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  1. Hi Jason. You've made huge inroads to the last poll list, and with 11.8 another two have been chalked off. Out of interest, because I love the innovation, drive and determination you have for continuous improvement of LaunchBox and BigBox, what is your current plan in terms of timing of the next poll?
  2. Hi Jason. In a future release (I'm assuming not this one) do you plan to also add import compatibility with the Rockstar Games launcher? I know there are not many games on it, and most people use other launchers for its games, but it would be good to also consider adding this at some point for completeness.
  3. Hi Jason. Thanks very much for all the features you've packed into version 9.8 - the Pause screen in particular is fantastic and one I've been looking forward to for a long time. After 9.8 is officially released, likely next week, would it be possible to add into an early beta for version 9.9 the suggestion I posted earlier in this thread, to add an option to save PDF browsing location for next time? As another forum user noted, this wouldn't be specific to the Pause screen option. I know the major focus of the next few releases will be finishing up the small number of remaining big ticket items from the last poll, but if this could be put in at some point that would be great - thanks for considering anyway.
  4. Is there a way that we can add a 'remember last place in PDF document' option which can be switched on or off in both BigBox and LaunchBox? Where this would be really handy for example is if there is a point in a game where I need to refer to a PDF document several times. I open up Pause, open the document, find and read the page I want (which might be quite far into the document), resume the game by returning to Pause and then the game (or even better an additional option to return direct to the game), then a short time later I want to get back into the document but, to save time, it remembers where I last exited it. When the document is reopened through Pause, it does so at that same last place I viewed. Would this be possible?
  5. Cool. Just wondered if there had been any discussions as of yet. Jason may of course have a different vision on how he wishes to have a Pause and Fade type functionality built into the core Launchbox/BigBox code. Thanks again for your plugin, I can imagine many people are going to be all over this when it's released.
  6. I like many others am really excited to see where this ends up. Thank you! Could I ask whether there are any plans with Jason to integrate the work you've done for the plugin within the core Launchbox/BigBox code? Just thinking that Jason has already said he will eventually deliver a Pause and Fade functionality, and I'm wondering what overlap between that work and yours is possible or desirable in the interests of pooling together resources and effort?
  7. Well said Lordmonkus. Some people on here (thankfully very few) just need to learn to be a bit more patient. It's Jason's software, and he and he alone ultimately gets to decide what he works on next. Let's just be thankful that he is as open and consultative as he is - he sets a very high bar in my view in terms of developers. I for one can't wait to see where LaunchBox and BigBox go in the next 1 to 2 years. It's very exciting - and so thank you to Jason and to everyone else involved in the community contributing to themes, videos, images, Database and general help etc. for everything you're doing.
  8. And hopefully RetroHumanoid's brilliant fade and pause media will be usable directly within LaunchBox/BigBox at some point during 2018, if these items from the last poll are able to be delivered. These are the two biggest new features I'm waiting on.
  9. Very minor thing, but I noticed on the Changelog that it says 'Version 7.17'. Jason - not sure if this is because your original intention for the next version number was 7.17, and you then subsequently decided to make it 8.0 instead?
  10. I can confirm I'm having the same problem. All other non-PC/Steam games seem to be working fine.
  11. What about Android support? Just kidding, I know how much work (and cost) that would involve! A couple of things which have been mentioned a while ago was a built-in PDF reader, and also Launchbox-branded Arcade cabinets / table top arcade. Perhaps one of those? But it does feel as if it would be bigger than either of these I'll go with the 3D engine implementation.
  12. That's great. Let's wait and see what other progress is made (if any) in the coming months. This would be the holy grail - quite a few good Xbox exclusives that I'd love to have emulated.
  13. I really love that setup romkilla. Could I please ask what BigBox theme you are using?
  14. I too would have liked to have seen the pause, fade and bezel Rocketlauncher features on the list (bezels in particular) but I understand why you had a more focused list. Any chance that full WHD Load import support for the Amiga might be on the cards at some point? I know that Zombeaver put together that great video, but it would be great if the import process could be more straightforward for these games. Keep up the great work Jason and co - this is my favourite and the most impressive piece of software I have used in years!
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