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  1. For me this is happening when I manually add a single new game.
  2. one solution is to use a version of DosBox with Windows 3.1 installed, do a search for 'dosbox with windows 3.1 download'. Then you get the floppies or CD and mount them in that version of DosBox. Load that version of DosBox and it will launch Windows 3.1, while in Windows install the software. Now doing it this way you can not use Launch/BigBox to launch the game directly, all you can do is make a link to launch into Windows 3.1 and then navigate to the game you want.
  3. I'm sorry but these are all to low resolution for me to work with, hopefully someone else might be able to help.
  4. This education title is not in the database so I didn't add them. They apparently couldn't decide on an official logo, all three were different, so I made all three.
  5. I was able to find a little bit larger image of one of the carts and then used the manual image you provided for the colors.
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