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  1. I think what is happening is hitting escape in Citra automatically exits fullscreen mode. So I set citra's exit script in the emulator settings to Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} and now it is not reverting out of fullscreen on exit.
  2. I was having this problem too. I reinstalled launchbox on top of my build and it fixed it. I have no idea what caused it.
  3. Disregard. After I restarted, and made sure I was updated to the latest beta the problem went away.
  4. I might of found a bug. If you import some roms and don't hit OK on the first pop-up, about downloading media in the background, and the import completed pop-up comes up and you click OK. The first pop-up won't go away. I then have to force launchbox closed and and restart it.
  5. Thanks, will do. I didn't know if this was already possible or not.
  6. Is it possible to add clickable hyperlinks in a custom field? Say I want to add Links for pcgamingwiki per game, and have it act like the Wikipedia url.
  7. It looks like Retroarch did do some recent changes to the android version https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-7-8-important-changes-for-people-using-the-google-play-build/
  8. I'll see if I can replicate it
  9. I had two playlists under that platform. I am running CriticalCid's Unified theme. While testing things out I only had issues when trying to add playlists to a Platform. Once I created new Platform Categories and moved playlists in there everything worked fine
  10. So I put a playlist inside of a platform. While everything looks fine in Launchbox, in Bigbox I just get a black screen when I click on the platform. I have a clear logo and media setup for the playlist. I'm guessing it won't show playlists and a list of games in a platform, is that correct?
  11. I had this problem as well, disabling dpi scaling for launchbox.exe fixed it
  12. mdreffet

    ScummVm 2.0

    I see that ScummVm is official now and adds support for 23 new games. @Jason Carr is there any way we can get this bundled with Launchbox and the new games added to the ScummVm drop down list
  13. That could be, I did switch both around the same time. I did notice that with the scaling on my refresh rate was dropping to around 30, which was causing the issues. With dpi disabled it went back to normal.
  14. I recently had this same problem. I hooked my gaming pc up to my 4k tv and suddenly all retroarch cores started running very slowly. Finally I found that if I went to to retroarch.exe and disabled dpi scaling it fixed the problem. I have found that this solves a lot of problems I've been having since I upgraded to Windows 10
  15. I prefer to use Emby. It's similar to Plex, but works seamlessly with Kodi. It also has a better metadata editor.
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