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  1. 9 hours ago, flagrant99 said:

    I am used to Emulation Station on the Pi. Can I do subfolders in LaunchBox? I see Categories. That is kind of like a folder. But I can't figure out how to add games to a category. Is that only in Playlists? Is there any documentation on thus stuff?


    If you are adding games to LaunchBox all games must be added to a platform. Platforms can then be sorted by Platform Category. You can create any type of Platform Category you want, but games only get imported into actual Platforms.

  2. 7 hours ago, NightShadowPT said:


    As I was importing my Neo Geo roms, I noticed a strange behavior while downloading media from Emumovies that I would like to discuss with you to understand if I'ts a bug or I'm just doing it wrong...

    It goes like this:

    I am importing all my Neo Geo games and adding it to the platform "SNK Neo Geo MVS".

    When I try to download media (images and videos) from EmuMovies, it tells me the game was not found (happens with all the games).

    And yes, my games have been correctly identified in the Launchbox database (I have the Launchbox DB ID in the proper place).


    Being Neo Geo games, I found this very strange and decided to try some things out and see if it fixed the problem.


    I have found out that to download the videos I have to change the platform to "Arcade" and click on download media. But this seems like a very strange behavior from the scrapper.


    Is this normal?


    What do you have your scrape as field set to for your SNK Neo Geo MVS platform?

    Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 6.52.19 AM.png

  3. 1 hour ago, Android16 said:

    Huh? But this is one of the new features right? This isn't a tips or tricks question. It's asking how this new feature works.  Is it only for Flowcontrol or for all instance where you can use images?

    I'll ask there anyway.

    It is a new feature that was added a couple version ago. I believe 10.11 is when the dynamic duo added custom image types for Wheel and Cover Flow. The xaml thread is more suited also as that is where most of our coders help each other out and looking at that thread it looks like you already got a faster response.

  4. On 5/28/2020 at 10:42 PM, Corgan said:

    Is there a way to delay (or perhaps even completely disable) the disappearing game/menu wheel?  I'm using the Unified custom theme and I'm speaking about the circular wheel that appears when you scroll up or down (either through consoles, playlists, or games).  I just think it disappears to quickly when you stop on a game.  Is this a theme setting or global to BigBox?

    Whatever view you are using in BigBox for the theme you will have to edit the xaml for it. In BigBox options if you go to View it will show which view for Platforms and Games you are using. You will need to edit those specific xamls. Or edit them all in case you want to change views. Use something like Notepad++. Right click and edit

    Search the code for the section of code starting with <!-- FADING WHEEL --> and delete everything in that line. You also want to do the same for the section with <!-- POINTER --> and delete only the lines of code for the Opactiy (the ones highlighted in the pic).

    You will need to do this for your platform view and you game view.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 6.56.05 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.01.27 PM.png

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  5. 39 minutes ago, d2produce said:

    Why can't I find an answer for this on google it seems so easy?  LB on my Desktop shows titles under game boxes in my library......my laptop doesn't.  And going through every menu I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable what seems like a very basic and essential feature?  Where do I enable this?  

    EDIT:  Nevermind I found it.... Why is there only 1 button named "Text" at the very bottom of the screen and nothing in the Menus (either right click or top left or top right)?  I find it's just odd that there is 3 of every other setting and this 1 setting is tucked at the bottom in the middle of nowhere with no redundancy to it whatsoever LOL.  It's like when you use an email program and you're looking for the compose button and for some reason it's way on the other side of the screen completely separate from every other control  xD

    Because that option is theme driven. If you use the Old Default theme you will notice the game text is under the box and there is not option to hide it by the text button. Same with some of the other user created LaunchBox theme's. Some coders added that "Text" option in there, some have not.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Kevlar2137 said:

    I think I might need to make a fresh start and follow a setup guide.

    I put the emulator there as a means of keeping it tidy. 

    It was the Launchbox recommended emulator for Genesis. 

    I can only apologise for how little I understand. I am considering purchasing an arcade machine from a UK company and wanted to understand how it all works first.


    Well, you definitely do not want to store an emulator in a plugins folder. If you want to keep it neat and tidy then emulators should go in the folder called "emulators". I would caution putting files in random folders.

    Are you looking to purchase something that has everything installed/prebuilt for you or just the arcade cabinet and you set everything up?

  7. 25 minutes ago, Kevlar2137 said:


    Hi all, I am new to Launchbox and am having some trouble getting started.

    After adding a Sega Genesis emulator which appeared to work fine, I can no longer open Launchbox or Bigbox.

    I have tried replacing the emulator in question with a fresh copy but it makes no difference.

    Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?



    Well the error is telling you the issue is the dll for the plugin you are using. Those Fusion 360 files are not something that is part of the LaunchBox download. So for what ever reason you are using Fusion364 you may need to download those files again.

  8. 1 hour ago, stevaside said:

    Sorry, yea the link in your other comment was about issues with 2 emulators other than Retroarch, but I later did post about the Retroarch issue a couple days ago. There was no repsonse & I'm just really stressed that I spent all this time & can't play over half my games....especially with the controller just coming in, I'm so anxious to get everything going

    If you do not get an answer to a post just add a new comment to it. Don't open another thread.

    Post a couple pics of your Retroarch set-up. In manage emulators edit Retroarch and post a pic of:

    1: The details tab

    2: The associated emulators tab.

    Then choose one platform you are having issues with and select one game from it that does not run. Right click and edit that game. Share a pic of that edit screen.

    1: Image showing that full screen with the Launcher tab visible

    2: That same screen with the Emulation tab showing.

    Also for this platform tell me what core in Retroarch you used to run the game.

  9. 10 hours ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    Ok. I copied the mame.ini file to the mame ui folder.

    Now, I deleted the arcade set I had in LaunchBox... and tried importing them as "Roms" rather than importing the full mame arcade set. I only did around 20+ this time so I can try to pinpoint the issue.

    I chose the option to make a copy to the LaunchBox folder.

    More games are now launching than before... including versions of street fighter that previously didn't work. But again, the games are not like for like with launching directly from Mame UI. For example, I haven't got a single copy of streetfighter II working via launchbox.

    I mean, shouldn't it be logical, if I import the same game list, I should get the same games?

    If when you import your roms and tell the import wizard to copy to the roms to theLaunchbox folder is that the folder MameUI has the rom path set for? I would recommend for Mame not moving the roms. Use the option to leave the roms where they are.

    What is the rom path you set in MameUI for your roms?

    For one of the games that do not work can your right click the game and share an image of the screen showing the rom folder path?


  10. 12 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    Is the Mame.ini a duplicate of the MameUI.ini file? It didn't come with it. Do I duplicate the file, is it a blank file?

    No it is not a duplicate. It is a unique file. Look in your ini folder. It is likely there as that is where MameUI likes to put it.

    12 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    I think the main issue is that it's looking in the wrong folder, which is what I'm trying to figure out how to change.

    Well if you right click a game and the rom path is not the same as where you told MameUI the rom path is, then that is also another part of your issue. You need to make sure your games in LB are in the same path you told MameUI the roms are.

    12 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    Regarding ROM sets, do you advise that I go and find the new ROMS? I mean these work... I think once I get this working, I can refine things.


    You do not need to get new roms. If they work and you can fix the disconnect in LB then you are good. But if you use the full mame set import just know it is listing games in LB based off the latest mame.xml file of good running mame roms. So from .176 to now there may be some minor rom differences.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 9.39.32 PM.png

  11. 26 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:


    Thanks for your response.

    The INI file is in the same folder.


    No, that is the MameUI.ini. I said the Mame.ini. It is a completely different file. You need to have the Mame.ini in this folder.

    26 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    image.thumb.png.127b46252580229805157f65f9bb95f6.pngThis game isn't here. I used the feature to import the mame arcade full list. From my understanding, it should be there... no?

    If I now import it as a ROM, it says 0 imported.

    I hope this makes sense?

    I'm keen to get this working for my boy (and myself) to buy the Big Box... but I'm stuck.

    Thanks again in advance.

    I see a game image for Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition right in your image. First image under the Street Fighter Series label. Did you have LB combine same game names into one rom? If you did right click the game and you should see the other version of each game.

    Also please keep in mind you are using old roms with the LB Mame Full Set importer which imports games based on the most current Mame rom set. It will work to some extent, but some games have changed over the years and your set is easily 4 years old. So it may miss some game and may also show games you actually do not have. Not a lot, but know it does happen when using such old sets.

  12. 1 hour ago, erdybirdy53. said:

    Thanks very much for your reply

    I have tried what you said, in pointing to a blank text document called WackyRaces.txt (instead of xml) and I have also moved the default command line from the main tab, however i still get the same error code as above.

    Any other suggestions please?

    Hmmm. I will have to double check when I get to the house. There are a few TTX games I actually run in LB directly by the game.exe and do not even use TeknoParrot. I think Wacky Races may have been one I had issues with and tracked down a version that uses just the game.exe.

  13. 29 minutes ago, Tai-chi-Hass said:

    Hey all, 

    I'm currently trying out Launchbox.

    I have MAMEUI64 v0.175 (June 2016).

    Many roms are working 1000s+ from the Mame UI. Now, I can't seem to launch like for like games from LB. For example Streetfighter xxx... works in Mame. It's either not there in LB, or won't launch. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks in advance.

    If you are using Mame UI with Launchbox make sure your Mame.ini files is located in the root folder where the mame exe file is. So if you have it located in the ini folder like MameUI likes to put it you need to have it in the same folder as the main mame exe file.


  14. Not sure if this is the issue but my settings are pointing to a blank text document called WackyRaces.txt instead of pointing to the xml. So my game rom path is something like \Roms\TeknoParrot\WackyRaces.txt

    Also since you have the default command lines listed on the Associated Platforms tab you do not need it on the main details tab as well. 

    Other than that your other settings look good. 

  15. 44 minutes ago, PaulC said:

    i'm having this issue. i tried to use d4 as my hold button  (the right flipper button on the tankstick)  nothing happens.  This is the only way I can exit a game (close active screen) without using the pause screen using the x-arcade.  Not sure why I can't hold down 4 and 1 to exit an emulator.  or 4 and anything. 


    Are you saying I need to use 2 buttons that are not used at all inside the emulator? I only have Mame, Stella, Retroarch, and Hoxs64.

    The pause screen makes me nervous..spent all morning figuring out the problems with it. Hope I solved it.

    Not sure why it will not work. That is similar to what I use (D4 and D2 "P2 Start" button). Have been using that combo for about 3 years now with BigBox.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.14.03 PM.png

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