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  1. one option that might work is to edit the game and go to Startup/Pause and check the two boxes for 'override default startup screen settings' and 'override default pause screen settings' this will turn off those screen so not the most optimal way. hope someone has better solution.
  2. Was able to make this one, hope someone can help with the other two.
  3. I'm sorry, that's too low resolution for me to work with. If you could get a bigger screenshot I might be able to work with it.
  4. If you could provide me with some graphics I'd give it a shot.
  5. What is the thing with the horns behind the logo? I need a full image of that to make the logo, right now the horns are cut off on both images.
  6. I found a high res version of the box art here: http://www.atariboxed.com/data_modules/338/338_front.jpg if you zoom in on the logo it has a line in the center of the frame around the text so I made both versions.
  7. I just noticed a mistake in the number 2, this fixes it.
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