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  1. I have been hoping we could play video on my marquee monitor also... I will check out the Marquee xaml idea. i have a beefy system so i am not concerned with stutter... Is there a plugin already created?
  2. Hey Jay Thank you so much for doing the 1x1 Ratio as it fits perfectly in my set up. I really appreciate you taking the time to put it together. Cheers
  3. Hey Jay... I saw them and thanks for letting me use them.
  4. I was successful in installing the Theme Creator on my arcade PC and was able to open it up and look around. Using stretch makes sense and I definitely am going to try and learn as much as i can about building themes as I always end up tweaking or changing graphics in others. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks for your response. I just made a custom resolution of 2160x2160 Centered in portrait mode in the AMD software I use to run the video card. I tried to use the theme builder on my main pc and always got errors on start up. I am going to try again on my arcade pc and check it out. When I set the Jukebox theme to Videobox everything is ok for the video ect it doesn't take up the whole screen leaving black bars on the top and bottom. I am just excited that you started this and I imagine in the future people will add to it.
  6. Hey Jay I love your platform theme as it was something I have always wanted to add to my Cabinet to make it complete for me. I was actually playing around with some of the Jukebox CoinOps builds so I have all the media ect. My cabinet build is a little different than most as i took an idea from another fellow Arcade member and used a 4K tv in Portrait mode with a custom resolution of 2160 x 2160 but as you can see from picture the video is too big along with the Music Video Ticket. (I just saw to put the Music Vid images in the clear logos) I am assuming if I edit one of the text view files would this solve my issue? Is it the HorizontalWheel1GamesView I would edit? Thanks again for any help.
  7. I love the Highscore feature especially since all I play is Mame and retro achievements doesn't have a lot of Mame or if any? Thanks for all your hard work on improving Launchbox/Bigbox its a great Frontend for everyone.
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