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  1. added to LB database. sky sports is already in database.
  2. There are instructions for DB contributors. Click on 'Add New Game' and the first instruction is: "Please make sure the title matches the game's box art as closely as possible, using colons and not dashes." and there are examples to make sure you enter the title with correct punctuation. Instructions are easy enough to follow, and there is an official authority: @Jason Carr
  3. For me I used Atari800 emulator it was much easier to use with Launchbox https://github.com/atari800/atari800
  4. Thanks for sharing! I learned something new!
  5. Excellent work! You even did the lens flare rays on the letter 'N'. Way better than what I had going. If you have time I'd appreciate knowing what technique you used.
  6. I spent about 2 hours trying this one and it's beyond my ability. I tried searching for a press kit for the game, often they will include the logo with alpha channel intact, but no luck. I hope someone can do this one.
  7. submitted to LB database, wasn't able to do Taiko no Tatsujin Portable, image was too small.
  8. realized I made a mistake on the 'M' this fixes it.
  9. had some time, so I made a higher resolution one. submitted to LB database.
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