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  1. 2 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

    W00t! Yeah. I've seen that cause issues with some frameworks and back ends. They all assume that monitors go left to right from 1-N. I didn't think any of our dependencies did that but was worth trying. I left myself a note to look into the possible cause of that. Thanks for bearing with me and testing everything. Helps a lot.

    This is interesting. My 3 cabinets work regardless of marquee screen position. Good to know this worked for @Benjc. Another option to try when troubleshooting anyone with a similar issue.

  2. 1 minute ago, lildivaaa said:

    I have the same-type setup. To get mine to work, on top of the "options" settings to enable the marquee and which monitor it applies to...I also need to use an XML file to tell BigBox how I want my marquees to be viewed. I'll attach the XML code that I currently use in each theme I use. The XML file is called "GameMarqueeView.xaml" and is located in the "Views" folder in each theme.

    <UserControl xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation"
    	<Grid VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch">
            <Image Source="{Binding Path=ActivatedGame.MarqueeImagePath}" Stretch="Uniform" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Top" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" />


    LB actually does not need a marquee view xaml. All themes that may not have the PlatformMarqueeView.xaml or GameMarqueeView.xaml present in the views should still show marquees due to how BigBox is coded.

    So you have the same marquee screen type as the OP and it is the same resolution? If you remove those xaml files the marquee does not show for you?

  3. Since we seem to have not properly comprehended my request to let it rest and I have been respectful I think enough is enough. Time to lock thread.

    @KoritsuKyu Glad it is a viable option for you for now. Any issues related to this topic that might come up please start a new thread.

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  4. I think we have started down that slippery slope. So let's just squash any more posts not related to the actual question the OP had. All that is going to keep happening is more back and forth. So let's move on.

    @KoritsuKyu If the option I mentioned works for you and you are sorted then glad you have what you need. If not, start a new thread and we can go from there

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  5. 1 minute ago, Pixel said:

    Specific? Hmm...

    Look at the author post. Such a simple thing as having two manuals per game seems to be a problem to a average user. For years now, again and again. So why it was discarded? For me, a bit more advanced user, it is also a problem because my menu cannot hold the files in one simple menu. So both of us have a problem, right?

    Yet devs decide to create a new poll, which the features of are very minor.

    The things is that for a dev adding such a features cannot excees more than a few hours. It is a max of their time.

    Really? People have to beg for such simple features? Don't tell me that adding new fields would take day or weeks to implement. Come on... it's a matter of duplication of what was already done in the code and addning new names to it. Let's be serious...



    I recommend if you want to continue with your specific request open a new thread and start there. Any more on the subject in this thread is not helpful and will be deleted.

    Not trying to discount your specific need. It would just be better served in its own thread getting feedback there instead of derailing this one.

  6. I have used these cut monitors on numerous builds and currently have them in 2 cabinets now. I have not seen where primary is listed as 2 and marquee as 1. They have all been 1 as primary. Only time I had an issue was when DPI scaling was different for each monitor. The marquee was not showing up on one of those builds. I would also double check the Hz on the marquee. Some times the monitors I would get are set to 55Hz and would not show the marquee.

  7. 1 hour ago, Pixel said:

    Additional apps are not a user-friendly solution, unfortunately. I have thousands of additional apps. They are difficult to manage and my menu is all cluttered - PDFs with real apps and other kinds of files. 

    For your specific use I can completely understand this would not be the best way to handle your needs. However, it is a user friendly solution in many use cases and might be for the original poster. I know for my use it is as I am not the kind of person who has thousands of additional apps. Only those necessary to allow me to enjoy my games.

    So while I do hope some day our devs can put something more suitable in place for how you use LB/BB and I can see how a different option would be very helpful for how you manage your set-up. I would hope you can see it is not helpful to come to this post and just discount a viable option that might be useful for this user and many others.

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  8. If you import a full mame set into platform "Arcade" and then manually change some games to be in a different platform. The next time you try to import a full mame rom set into LB as "Arcade" LB will import them all into "Arcade" and you would have to manually change the game you did before. LB will only import files into the platform you tell it to.

  9. 2 hours ago, mikeskix said:

    Good morning,

    Yesterday I purchased lunch box premiere with big box. I installed mame with over 2,000+ games. 

    My question is it's been downloading all the box art and etc for over 12 hours it's at 12,000+ out 72,000+ is this normal..

    And yes I did register with EMUmovie like it recommended.



    If you left the box checked for "Rough Matching...." then yes it will take a while. That option compares each downloaded image to all others to ensure it does not download duplicate images.

  10. 1 hour ago, drphobus said:

    just getting the felling  the poll has less user input than in the past.

    I think the below piece of the original post from @faeran Should not be overlooked by all of us. Yes, the prior poll from 2019 had very specific types of items users got to vote on. With the LB team growing this poll is a great chance for the team to see which way to better take development. So, yeah it may not be a poll for "Hey do you want this feature or that feature, but one to get a better feel for where to put an emphasis on development. To me that is a lot of user input. Getting to let a developer know which way you want them to lean.

    On 7/28/2021 at 12:28 PM, faeran said:

    By answering all the questions, you will be able to shape the direction of our development over the course of the next while, by helping us prioritize the things you want to see most.



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  11. Forum is perfect for troubleshooting, general questions, and yes even asking about features. However, to make best use of getting a feature noticed and allowing us to better track feature requests and how many users want it BitBucket is the best avenue which is why that is linked when you click on Feature Request. So I always recommend make a feature request then come to the forum and post about it and post a link to the ticket to hepl drive users to it and to vote. Bitbucket allows us to see votes and sort/search easier. The forum, not so useful for this.

    56 minutes ago, Archmage_R said:

    Btw I just realized that a lot of my posts (and other peoples posts) have a "negative tone", as in they are mostly about stuff that is wrong/questions about things that we do not understand. Which is fine since all constructive feedback is good be it positive or negative.
    However I do want to say that I do love the program, and that it has changed gaming in a huge way for me. And after this update the video playback actually works a lot better now that I got rid of the "hiccup" I had. Now it shows trailers as well + the videos seem to be "more random" and not the same 10 videos out of 300 playing again and again.

    I just felt I should add that here as you do not seem to have a "positive feedback" forum 😛

    Thanks for the positive feedback. We do appreciate it.

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  12. 14 minutes ago, Archmage_R said:

    Though do you have any idea why it has not prioritised theme videos before now? I had theme videos on top, but it was only after this update that it all of a sudden started only showing me theme videos in platform category view. (Before that it only showed gameplay videos, and NEVER theme videos).

    Could have been a bug in the prior version. I know in the latest release they fixed something that was giving users some video type playback issues so it maybe fixed what you were seeing before.

    16 minutes ago, Archmage_R said:

    Is the thing I'm wanting even possible? Or will it never be a feature due to the way launchbox is programmed/to resource heavy/hard to implement?

    I am sure it would be possible with an update to BigBox. It would likely need a feature request. I see you asked about it on the poll thread. Thank you by the way for realizing you posted something off topic in that thread. Not that it is a big issue but we are trying to keep the thread clean so the devs can clearly see poll specific questions. Hopefully, Jason responds there and give you a better confirmation if it would be possible.

    I would still say please use the Request a Feature link located at the top of the forum under Help & Support. This is the best way for us to track requests.

  13. 15 minutes ago, Archmage_R said:

    How do you set "play random video when platform video missing" to prioritize like this?: Theme if available > gameplay video if available
    It used to be that my platform view only played random "gameplay videos", but now it's fucked (after update/degrade) and only plays theme videos, refusing to play anything else.

    I want it so that it plays theme videos on the random video screen, and plays gameplay videos on the game select view.

    If it can't what is the point of having labels like "trailer"/"gameplay video"/"theme" etc. (For downloading sure, but it is easy to see what it is after download).

    Edit: I found a screenshot where the option in bigbox had "piroritise theme videos", but I can't find that option anywhere on my bigbox (with default theme or otherwise)

    BigBox does not have a way to prioritize like this. It only has an option to prioritize video playback as a whole.

    So it cannot prioritize how it plays back a game video on a platform level and then prioritize how it plays back game videos when in the game level.

    In either way it adheres to how you set your video prioritization in the LB >Tools >Options >Video Priorities setting.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, JayBomb999 said:

    There are a couple of items which remain undone from the 2019 poll that I was hoping to see on this list (better marquee configuration options, Parsec integration, etc.).  Are those feature requests being discarded completely in favor of these options?  

    Those items did not actually make the cut. Only the top 20 from the 2019 poll did.

    There were a couple under the top 20 that did get added only because it was an easy implementation with other upgrades.

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