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  1. 41 minutes ago, RandyMackDaddy said:

    Does this game work for anyone?  I get it to load.  Enter coin adds time.  But no button will start the game for me.  I tried mapping the start button to others on my tankstick... still nothing.  Using MAME  2.00. tried a few earlier versions of mame and they wouldn't even load.  Just wondering if it's the rom or me. 

    Works fine. Make sure you set a key for Channel Select and Enter in the game controls. Those are needed to select and start games in Playchoice-10 roms.

  2. Make sure you have the box checked for "Use file name only..." in the details tab of the edit emulator screen for Final Burn Alpha setup in Launchbox. Just tested removing that check and it gives that error you mentioned.

  3. There have been a few threads about this. Are you on Windows 7 or 10? A couple things could be the issue. 

    Users have either needed a .Net Framework update (Win 7 mostly) and others have seen 3rd party software such as antivirus or things like Riva Tuner/MSI Afterburner causing issue with Launchbox not opening. 

  4. @Geminii23 Yeah, I would recommend not piecemeal roms. Will it work? Yes. Can it cause more issues than needed? Yes. You can easily find yourself hunting down random file after random file and nowadays getting roms from random sites means easily getting something in a file you may not want. Just look at the fact that trying to update you already are having issue. 

    PD and the Archive work well. PD requires you to sign up and maintain a good upload-to-download ratio, but the good thing is the Mame sets usually do not count against it. Archive is just download and go. Recommendation get a full set and be done with hunting and searching. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Geminii23 said:

    It has been a long time since I downloaded these roms, so they are definitely not most update set.  Any recommendations on where I can get most updated versions of these roms.  It seems like some of the sites I remember using way back no longer have downloads. 

    We cannot link to sites but can recommend places like Pleasure Dome (there are some rules you need to follow to download from their site) and the Archive contains relatively new romsets. It is best to use a romset that matches the mame version, but as long as they are close you will typically be ok. I am using .209 romset with the current Mame version. 

  6. Newer Mame version will need the updated qsound file which contains that file. It is qsound_hle.zip. If you have a new full romset that file should be in there. If you are using roms pieced together than that would be your biggest issue. 

  7. Make sure the logos are named exactly as the PS1 and PS2 platforms are named in your Launchbox platform list and that they are located in the correct folder. Example: (If you named it Sony Playstation2) Folder and file name would be:  \Launchbox\Images\Platforms\Sony Playstation 2\Clear Logo\Sony Playstation 2.png

    If those are correct and images still do not show. Go into BigBox and in the settings menu go to Options>Image Cache and then choose Refresh All Images. Your image cache may just need updating. 

  8. 4 hours ago, johnnyskullhead said:

    Works fine within Retroarch

    triedagain importing via wizard same error message

    saying path to emulator is wrong

    appears to be bug since new build 10.1


    Edited: Looks like Neil has you covered on RA.

    Doubt it is a bug. It works fine on all my cabinets with RA FBA core. Nothing changed in 10.1 that should have broke the emulator. Even in the standalone FBA it works fine still. These are the same settings from last year I had that.  

    Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 7.35.21 AM.png

  9. Always test your games first directly in the emulator before you import anything into Launchbox. That way you eliminate it either being a rom issue or an emulator one. Even if you are using an older romset and older emulator version it can still work in Launchbox. Using updated versions is always best. 

    The roms you have now do they run directly in the emulator you are using? For Launchbox you have to make sure the emulator is setup correctly and the games run in them. Launchbox does not do any of that. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Moto said:

    How do you fix it?

    I try to download the MAME ROM's but didn't work, so I'm searching for other options.

    You downloaded Mame Rom's but didnt work.....Did not work how? In Launchbox? In Mame? You have to be a bit more specific than this. 

  11. 14 minutes ago, a_netanel said:

    In Bigbox 10.1, a playlist that filters for favorites does not get updated when a game is marked as favorite in Bigbox, until restart.

    The same when un-favoriting a game, it does not get removed from the playlist.

    I tested the same in version 7.11 and it works as expected.

    The weird thing is, that the Favorite icon is changed accordingly, but the playlist does not.


    This has happened before and I believe Jason fixed. So looks like it is not working again. We will let him know. 

  12. 2 hours ago, exodus_cl said:

    Hey! Congrats for this amazing work!

    Is there any chance to consider a dark mode? On oled (even at minimum brightness) the full white burns the eyes at night.

    Thanks again!!!

    This was  asked about. 

    On 9/10/2019 at 6:46 AM, thimolor said:

    ... I don't know anything about custom theme development, but would it be ease to make a dark version of this theme? Thank you for all the hard work! ....


    On 9/10/2019 at 8:31 AM, viking said:

    @thimolor : Thx man!!! 🥰  a blark version is not planned for the moment, but why not!

  13. 47 minutes ago, Gunnderson said:

    @Jason Carr @Retro808 Yes thank you that did it!  But this message came up from LB upon saving.  I just hit NO and I'm back in action! Thanks for the help to get it working again!  I'm currently on Mame 0.208, so if I upgrade to the latest version I would have to put the command line back in?


    .208  should not have had a problem with that code. It would have been an issue for a version way older than that (I think version below .175 or something like that). I still have .206 running on a machine with no issue. I do not use RocketLauncher so that might be something to consider. So there may be a different conflict with Rocket Launcher.

    That command line allows the new Pause screen options to work. Without it the Pause screen still shows, the options just do not work (save state, load state, etc...).

  14. Well if you were on a version before 9.2 then one thing that will cause issues with Rocketlauncher are the new Startup screens that were implemented in 9.2. Startups within Launchbox and Startups from Rocket Launcher will not work together. You will have to turn off one of them. Not saying that is what is causing this issue, just letting you know it is something known to not work together. 

    There has been a recent Windows 10 update that mixed with things like Riva Tuner/MSI Afterburner and even virus protection like Kaspersky has caused issues with the recent Launchbox updates. If you are using any of those turn them off and test some games. 

    Are you on Win7 or Win10?  

    I do not use RL so cannot really comment much more on troubleshooting with it. Just giving some heads up on issues we have recently seen. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, ZeSystem said:

    There was a Windows update regarding .NET Framework today and Lauchbox has been crashing after the loading screen. I cannot get it to run.

    EDIT: Found the issue. If you're having the same problem after installing KB4514359, the culprit was actually RTSS. Go to the settings and reset your RTSS cache and WPF apps should now run without crashing.

    Yeah Riva Tuner has been know for quite a while now to cause issues every now and then. We will usually recommend adding an exception to it for Launchbox and BigBox exe's. 

  16. Do you have the keyboard or controller automation buttons/keys mapped in Launchbox for what you want to hit to exit a game?

    What tab do you have the AHK script in? The running tab is where is primarily goes. That is the AHK that will always be available while in an emulator. The Exit tab is for exiting a game while you are in the Pause Menu. So you can have it in both. 

    I would change the script though to the one below. The original is a hard closing of the emulator. The one below will shut it down properly and not risk losing a save state. 

            WinClose, ahk_exe pcsx2.exe


  17. 11 hours ago, Idoshe said:

    Hey all,


    So I'm having trouble quitting PCSX2. I have it set in the exit script and have disabled the confirmation. Pause also doesn't work (but I'm not worried about that) but all the others do.


    Any ideas?

    Which tab do you ave the Exit AHK in? Can you share a pic of how you have it set-up?

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