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  1. submitted to LB data base, wasn't able to do primal rage; it's too blurry.
  2. submitted to LB database, I tried to do the Evangelion one, but I can't handle the more complex Japanese titles, I don't read or write Japanese.
  3. submitted to LB database, sorry wasn't able to do the low resolution ones.
  4. submitted to LB database. Couldn't do much with bloody vampire with the low resolution.
  5. links are fine, unless you have higher resolution art that's not in the DB.
  6. most of the triangle background is missing.
  7. submitted to the LB database, wasn't able to do the Crayon Shin-chan, it's too blurry
  8. submitted rampage only as the others are not yet in the database
  9. I was able to find a larger image of Madou Monogatari I on ebay. Screenshots helped with the other two. I didn't add Madou Monogatari I to the database as I don't see it there.
  10. what about screenshots of the title screens? can you post those? I might be able to use them.
  11. These are all too low resolution to work with, I can understand the difficulty you've had with these. I tried one of them and couldn't make some thing acceptable.
  12. @weller96c submitted to LB database. I believe these are the last two from your list.
  13. @weller96c Submitted to LB database. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do the two star wars titles there's just not enough pixels to work with on those. I also added an alternate unreal tournament.
  14. @weller96c submitted to LB database.
  15. @weller96c submitted to LB database.
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