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  1. I have the same problem as another member: all supports colors remain green, without exception.Windows is up to date.

    • Launchbox is up to date (I even tried the latest beta version).
    • .dll files are unlocked.
    • The .config files are in the right folder and are ok.
    • I tested a new installation of the theme, starting from scratch.
    • .NET framework is up to date.

    I tested in another folder, with another name, but same shit.
    That is, just another testimony. It's no longer an isolated case: p

    Sorry to bother you.

  2. 7 hours ago, TerribleThemes said:

    Where can you change the color of the selection rectangle. I'm wanting it to be the default blue instead of yellow.

    In CleanBG\Styles, in:

    • BoxListBoxItemStyle.xaml
    • HorizontalListBoxItemStyle.xaml
    • ListBoxItemStyle.xaml
    • ThumbnailListBoxItemStyle.xaml

    change every Value="#d8b23e" by your value.

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  3. Sorry sorry sorry :(

    Yes, ALIE is right: I'm very very busy right now (for 3 months now). My job takes me a lot of time (and it's pretty good! :P ). I'm a graphist in real life and the end of the year is often very busy. A lot of great projects I have to finish. 
    I plan to finish this work (it's always in WIP, with a version for every resolution (4:3 - 16:9  - 21:9 - ...) but right now, I can't spend a lot of time with any community, not enough time (and I've got a family and a daughter :P ). 

    I'll come back as soon as I can to make another theme ^_^
    Sorry for being a ghost for the last three months... :/

    (Sorry not to answer questions... I prefer you wait for the final version. Everything here is just a beta version (0.5X))

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  4. Sorry I don't have a solution for this right now. My tests are not, on the whole, particularly striking. 
    (HorizontalAlignment ="right" doesn't work :P )

    You can resize every background to 1600x1200 with a right alignment on photoshop if you want. It's the brute-force way, but the only one I know it's working. :$

  5. ahah, quite the contrary, @Maddoc1007 ;)
    It's good to see that. For my part, I'm never satisfied with my work and always want to change a thing or two. The views I've made for this theme probably won't be the final ones :ph34r:. So don't hesitate to change what you want, especially for 4/3 monitors.

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  6. Thank you @donatello:)
    I'm really happy to read such a wonderful compliment! It's for that I love to do such things ^^

    For the translucent wheel, it's a good point. You inspired me and I think I'll do something for that. It may be a good feature. 
    Right now, I'm developing this theme and I hope it will be complete in the end of the week.

    This theme will be compatible for every type of monitor (4/3, 21/9 or even vertical) and for that, I have to remake every single element of the grid and UI. It's much more work than I thought. But it worth it. That way, for the next theme I'll make, I'll have a solid base. And of course, it can help others theme creators. 

    Also, I'll delete some views, like the one with the title plateform on the top. It's not good enough to keep it. better to make a new version with a horizontal wheel instead. I'll also make alternative views with the wheel on the left and a better view for videos. (But I'll give another link if someone wants to keep these views). 

    And of course, news views for game lists will be available for the v1.0. I think I'll work on only two and not 5, (5 is really a nightmare to update when you have to change one thing). 

    So, my todo list, right now: 

    • Make the wheel translucent (and can be set directly by the user)
    • Compatible with any type of monitor
    • News views for game lists
    • Reconsider Plateforms lists 
    • New view with horizontal menu


    Unfortunately, I've got a lot of work to do this week for my job IRL, so I can't work on it like I want, but I'll do my best to finish that as soon as possible ;) I've also a new idea, a new theme I want to develop, but I have to finish this one first.
    Thank you everyone (and @Jason Carr of course, for this wonderful software and its help to build better custom themes :) )

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  7. I don't know how for now, but I'll fix that. There are a lot of problems with videos and custom themes. It's working for me and some users but not for evryone...

    But yeah, I'll'work on that next week for the v1.0 :)

    A better grid, a cleaner code... we'll see.

  8. I think this is both a good and a bad idea.

    Good because with we can see great new ideas emerge. It's good for inspiration and future custom options in BigBox. 
    But on the other hand, design a theme without knowing limitations of the present BigBox is not the best thing to do. We can design an awesome theme, really impressive with a tons of unseen features but... If in the end, we can't make them... I don't see the point. It's the same logic in webdesign with html/css. 

    So yes, I can support this kind of approach but I'll keep in mind it will be mostly a good source of inspiration, not necessarily an end in itself in order to make a new theme. :$

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  9. 4 hours ago, subatomic09 said:

    Great theme. I was hoping the platform images were separate from the backgrounds, like transparent png's, so I could use the platform intros as the background. Is that possible?

    I've already answered to that a couple of posts earlier.
    And I don't think I'll modify this theme anymore (just add some backgrounds). 

    But you're free to use it, modify it and share it with another name if you want.
    Per example, you can use the theme version without plateforms (CleanBGnosystem) and change the .xaml according to your desire. :) 

  10. 22 minutes ago, spektor56 said:

    Just looked at the video for controller companion, pretty cool.  Might have to buy it, only $3 anyway.


    Here's a screenshot.

    It's exactly why I love this soft. Soooooooo much better than xpadder and all soft like that. And it has a very good UI. Nice and clean. Very easy to configure.


  11. I'm using Controller Companion for that. 
    In my case, the home button of my DS4 controller opens BigBox. And select + home opens BigPicture. It's really handy. 

    What's more, I can control anything on my computer with the controller only. Really. I can type anything in any software just with the controller, right or left click everywhere, scroll a web page with the right stick, and so on... 
    It's an awesome software that I recommend. 3$, but it worth it.

    (if you want, you can also bind any key to any button in any application or game. Usefull, particularly for games which need mouse (for menus) + controller like Trackmania 2. ). 

    Love it. 
    Voila, that's just another solution :D


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  12. Thank you @kerszr, Your help is welcome. :)

    But I have a couple of points. 
    Neo Geo Banner: The left character is stretched. It's something we must avoid at any cost. 
    Atari and Apple II: There're some artefacts remaining (on the right of the atari and on the II of the Apple one). 

    The famicom one is perfect! I'll add it in the next update, next week (I am going on vacation tomorrow).
    Thank you.

    By the way, the new version has a new view. A  big tv screen :ph34r:


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  13. 10 hours ago, nyny77 said:

    Download impossible from Paris...error download sorry

    I'm french and I don't have any problem... Maybe it's related to your internet service provider... Sorry. 
    Try to download the new version (0.5.4). Maybe it's better.

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  14. 10 hours ago, wallmachine said:

    I'll be honest I haven't checked as I haven't Launched LaunchBox/BigBox in a while just because I'm still having problems with it. But from watching your videos I'm intrigued instead of the up and down transition between platforms and game views is it possible to have it just "appear" like a fluid transition?

    Also is it possible to make it so the system names are not cut off at the top and bottom? image attached.

    And will there be an option to have the wheel on the left and videos/ art on the right side?

    That's a good point  @wallmachine
    For the first one, it's related to BigBox itself. You can try to remove every translation but beyond that, I'm afraid I can't do anything.
    The second point is fexed in the last version, thanks to you ;) (v0.5.4)
    And for the last point, it's related to me :P. I prefer like this and we have only 5 views to customize. So I had to make a choice. 

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  15. Last update (0.5.3) before I leave: 


    Because I was not satisfied with the wheel views, I changed the looking of the UI and adjusted backgrounds size according to it. I think it's the best and main view of this theme now. :)
    From now, I will work on games views for a release around the end of the next week. 

    Sorry for these multiple updates, but I am rarely happy of what I'm doing. I always want to fixe/change/correct/reajust a lot of things... :ph34r:

    EDIT: A video:



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