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  1. Finally others see the issue with the mods too. Very poor attitudes indeed!! This won't be up here long, they will just delete entire thread as usual when any criticism comes their way. I would have thought someone would have a word with them.
  2. Thanks, are these both no nag versions MAME & Mamearcade ?
  3. Snappy and Launchbox is a contradiction in terms 😉
  4. FYI, This game loads fine using all nes cores in RA 1.8.4, but I can't get controls working
  5. Create 2 x Yuzu setups. Set one to Vulkan and one to OpenGL. Make sure they are both portable setups.
  6. It's a know Cemu issue with this version, does the same in RL. Use 1.15.18 or wait for fix.
  7. ReDream only supports approx 80% of Dreamcast titles currently. If it goes directly to ReDream menu, it means it's not compatible. Use RetroArch for ones that don't run through ReDream.
  8. so NOT impossible to install ? 😉
  9. cataclysm67

    Wii Discs

    Ideal for a mobile phone setup 😉
  10. Any reason why this won't work on the nightly version of RA ? Works great on normal RA, just wondering why it won't work on nightly version.
  11. tried what ? copying entire RA or core splitter ?
  12. Meaning, use the roms/bios files from the latest MAME 0.215 set, instead of the previous lst, bin files. I am also using RL, not Launchbox settings to run though LB/BB.
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