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  1. Not submitted to the database as there is no entry for this game yet.
  2. Not submitted to the database as there is no entry for this game yet.
  3. Appreciate you finding this, but it still won't work because of the way it was scanned. Not sure of the scanner terms but when it's scanned and you can see the half-tone or moiré print pattern I don't know of a way of getting rid of that. Photoshop and Topaz software will find that pattern and enhance it which is not what you want with the gradients and alpha on the flames. If it was scanned as a photograph then it's something I can work with. If someone knows a procedure other than recreating I'm open to that.
  4. Sorry this one is too blurry for me to work with, I tried searching for a better one and couldn't find anything.
  5. I've tried this one before but I've not been able to find a good scan of the box art to work with. Hopefully someone that is in possession of the real box art can do a photo scan of it.
  6. I was able to do ghostanoid, grand prix story is too small for me to working with.
  7. With the amount of misspellings, I think this is the same person.
  8. That feature already exists. Just click on the Metadata link in LaunchBox and upload the missing image.
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