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  1. https://datomatic.no-intro.org/index.php?page=show_record&s=23&n=2887
  2. diskmach

    GBA Carts

    Well, actually Nintendo has a tradition of using the same cart for different European countries if the game is the same even if the name changed. Very evident with 3DS.
  3. diskmach

    GBA Carts

    Maybe shouldn't have been then..😄
  4. diskmach

    GBA Carts

    You seem to include the individual games from that Ignition Collection, maybe it's not needed?
  5. diskmach

    GBA Carts

    Some shine, but should be fixable.
  6. It's very similar to the other Crash & Spyro, game id code is B53E and the other B54E.
  7. I'll spare you the need to do the 3DS carts at least... https://diskmach.wordpress.com/2020/04/05/leech-access-to-nintendo-3ds-cards/
  8. I'm impressed by the workload you took on. 👍 If I compare to the latest DB from Hyperspin forums, and look around a bit, not that I'm an expert in GBA games, for the US retail games, it looks to me that you are missing: Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, The (USA) - Dr. Seuss' - The Cat in the Hat (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Gadget Racers (USA) Knights' Kingdom (USA) This is a LEGO game, not sure why it doesn't have that in the DB name. LEGO Bionicle (USA) - Bionicle (USA) There are two games with about the same name, you're missing the cart for the first. Sega Rally Championship (USA)
  9. It's the symbol of the production company that made the computers. Львовское производственное объединение им. В.И.Ленина "Lviv Production Association named after V.I. Lenin"
  10. https://diskmach.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/nintendo-3ds-logo-finished-set/
  11. Those are at my blog. diskmach.wordpress.com I have completed the ScummVM logo set in accordance with the latest DB from tonesmalone over at Rocketlauncher.
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