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  1. Whistler NL


    I am modding my Arcade1Up right now with an older Intel NUC I had, running Win10 and BB. Guess a new NUC would be quite expensive, but maybe that's an option if you can get your hands on one cheaply.
  2. Thanks for having this up so quickly! Appreciate it!!!
  3. thanks this is of great help! got sfv working great
  4. I've been trying to get PC game STV arcade edition to work on my arcade cabinet with IPAC2. Finally got it working using a combo of keyboard2xinput and x360ce with now works great!
  5. I have similar problems. I have created an additional app to start keyboard2xinput before main program (which is working) the problem is the additional app to close key2xinput after main program just doesn't work, it looks like it's also executed immediately. I've put the additional apps within the PC game Street Fighter V. Anybody any ideas on why it doesn't work this way? Should I create a AHK to achieve this? (never fiddled around with AHK script before though) Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm trying to get Street Fighter V Arcade Edition to work on my Cabinet with the IPAC2. Is it true that if you use it with the IPAC2 you will only be able to play with 1 Player? Because SFV only allows keyboard mapping for 1 Player. If you want 2 player experience you do need some kind of gamepad connected.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the tip! I didn't know it could be done like this, will try it out asap.
  8. After re-import fuc uh puck-man 😉 changed back to pac-man but Contra still remains Gryzor. I thought the game was also released in the US under the name Contra, guess not... Would be awesome if you could change the region of a game in LB and it would automatically update the info such as name and pictures
  9. Hi Guys, I did a new import of the latest Mame arcade rom set and now I have pac-man listed as puck-man and contra listed as Gryzor and I'm sure others will have alternate names as well. How can I fix this? Has this anything to do with region priority in the import manager? I think I picked World this time instead of North-America but not sure... Is there an easy fix for this? Thanks Kevin
  10. I've found a workaround, in Launchbox I selected all the games I favorite and put them into a custom playlist. Then I backup the playlist xml file. After a fresh install just put the playlist back select all the games and bulk edit them to favorite.
  11. First I like to wish everybody the best for 2020! Is there a way to backup/save your favorites list for your mame games? I want to do a new fresh new mame import but then I will need to favorite all my favorite games all over again. Thanks kevin
  12. hi, how can I get the time to show in 24H format? Is it a theme, launchbox or windows setting? my windows 10 display time in 24H and I couldnt find any LB setting in the preferences so can I set this within this theme. thanks, love the theme!!!
  13. Wow super fast release. Thanks!!! appreciate it!
  14. Is there still a way to download the Cityhunter2 plugin version of this theme?
  15. On lastest BB 9.4/9.5 it still worked but When I updated to the lastest CityHunter it broke it. I might have been using the plugin version of CityHunter theme which now is no longer available. I don’t know the difference between the two but it worked fine for me.
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