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  1. hey, no I never found a good solution for this. I have turned off LB high scores since my kids also play a lot and like to save games. I do have high score enable in mame just not for LB. And running 2 installs is just not doable for me.
  2. I just removed all games from windows to other platform but even though Windows platform is now empty is still shows up in BB with the message it doesn't have any games. So to get rid of windows I have to actually delete the platform from LB.
  3. I could hide all my windows games and it would get rid of the windows platform right, the problem I see in this is that I am hiding the game and therefor it will also disappear in the custom playlists I've created. I would like to hide curtain platforms from showing but not the games as they are added to various playlists. The only way it can be done now is by (I guess?) changing the platform of the game to one of the other platforms, so I would have to add a windows game to like the arcade platform and not the windows platform, which ideally is not something you want to do.
  4. Thanks for the quick release! Love it
  5. I had the same problem and I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on, but now it all makes sense, the weird thing is though other games are working fine, I had this issue with just one game as far as I know. I like the high-score function it's great, it's a fun community feature. Since there will always be people that will try to cheat, I support every kind of measures against it! Is there a way to turn high-score of in BigBox? Because my kids also play these games and a lot of the times they want to continue where they left of, specially when playing with friends. It would be cool if you could launch a game with or without high-score enabled or if one could enable/disable it with a hotkey. Anyways, thanks for the clarifying things up! Finally know where this error is coming from!
  6. Hi Everyone, i’m having issues with save state which maybe is somehow connected to LB. Weird thing is I can save state other games but not “tmnt turtles in time”. If i try to save game i get mame error message saying “error: failed to open file for save operation”. If i start the game in mame outside of BB it works fine. Anyone any ideas on where to look? I can’t seem to figure out why this is.
  7. Whistler NL


    I am modding my Arcade1Up right now with an older Intel NUC I had, running Win10 and BB. Guess a new NUC would be quite expensive, but maybe that's an option if you can get your hands on one cheaply.
  8. Thanks for having this up so quickly! Appreciate it!!!
  9. thanks this is of great help! got sfv working great
  10. I've been trying to get PC game STV arcade edition to work on my arcade cabinet with IPAC2. Finally got it working using a combo of keyboard2xinput and x360ce with now works great!
  11. I have similar problems. I have created an additional app to start keyboard2xinput before main program (which is working) the problem is the additional app to close key2xinput after main program just doesn't work, it looks like it's also executed immediately. I've put the additional apps within the PC game Street Fighter V. Anybody any ideas on why it doesn't work this way? Should I create a AHK to achieve this? (never fiddled around with AHK script before though) Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm trying to get Street Fighter V Arcade Edition to work on my Cabinet with the IPAC2. Is it true that if you use it with the IPAC2 you will only be able to play with 1 Player? Because SFV only allows keyboard mapping for 1 Player. If you want 2 player experience you do need some kind of gamepad connected.
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