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  1. Those are at my blog. diskmach.wordpress.com I have completed the ScummVM logo set in accordance with the latest DB from tonesmalone over at Rocketlauncher.
  2. Thanks for the answer. Impressive spread.
  3. Could you give us a hint then, which systems did you work on? 😃
  4. Ah, so themes, icons and such?
  5. No, it's there. Just that the way they made the wordpress theme, you have to click on a blog post first to get to the search. Weird, I know. There's only so much I can change when I have a free site on wordpress.com.
  6. I'm sure I can drop one or other logo here, like I did before. Mainly, I will be working on projects at the blog, though. Just wanted to give you a heads up that that and other logos you requested already existed. There's too much game art missing, we shouldn't be doing stuff twice, anyway.
  7. Thanks. I figured that you have been doing this before, with the quality art you're putting out. Can I ask where you posted your work before, if at all?
  8. diskmach.wordpress.com I mentioned it earlier. Mafdet is also there.
  9. Gettysburg is on my blog. I also did Galaga '92 and put it there, it's from a screenshot though, the one you posted is fanart.
  10. Here's a better source for Cosmic Fantasy.
  11. You could say they are missing, but they were left out of the DB deliberately, as they are graphical novels and not games, that's why we didn't do them. If you still feel you want them, it would probably make sense to take hires screenshots of them. The Princess AI for Wii is a bit different than that, too.
  12. Nice. It's often tricky to determine which version to use for old computer systems. For Amiga, I think that HoL has the most details in general, it also has the WHDload info. For GraemeSounessVectorSoccer_v1.1_1700, for example, I would have looked at the region as well, and chosen the UK release. http://hol.abime.net/2772/boxscan Especially because if you make a boxset with the UK release, the box will differ from the logo. Not that it isn't good to have other regions' logos available as well.
  13. The old Amiga logo project at Hyperspin forums is still missing about 290 logos, so there's job to be done. And the WHDload project is adding installs, or games, all the time. Nobody is updating the DB right now that I know of. Of the ones above I started working earlier on Graham Gooch's Second Innings. Hall of Light, are you familiar with that site? It's a good reference so you get the right version, for example AAARGH! seems to differ from that. http://hol.abime.net/3176/boxscan
  14. Thanks. I'm just waiting for science to prolong lifespan or enable cloning for the masses and I will definitely do that...😉
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