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  1. So it's been almost a month since I've reported my issue and I was still bummed out that I couldn't use this theme because IMO, Retro808 probably made my favorite StartUp theme for Launchbox. I decided to get my hands dirty with the code to see whats going wrong in the .xmal files, until I found this: <Grid.Background> <SolidColorBrush Color="Black" Opacity="{Binding BackgroundFade}" /> </Grid.Background> I decided to remove these lines of code and voila- the backgrounds were visible to me now! Granted I'll have to make this chan
  2. Nope, its all the way opaque on my end.
  3. I can confirm that this is the case, yet the BGs are still not showing up. Just to be sure, I reinstalled the theme. Does the images require IEXPLORER.EXE by any chance?
  4. Menu doesn't seem to show up on LB 9.3. Installing plugin then using "PCSX2 Configurator" on the bottom of the sub-menu (right click) of a PS2 game doesn't do anything.
  5. The background images don't seem to show up at all for me. Anything I can do?
  6. For me personally, I won't actually be using loading screens for emulators. I use Launchbox for PC games too. And certain Windows games on slower PCs (ex. Slay the Spire because of the Java Runtime) load particularly slowly. Having startup-screens "mask" the time between hitting the LAUNCH button and the executable actually booting into exclusive fullscreen would be pretty cool.
  7. Hello @faeran. I've already uploaded my review of these themes, but the tl;dr is that they're all great, but suffer from design inconsistencies across platforms (some has video scanlines, some rotate covers, etc). For this post I wanted to propose a primary suggestion for this project: Uploading a 'general' theme. Something to use as a placeholder for systems without it's own custom theme yet, or those unlikely to have custom themes at all. I believe this is a good idea because it'll match people's less popular platforms with the rest of the project without looking too out-of-place. Maybe
    One of the best theming projects on the site, next to Emulation Station and the GPD Win theme. However the major criticism I have that stops this collection from being ideal is all the inconsistencies across the themes. What I mean is things like: PS1 theme has a scanline effect on the videos (which I love), but not the others. Sega Saturn theme features the covers/discs being spun around after X amount of time (which I hate), but you don't have a choice to disable this if you don't want it. Following this, the N64 theme doesn't seem to rotate covers/carts at all while the
  8. It was the reboot that fixed it.
  9. Sorry about that, didn't realize there was a dedicated thread for that. Thanks! This seems to have fixed the problem for me. For whatever reason, Launchbox Next was completely broken after the update until I followed your advice. Windows were not selectable at all and graphics were broken. Hopefully anybody else who runs into this issue can easily resolve it now.
  10. Updated LB today and my client became this: https://imgur.com/a/KqKIyiN Would someone mind pointing me to the previous LB beta download? Lost my local copy.
  11. Hey there- love LB. I have a question regarding LB/LBN. Is there currently a feature-freeze on the "current" LB to help LBN catch-up?
  12. Hey Grila, nice theme. By far, this is the most performant BigBox theme on the GPDWin- even beating out EmulationStation. My problem is that the customizer lacks a "white" color for the banner. If I want to put in my own custom color, where would I go to do that? Thanks in advance.
  13. You mean you're not our dedicated theme butler? Thats unfortunate- hopefully real-life stops kickin' mate.
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