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  1. Same problem here with startup screen enabled, if you disable startup screen the problem disapears...
  2. First of all, your theme is awesome... I`ve watched your last video were you explain how to create custom banners, and i have a doubt about it... Do the games need to exist on Launchbox DB in order to show the banners in the theme? Lets say, for example, that i create a banner for a game that has no id number in launchbox DB. Do this banner show up inside the theme? Do i need to rename it to something specific? Thanks for your work. ***Forget about It, i just watch your video again and found the answer.
  3. Hello again.... As the title says, when launching a Teknoparrot game (Luigis Mansion), with startup screen activated, the game launches fine but with a lot of missing textures. If i launch it without startup screen activated, the games runs fine with textures ok. Anyone experienced this??
  4. Controller is checked, i think i get the error... I was trying to set "Salir" (Exit, i guess), but what i needed to do is set "Cerrar ventana activa" (Close active window?). I will try a bit deeper, but i think that was the confussion. Thank you!!
  5. Yes, i set it up so it uses select and start buttons on an xbox controller
  6. Hi all, i have a problem with my new bigbox build... I have done bigbox setups before, with no problems, with control automation working well. The problem now is that i cant get controller automation to work at all on bigbox, (on launchbox it works flawlessly). Is there any special ahkscript that i have to add? Im trying to close emulators (Retroarch, and Sega model 2 and 3). Again on launchbox works ok, but not on bigbox. Any suggest will be apreciate, thank you guys.
  7. No luck here, thank you anyway. Tried changing Vulkan and OpenGL to see if that was causing the problem, but nothing worked.
  8. Im on Cemu 1.17.4 running on Win10. I tried Aggressive Startup Window Hiding and Hide All Windows, both selected and one at a time, but no luck, i will try again, maybe im missing something
  9. Hi everyone. I will try to explain my problem... When launching a cemu game with no starup screen enabled the game just starts fine. But if startup screen is enabled, the game launches, but i can only hear the sound in the background and a black screen is all i see. The game is running because i can hear it, but for some reason it doesn´t show on screen, its like running behind some black screen. Does anybody knows how to fix this? Thank you.
  10. Can you point me to that post please? I'm having a similar problem with Gauntlet game for Windows. Thank you.
  11. This is using Retroarch module, I don't know if is the same for other emulators
  12. I had this same problem days ago when I started my project. I solved it by going to edit module settings on rocket launcher, and in the system tab look for an option that says stretch to adjust to bezel or something like that ( I think is the first o second option on the left), set it to true, and see if it solves the problem. I hope you understand what I say for English is not my born language.
  13. Very Nice theme, thank you. I have a question, how do you do for the background to use fullscreen, not only 3/4 of the screen?
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