pretty well-rounded perspective on video games and covers all the biggest platforms and many of the interesting also-rans.
  8. I think I've got it fixed. I just switched the output to ddraw and now it's working. Not sure why since I've used that setting for other games with no problem *shrug* Thanks for the help, though!
  9. Yeah, that's not working...I'm just going to have to try uninstalling and reinstalling to see what happens...thanks anyway!
  10. I seem to be having an issue of the game not recognizing my mouse? I get to the opening scene and the cursor just won't move. Not sure what, if anything, I've done wrong...
  11. I'm mostly settled and I'm good just sticking with games I like on the major systems. I do still enjoy occasionally running across systems I'm not familiar with and snagging a few of what appear to be major highlights of the catalog. I've been looking into the BBC Micro and the Oric recently, for instance. I'm getting pretty close to being really done, though
  12. Hmmm...The Last Ninja, Project Firestart, Supremacy? The other one looks very familiar but I can't place it...
  13. Cyberstorm is a turn-based strategy spin-off of the Earthsiege games, although I don't recall it being released as freeware like those games were. Come to think of it, I never was able to get Earthsiege 2 to install properly...
  14. My dogs. We also have five cats, two of which are tuxedos like Zombeaver's.
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