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  1. i bought GameEX instead, works perfect. I won't be renewing my subscription in March. problem solved.
  2. sooooo.....based on the look of the forums id say we just arent getting any support anymore? 2 posts not a single comment from a dev or mod to help? kinda frustrated by that as i paid for this and it hasnt worked right since .net stuff was added. Many many people state that, but nothing is done. Pretty disappointed with all this to be honest.
  3. I get hanging on v1.8 when editing games, randomly. I had this same issue is a previous release, not sure why it has returned. I havent edited any games for a while so i guess i didnt notice it until now. Event viewer shows a .net issue. I did not have launchbox debugging on when it happened, seems to happen randomly and can sometimes be reproduced by repeatedly opening the edit window and clicking ok. I havent installed any .net core besides the one that launchbox installs when installing v1.8. Application: LaunchBox.exe CoreCLR Version: 4.700.20.26901 .NET Core Version: 3.1.6 Desc
  4. Hello all, was wondering if anybody else is using a Razer Wolverine Ultimate XBox One Controller? I was hoping that the M1-M6 buttons would be mappable but alas they just simply "remap" buttons that are already on the controller. I for one dont understand the purpose of having doubles of the same button....however i can see how it would benefit some pro streamer or something. I was wondering if i can use them as individual buttons or....is that not possible? I wanted to map M1 to pause menu, and M2 take screenshots. I did some research but didnt get much info aside from reading that the M butt
  5. i dont have a SVN folder in my plugins folder no, thats why i said its likely one of those plugins. What plugins are you using?
  6. I would assume that whats causing the errors is a outdated plugin. Have you tried removing all your plugins and adding them back one by one til you find the culprit?
  7. awesome update! Is there any way you can add the links to the details pane like the default theme? The wiki/yt links, not sure when jason added those to the details but i noticed this theme doesnt display either. Just figured i would let ya know that, im sure its a simple few lines of code. Theme is perfect aside from that btw, as usual. steam achievements are working flawless, so happy you added that.
  8. Knowing that there isn't much i can do about it has somehow made it less obtrusive 😆 I appreciate you taking the time to clear that up for me, its been driving me crazy all morning. Im going to make a few overrides for the ones that are really bad like JP, and then deal with the rest.
  9. man..... I have spent hours verifying that i know what im doing in the RA settings haha. I did read that it switches resolutions, i just assumed Snes9x accounted for that. I know JP in particular is one that utilizes the high rez ratio...i think anyway. So this is something i will just have to deal with i presume? suppose i could just create custom configs and deal with the enlarged menus/titles with those games. Thx Neil
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before and i missed it. I noticed today that some of my snes games have a small black border on the bottom as if i had integer scaling turned on. It was only on the bottom of the screen tho and i thought that was odd so i tested a few other games and the black bar wasnt there. After some testing, i found quite a few games that have this cropping. some games even look like the ratio has been changed. I use bezels for most of the old stuff, they look better in 4:3 anyway so the bezels add a nice touch to all the games. I do the usual routine of setting up the bezels,
  11. sooooooo....are you saying that when you load up LB it opens multiple instances of retroarch? if you are, that makes no sense at all. Please clarify.
  12. when i first loaded up LB and started messing around i got a hang, didnt have the damn debug on. since that hang i havent been able to make it happen again. Tried for maybe 10-15 mins. Ill leave the videos on in details and return here if i get a hang. Until then id say its safe to assume you fixed the issue.
  13. just got the new beta installed, testing it now. ill return within the hr and let ya know
  14. awesome news sir, very grateful for all the effort that went into fixing this issue. thanks so much!
  15. here is my log. also I should note that i removed ALL plugins except playtime tracker. Debug 2020-10-20 06-50-33 PM.log
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