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  1. I haven't yet, it never occured to me to see if these two would work on their own as native Steam shortcuts. I've had GloSC for a while now and it seems to be a great little tool. After I get off work I'll try and test this out. Thanks again!
  2. Hey Lahma, I've only just gotten the chance to test this with a Windows game. I tested both EA's StarWars Battlefront and the GOG release of Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, both of which I couldn't get the Steam Controller to work or get Steam Overlay to come up. I am wondering if EA's Origin is causing issues for Battlefront and if the GOG Window7-10 Launcher Fixer is causing that one to not work. LucasArts always had awful launchers for their Windows games. I don't have anything that's not already a Steam game installed to test with at the moment. I'll need to download some of my other
  3. Hey there, Thanks for the suggestions. I guess the issue I have with the wall views is the spacing when you use Steam Banners instead of boxes. There is all that dead space between each row. I don't imagine that any of those theme's can be modified too much to accommodate the spacing for Steam Banner's without breaking the view for everyone else that uses Box art instead.
  4. That's mainly why I suggested writing an AHK script, you should be able maintain your mapped controller within Steam and use overlay etc.
  5. Sorry to unearth this dead thread. But it's still a theme I would be very interested in having. For my personally there is something about Steam's Big Picture mode that I really like a lot. I don't tend to browse my game Library by Console in BigBox and it seems like most of the themes people of created rely on on it as the main organization and navigation method. I personally like to just use Show All Games in the Wall View that is similar to the way games are display in Steam Big Picture's main grid. Unfortunately by default it seems that Big Box lays-out the Wall/Grid view specifically for
  6. I bet an Auto hot Key Script would get the job done. I've been considering writing one for most of Square's Final Fantasy games since virtually all of them except VI have a launcher. I'm not super skilled in Auto hot Key, but I'm working on an implementation with it and Visual Basic at work for this random imaging software we use so I can automatically export from Excel Spreadsheets to PDF and then use AHK to get those PDF's into our Imaging Platform with one click of the mouse. My thought process is once you write the script in AHK, you can use AHK's Compiler to generate an individual E
    I've been looking for something list this! I hate the way Steam handle's "non-Steam games". By only request is that you could use it for other PC games that aren't in Steam and not just Roms/Emulators. If I could launch any applications this way it would 100% satisfy all of my requirements. Keep up the great work. EDIT: Totally worth 5/5 now 😁 - Thanks again!
  7. Would anyone be interested in creating a Steam style theme?
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