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  1. slimskinny

    What Kind of music do you listen?

    old but still good
  2. slimskinny

    DEMUL No fullscreen

    I couldn't get CAVE to run in fullscreen using demul at first although dreamcast/naiomi/atomiswave were all fine. ended up adding this ahk script to do it for me...not fantastic but it does work. run,"E:\Tools\nomousy\nomousy.exe" "/hide"; sleep 2000 Send {F3}; sleep 500 send !{Enter}; Esc:: Send !{f4} ; Simulates the keypress alt+f4 run,"E:\Tools\nomousy\nomousy.exe" "/hide" return ;
  3. slimskinny

    ATARI 70's Retro Startup

    Looks fantastic, another winner
  4. slimskinny

    sega hologram startup

    another very stylish intro...looks like harryoke has been busy recently :-D
  5. slimskinny

    History Box

    this is fantastic harryoke, I love it
  6. slimskinny

    History Box

    Damn, I love it... but wish it was longer
  7. slimskinny


  8. slimskinny


    thanks very much guys, I really appreciate your responses