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  1. Just downloaded this one off google
  2. I see them as the same color, but I do see the ones you uploaded have been downsized from the original size I uploaded. Maybe try and re-download them.
  3. Sorry, I'm not understanding. You can use the one from here, it's the same https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/39183
  4. that's already in the LB database, under dreamcast or playstation 2
  5. Sure I'll try to do what I can
  6. all of these are too small for me to work with. I can make new versions but they won't match exactly, would that work for you?
  7. I can't seem to find this system in the LB database, is it under a different name?
  8. just grabbed it off their website
  9. If you have an image I can give it a shot.
  10. I already did the US logo, the Europe logo is in the database and the Japan one I can't do accurately with any of the art I can find.
  11. I think those logos have already been done a number of times, so I've never been asked.
  12. fixed and re-submitted to the database
  13. submitted to the LB database
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