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  1. Yes, of course, a little bit of quality is lost, but I think it's only visible if you zoom in on the images and especially in that image. Honestly, when I used bigbox I didn't notice it. I understand that in fact it 's better to download the best version and leave people the choice whether to compress or not.
  2. Thanks you! I just wanted to give you a little advice. You can compress png images with pngquant. On windows I use https://pngquant.org/PNGoo.0.1.1.zip to compress the PNG and it works great. You can also download other programs that use this compression on this site: https://pngquant.org/ The background folder for CPS1 has changed from 80mb to 16mb. It's a nice space saving and the images don't lose quality
  3. Thanks guys for all the work you do. You deserve a statue
  4. I advise you to use Retroarch with the Reicast core. In general games works better and you have all the cool features of retroarch like per game configuration, speedhack, savestates, shaders etc ... With Demul savestates sometimes don't load and speedhack only works if you disable vsync. I used demul for a long time but now the reicast core is much better for me.
  5. yes, this happens to me too. Another problem I have is that sometimes videos don't start. I have to change game and come back to get it started.
  6. It would be very nice. Surely the developer will be able to create even better animations with my idea. I'm attaching the files of the animations that I have modified. Maybe it can help the developer of the theme and if someone wants to try the changes, just replace the two files in the Styles folder of the theme. Make a backup of the original files if you don't want to lose the original animations. Retrostatic_mod.zip
  7. I made a couple of quick changes to the animations because in my opinion, they took too long to appear. As you can see in the video, they aren't perfect, especially for the nintendo 64 game boxes. I wanted to create another game view, but I don't know how to do it. It would be better to be able to calculate the position and height of the game box dynamically to get closer to the cartridge. However, with this mod I really like this theme and it has become my favorite. I also really like Unified but it has the problem of videos that are too small. I wanted to know what you think. (sorry for my english) https://streamable.com/2v3fm
  8. Thank you guys! Finally i removed the evil disc images without transparency.
  9. Hi, I have a problem with disc images. When I delete a disc image for a game, it continues to appear on bigbox in the game view with disk animation. It only happens to me with this theme. I've already tried to update the cache in the bigbox options on "Images Cache" but the old disk image remains. Is there a way to force image cache updating? Thanks
  10. Yes, the error is in RetrotasticLoading.xaml I managed to try the theme. I want to congratulate. You did an incredible job. I really like the animations. Thank you!
  11. I tried to use this theme but it gives me an error when I enter the list of games.
  12. Thanks for this masterpiece! It would be nice to have a gameview with bigger videos. For the rest it seems perfect.
  13. Ah! I forgot to say that for me DesMume X432R version go fullscreen automatically without my script. It works but I think you don't need it
  14. I tried X432R version. For me it's better only for Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden that in retroarch core have graphics glitches. For other games that I tested, retroarch core it's faster and with better screen layout options and all the others great features of retroarch. At 3x resolution frame rate it's not full speed both on retroarch and stand alone version. It's better to set at 2x So in launchbox i think it's better to set retroarch as default NDS Emulator now
  15. Wow cool! I didn't know the X432R version. So my script maybe have some troubles with that version. I have to try it Did you change the script with the name of your emulator exe file?
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