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  1. Thanks @Lordmonkus, it's not working for me. I do get that screen, but pressing all four buttons isn't launching the menu.
  2. I'm trying to access the service menu through FB Alpha in Retroarch so I can turn the blood on in Metal Slug. Got the option set up to UNIBIOS, but I can't seem to get into the menu. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  3. Are you talking about the arcade version or the Genesis port? The rotation physics alone make it a cut above the "generic" platformer. Plus the boss battles are minigames. And the art is pretty nice, I think.
  4. Count me in on this too. With so little to complain about this amazing piece of software, it's something minor like this that just bugs me, for some reason. I would love the ability to have clean titles under my box art without the thick offset border. Not high priority for most, I know, but seems like an easy thing to add the ability to choose how you want the text displayed. (Says the guy who knows nothing about coding software....) With black border, without, and maybe a choice of color.
  5. I have the same problem. I was going to post about it. Happens in platforms and the details too.
  6. Of all the games we've played so far, Road Rash on the Master System has been his absolute favorite. He's obsessed, it's all he talked about the rest of the night.
  7. Getting the following error message in all Platform sections since updating to CleanBG 1.1.2:
  8. Great recommendations, thanks. I haven't gotten MAME set up yet, but Gauntlet is a great suggestion. Might have to do that.
  9. Forgot to add: I think Sonic 1 on Genesis as a pretty good option, maybe a multiplayer beat-em up that he can mash the buttons on, like an SNES TMNT game? I'll definitely turn Super Mario 3 on and let him take a stab at it - maybe he'll be amazing. Kirby Super Star is another one I think he might be able to play. Any other recommendations?
  10. Need some recommendations... My 5-year-old nephew is visiting this weekend, and I thought it would be fun to throw Big Box up on the TV and play some retro console games with him. He has no familiarity, because his parents are not into gaming at all. Of course, if you're born in the early 80s like me, you were playing (ahem, dying a lot at) Super Mario Bros. when you were 5. But since we only have a couple days, I'm trying to think of some "easier" console gems. Something that's not so punishing with the sudden deaths, something we can pick up and play and have fun wi
  11. Thanks, yeah I see that. But I want to add a subtle drop shadow and vignette over background video to help it stand out a bit. Something kind of like the attached, with the background video darkened about 60%.
  12. Cool, thanks. I can easily make the transparent png's, but I have no idea what to modify in the theme's Views folder to make the image display over the background intro videos... I must do more research at a later date.
  13. Great theme. I was hoping the platform images were separate from the backgrounds, like transparent png's, so I could use the platform intros as the background. Is that possible?
  14. Well that's a big relief, actually. Basically, I don't need RL to do what I wanted! Sorry to have derailed this thread for a bit. Thanks for your help, guys.
  15. Hi SentaiBrad. You know, your statement made me go check my settings, and I realized I had "minimize LaunchBox when game launches" turned on. I unchecked that, and now the games launch without showing my desktop. So then, am I misunderstanding what people mean by clean entrances and exits?
  16. I feel you, @lordmonkus. I actually gave up in my quest a couple years ago because of frustration at what the gamebox frontend situation looked like. A few options, all of them promising, but none of them really that great. When I found LaunchBox, I knew I'd found what I was looking for. I would really love to be able to hide the OS, and RL seems like the best way to do that right now. Maybe one day LaunchBox will be able to do that too! I wouldn't put it past @Jason Carr!
  17. RIght. That's how I have it set up now and it's working perfectly. I want to add RL as a middle-man for clean entrances and exits, and that's where I'm lost with how to set up RL to play nicely with LB and RA.
  18. Thanks for the reply, @lordmonkus. Maybe this is something @SentaiBrad can tackle (as if he doesn't have enough on his plate). I already have the core-specific configs set up in RetroArch, I just need to know how to make sure RL launches RA with those configs when I select a game in Big Box. What I really want RL for is its clean entrances and exits.
  19. Thanks for the reply, @imdavid555. In the future, I think it would be cool to have a list of some of the big updates and improvements in a new release right on the Download page, kind of like how the Play Store does it when you update an Android app.
  20. Would kill for a video tutorial about setting up RocketLauncher with RetroArch and using LaunchBox as a frontend (well, not actually kill... maybe just punch someone's arm excitedly). I've been looking and looking for a step-by-step guide that would help me make sense of the overwhelming number of options. Specifically, I've been reading about how RL can do clean entrances and exits so you never see the OS and I love that idea, but I like to use core-specific configs in RetroArch to make use of different shaders and controller schemes. Any plans for a tutorial like that? Thanks!
  21. Maybe a dumb question - in the sense that it has an obvious answer I've just overlooked - but where can I read a list of fixes & new features found in 6.8 before downloading it? I'm the type who likes to know what's in an update before I update. Thanks as always for your tireless efforts and amazing level of communication with your customer base.
  22. Has this been implemented yet? It would be nice for Series to be included in the search.
  23. Looks awesome! Downloading now. Thanks for the heads-up, lordmonkus.
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