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  1. I'm loving the new look for the database, and very happy to see it's still being actively developed. I have a small request, if it's possible. When clicking to add a game to a collection, in the drop-down that appears, could you possibly show if a game is already in a collection? I know once you add a game, the text changes to green and says 'Added', but this goes away if you reload the page or come back to that game later.
  2. Bumping this to see if there could be more options added to how the wheelspin works? I have a playlist with over 3000 games, and the wheel doesn't get very far when spinning. Could the wheel start from a random position each time or something?
  3. Would still love a 'random game' function in Big Box. Honestly seems pretty surprising there isn't one already, since it's a built-in feature of the regular LaunchBox. I've been using the Random Game Selector plugin by Grila, but that doesn't work well with all views unfortunately. And the attract mode wheelspin feature isn't exactly random either, from what I can see. Especially when randomizing from a list of over 3000 games.
  4. mlsaunders1985


    Hey, sorry to make ANOTHER request, and I know you said you don't have much time to work on this, but is there a way I can get the actual name of the game to appear somewhere? Sometimes, with Japanese games for example, I can't tell what the game is called from just looking at the logo or boxart? No worries if not though, I realise this is a pretty niche request!
  5. mlsaunders1985


    This theme is amazing, think this might become the theme I finally "settle" on (after trying so many others). Just wondering if Custom Fields can be added to the game details page? And also have the Custom Fields as a selection option like Developer, Publisher, Genre etc.
  6. Really love this theme, just one thing I can't work out. I love the clickable game details, but it doesn't show all the game details that I've selected in the LB settings (mainly Custom Fields, of which I have a few set up). Anything I can edit to have these details appear like they do in the default theme?
  7. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/8755 and https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/31190 are the same game. They have the same description, and one is listed as a clone of the other on http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mame.php?game_name=mariner&back_games=800fath;&search_id=0 Can these be merged at all?
  8. Thanks, it's just that when I'm looking at a playlist, I want to be able to see right away which platform a game is for (when I have different ports of the same game)
  9. This whole theme is amazing. Love every aspect of it. Just wondering if it's possible to show the selected game's platform logo in the top right instead of the game's clear logo?
  10. Hey, just checking this is the latest version of RetroArch I can get that has cg shader support added back in? Still think your shaders are the best available for the look I want. Have tried the usual CRT shaders that everyone talks about but these look so much better.
  11. This might have already been asked, but I couldn't find anything. Is there a way to add links to Xbox Cloud Gaming games to Launchbox, via the Xbox App?
  12. Zombeaver - I've been using your Netrunner shader for a while now, but I've just switched to the new Snow Crash shader, and it's amazing. Best shader set I've ever seen, so thanks for making these!
  13. Just wanted to say, I've been using this for a while, and it's great! It's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for (can't believe there's still no 'random game' function already in Big Box). Just wondered if there was any way I could customise the plugin, to allow me to just go straight to the game details page when holding right (skipping both the 'play mode selection' and the 'play/choose another' screens). Or if not, perhaps instead of the box art, could the game video be displayed when deciding whether to 'play this game or choose another'? Thanks again for your great work on this!
  14. This really is an awesome theme, and it's been my default one for a while now. One thing though, on Vertical Wheel 1, is there any way to have either the platform logo for the currently selected game appear in the space in the top-right of the screen? Or, just the platform name appear in parentheses after the game title? My reason for wanting this is that if I search for a game that has appeared on multiple platforms, I'd like to be able to see quickly which version I'm looking at. Thanks again for your work on this.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good theme that doesn't use clear logos for games? I gave up with using clear logos as there were too many games that didn't have them, or they didn't match the box art. So now I prefer just using a text list for games, with the box art and gameplay video, with some simple info about each game.
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