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  1. Only in the Games database. I don't know if it's going to be in the XM or in the GUI you have to ask @Jason Carr or @SentaiBrad for that
  2. @dingodan The new alternate naming is already in the database!
  3. Nice idea but I don't even know who is a moderator. We live in different time zones so each time of a day different mods are online and it only takes 3 approvals so thats no help. I sometimes speak with Fisty or Sentai but thats about it. Of course here but not everyone reads the forums
  4. Whoever is submitting the 3D-Box Covers of Wii please don't. The Covers have an USB-Loader logo on the side of the cover. Again I don't now if the others have rejected it as well but beside posting here I have no chance of comunicating these things with the other mods.
  5. That's why I said we need internal comments passed from moderation to moderation. So the mods don't miss that. But it's of course no excuse in the first place...
  6. Now let's hope people use it. Because ppl keep submitting delete requests and I have no idea why they sent that delete request.
  7. Exactly this. I'm no expert on some specific games but if I see that a fanart is from the series and not from the specific game I reject it.
  8. But not in the games database where it's important For me at least ^
  9. Very nice! Keep up the good work!
  10. It really depends on what we're doing with the field video url. Some people use the database without launchbox that's why I'm keen on the idea of gameplay videos. I like @FoxyMonty of having both fields. I mean steam does this too.
  11. Well, it's not in the guidelines @SentaiBrad
  12. Yes but why replace a wrong thing with a wrong thing with a better quality. I would have written in the rejection "We aim for gameplay footage instead of trailer / teaser videos. Please review your submission and make a delete request or change the existing one for a gameplay video." @FoxyMonty do you have anything else?
  13. First of all any rejection has a rejection reason in it. If the change received 3 rejections the reasons become visible. Now for the reason why it was rejected. I didn't moderate this one but I would have rejected it also. The reason is simple it has no gameplay in it. I want to look at the video and see how the game is.
  14. But it was originally released for a specific machine. And that way you scrape as that machine? Why would you scrape a Apple II game as a Apple II GS game, even though it works on the same emulator. If you want to play all the roms on the same emulator that's just a configuration thing for the emulators.
  15. That's what Bugs me currently. Sometimes I reject changes because for me the reasons are obvious. UK cover instead of EU cover, really small water mark etc etc. But will the other mods see them as well? What if not? All my work researching for nothing. 3 approvals and one rejection. Thank you...
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