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  1. so NOT impossible to install ? 😉
  2. cataclysm67

    Wii Discs

    Ideal for a mobile phone setup 😉
  3. Any reason why this won't work on the nightly version of RA ? Works great on normal RA, just wondering why it won't work on nightly version.
  4. tried what ? copying entire RA or core splitter ?
  5. Meaning, use the roms/bios files from the latest MAME 0.215 set, instead of the previous lst, bin files. I am also using RL, not Launchbox settings to run though LB/BB.
  6. Both now use MAME roms and work fine on RA with flycast core, though I am running them through RocketLauncher.
  7. This option I mentioned is to allow him to change the pico core resolution for SMS If he changes it on RA it will mess up other systems that use that core. Actually, I have about 5 different RA setups, very handy as you say.
  8. Just copy and paste your current RetroArch info into another folder called for example (RetroArchSMS) You need everything except all the cores (just the picodrive core) Then when you use the custom resolution, save it as core override, rather than per game. You can do this, as Sega Master System is the only system using the Pico core.
  9. Best thing to do is create another RetroArch (e.g. RetroArch Sega Master System) for just Sega Master System using the pico core. Then you can set the actual core override for Sega Master System rather than every individual game.
  10. Try taking the pngs from one zip file and adding them to the other. Looking at my artwork, the ones that have multiple bezels in, only have 1 default.lay file in each. Not sure how yours are set out, but give it a try
  11. If you are using MAME emulator, just place the Artwork zip files into your Artwork folder for the MAME Emulator. To select options if more than 1 bezel inside zip, just press the tab button on keyboard and select from there.
  12. For Sega Master System , just use custom resolutions in RA to get rid of black border on the left of the screen.
  13. Try running others that don't work with RetroArch, with Demul 0.7a emulator https://www.emutopia.com/index.php/item/1331-demul-0-7-alpha-14-08-2016
  14. NFS, cool apart from French subtitles
  15. use the latest MAME romset and bios files (currently 0.215) , won't work using MAME emulator but works with flycast core in RA PS, That ETA tutorial is over a year old, does not work the same with new core.
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