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  1. I'll see if I can replicate it
  2. I had two playlists under that platform. I am running CriticalCid's Unified theme. While testing things out I only had issues when trying to add playlists to a Platform. Once I created new Platform Categories and moved playlists in there everything worked fine
  3. So I put a playlist inside of a platform. While everything looks fine in Launchbox, in Bigbox I just get a black screen when I click on the platform. I have a clear logo and media setup for the playlist. I'm guessing it won't show playlists and a list of games in a platform, is that correct?
  4. I had this problem as well, disabling dpi scaling for launchbox.exe fixed it
  5. mdreffet

    ScummVm 2.0

    I see that ScummVm is official now and adds support for 23 new games. @Jason Carr is there any way we can get this bundled with Launchbox and the new games added to the ScummVm drop down list
  6. That could be, I did switch both around the same time. I did notice that with the scaling on my refresh rate was dropping to around 30, which was causing the issues. With dpi disabled it went back to normal.
  7. I recently had this same problem. I hooked my gaming pc up to my 4k tv and suddenly all retroarch cores started running very slowly. Finally I found that if I went to to retroarch.exe and disabled dpi scaling it fixed the problem. I have found that this solves a lot of problems I've been having since I upgraded to Windows 10
  8. I prefer to use Emby. It's similar to Plex, but works seamlessly with Kodi. It also has a better metadata editor.
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