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  1. I edited for the last hour with videos off, the memory leak has indeed been fixed! Rests at a comfortable 1.5gb for extended period of time. Thanks so much for fixing that! Im going to turn videos back on now and return when/if i get a hang.
  2. awesome news, tbh if you fixed the mem leak i am super pleased. Since i have the videos off atm the leak is kinda annoying, good news for sure on my end if thats true. Lets hope this new beta fixes both the issues. ill do the same old routine. Ill return at some point with a log. Thanks Jason.
  3. I must say, the "move forward" when editing images is a game changer. Is there any way we can get a "play trailer" link in the context menu for games that have a video in the "trailers" folder. Ive been adding each and every single one as a additional app this entire time, would be nice to see it added in the future. I use the clips as my main video, and i use commercials/trailers as a secondary means of media.
  4. Here is my log from a hang i got just now. Debug 2020-10-16 06-19-46 PM.log
  5. new beta is installed, debug log enabled, videos turned on. I'll keep it all on while i edit and ill return with a log if it hangs again. I also was referring to my onboard RAM not my GPU RAM. When i disable the videos in details section, and then start to edit...lb uses more and more RAM as i edit. Yesterday i editted maybe 100 games in one session, zipped it down and checked my rainmeter info on my desktop and LB was in the high 10GB! usually it barely hits a lil over 2GB. When i enable videos RAM behaves normally. weird thing i noticed, i dont notice any lag because of it but i also have 32GB of RAM that my pc barely uses. It only seems to "rise" when im editing a game, and accumulates as i edit more and more games. RAM resets when i close out of LB and reopen it. IDK< its a separate issue from what this thread is about, i dont want to shift the direction into something else. Just thought id mention that to you cuz they might be related somehow.
  6. I noticed this behavior for a while too. LB will pick up all the added roms if you use the "Import" option, and select the corresponding rom folder. etc etc. Never seems to find the ones ive added using the scan option
    I love these. If i could, i'd use no other bezel but these as they are perfect. Unfortunately i am forced to use some other "not so retro" bezels for Gamecube, NDS, and 3DS. Any chance you might update this with some of the missing consoles? I found some alternatives that work for now, until that joyous day that i login here and see that you have updated this set.
  7. well....whatever you did in the new beta def helped with the hangs/crashes. I regret to inform you that it didnt snuff it out completely. Over the last hour or so ive gotten two, the 2nd one i have the log for. Def a improvement for sure, noticed its only hanging now when im truly editing said games instead of just quickly clicking cancel/ok. I was removing duplicate images from my gba collection when these hangs occurred. same type of error, the hang on exitting edit menu. Debug 2020-10-13 10-07-53 AM.log I also noticed, that once i turn off videos in details section LB can consume quite a bit of RAM, way more than usual. hitting 8GB sometimes.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/KingSlayer937
  9. yes sir, i got right on that. I enabled videos in details as you requested, and went at it with the usual routine of editing and closing. I could not get the hang/crash, i tried for at least 5-10 mins. I tried switching platforms, doing it faster, all the usual tricks. Think you may have fixed it with the latest beta. Thats on my end tho, im going to continue to do edits for some hours tonight with the videos turned on. Ill report back if i get a hang, jonnie can replicate it better usually lets see if he says the same thing. I do know for sure, that turning off the videos did indeed fix the issue. I edited 2 entire platforms with no hangs or crashes over the last few days. thanks man, for fixing this problem for us. I posted my log just in case you needed it for anything. i didnt get a crash or hang so idk how useful it will be. Debug 2020-10-12 09-40-32 PM.log
  10. I have been editing for quite some time, hours for sure. last night, and also this morning, for a total of maybe 8 hours. No hangs so far, pretty sure its "semi-safe" to say that as soon as i disabled videos in details section it seemed to have stopped the crashes. Im going to continue forth and edit (not using audit menu) and verify this. I'll return if i get a hang or crash.
  11. i did that with the problematic 3ds platform when i kept getting hangs on edit like every other game, my game library is not at all huge like yours i went thru them all one by one and verified all mp3s and videos are fine. Ill do a once over again tho since you found a few on your end and see if i have any corrupted video files. Went through the entire nds video folder and all my videos have thumbnails, and no 0kb mp3s. I did notice however that i have a few 0kb thumbnails in my LB cache folder...is that normal? Thanks for the info jonnie, i guess ill just disable the show video in details for now, i hate the sight of my LB crashing everyday.
  12. I have videos for all my games, i do have them set to be displayed in details, i dont have it set to auto play tho. For my playback i use VLC as well. I use custom mp3 tracks for each game, i also have all media for each game...if launchbox accepts it, i am likely using it "media/metadata" wise. As far as "what is going on when it hangs" its not consistent with the hang. a game that "hangs" one time doesnt do it the second time. I also have experience with that kind of hang, i had a few mp3 fail to download leaving behind a 0kb mp3. as soon as you highlight game with corrupted file lb will hang immediately after selecting it.
  13. I was using retrolusts arcade launchbox theme to match his other arcade theme that i use for bigbox. I was experiencing issues with it, i posted here about it. Since then ive been using the ol' default theme for launchbox. I updated to beta 6, forced a hang. here is my log, thanks again for looking into this. Debug 2020-10-08 07-52-41 PM.log
  14. here is my log. i got the hang shortly after booting and doing the edit thing about....15-20 times. Debug 2020-10-07 09-12-49 PM.log
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