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  1. There is a thread mentioning this ma be caused by the "Remove Rough Matches..." option in the download media wizard. The other post Jason mentions he is not sure why the error would occur but asked the OP to test by unchecking that option when in the Media Download screens and see if the error returns. The OP never responded. Can you test this and report back.


    Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 6.56.45 AM.png

  2. Highlight the games missing clear logos in LB then go to >Tools >Download Media and Metadata. You can check the option for clear logos there or download any other media you need.

    You can also download images manually from other sites, directly from our forum, or make you own and manually store them in that image folder. LB will recognize a file named after the game (as it appears in LB) or the rom file. The appended -01 is used if you want more than one image. Just continue to add -02, -03, and so on the the image file name.

  3. Not sure how you downloaded your roms, but if you get your Naomi roms from the full Mame romset you will not be missing any files. We typically recommend this route over downloading individual roms from random sites to prevent this type of issue.

    That rom in the latest mame sets has the file you are missing.

    Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 10.03.55 AM.png

  4. 8 minutes ago, bikeking8 said:

    Then it sounds like #2351 may be what we're looking for. The last comment on that refers to a missing YT video regarding RocketLauncher, but I think the original intent of the request was to add it to the Launchbox UI. Thanks in advance for the consideration, I've seen this idea floating around for a while.

    There are some Pause themes that offer a way to show controller mapping images. There might be a Startup one also. Do not remember. I use both a startup and pause version as sometimes the startup does not stay long enough and users forget what button was what.

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  5. 2 hours ago, bikeking8 said:

    Can anybody recommend a theme that allows you to manually edit what displays on startup screens? The issue was closed due to this capability but I can't figure this out. Are we sure we can edit what displays on the loading screen on a per-game basis or should this be another feature request?

    Startup themes can only be altered by editing the code in the theme's xml file. Exactly like if you wanted to alter how a BigBox theme actually looked. There are not actual settings in the LB or BB UI you can select to alter.

  6. 14 minutes ago, TJ49 said:

    Hi I was hopping someone could point me in the right direction to request the correct metadata for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for the Nintendo Switch

    Thanks Slippy

    If you are talking about incorrect data in our GamesDB just create a profile on the GameDB website and you can submit change requests there.

  7. 31 minutes ago, Tekkenlord said:

    i love launchbox and it makes my life easier but i feel like the latest versions even though the official releases are a bit i dunno know, lazy? 

    If that’s your assessment fair enough, but I will mention the dev team is only 2 people. So it is not a big team developing and testing. They can only do so much testing which is why betas are helpful. It gives the devs real world use feedback.
    So to call releases lazy under values the effort 2 devs put into their time. Plus many users simply use betas to get the latest features without providing any real feedback. 

  8. 52 minutes ago, wallmachine said:


    ListView headings didn't display when first opened LaunchBox, when I clicked on another Platform they re-appeared. I do not have the nahimic service running.


    What version are you on?

    Showing fine on several builds I have going.


    Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 9.18.15 AM.png

  9. 2 hours ago, SiriusVI said:


    I'm not sure this is an issue of the Beta, but it might be, so I'm just posting the link to this issue here:


    Try reverting to the stable version and test. If it works in the stable reload the beta and confirm it does not work again.

  10. To add any arcade system you want you are not stuck with what is in the pre-populated drop down list. Just type in any name you want. The list is just to get people started. It is not, and for that matter, was never meant to be all inclusive. They are no longer separated as a decision was made a long while back to put all arcade boards under "Arcade" platform. I have all these arcade boards as unique platforms so it is easy to do.

    The text method is dated and really not needed. I just tested that method and it does work.

    When you add TP as an emulator be sure in the "Default command line parameters" to add "--profile=%romfile%.xml" . You might also need to check the boxes for "Don't Use Quotes..." and "Use File Name Only..." 

    Then just import each games .xml file located in the "Game Profile" folder of Teknoparrot.

    Some did a write up a short while ago about doing TP games without using the text. I will see if I can find it.

  11. 25 minutes ago, bikeking8 said:

    Real late to the party, but I can see how this would be great for arcade games too like Teknoparrot's per-game weirdness and even maybe MAME. Has this been implemented in some way, have you found a way to do this?

    It has not as it was never really put through the proper feature request option so it never gained attention of users and the devs. 

    Best thing for anyone to do when looking to request a feature is use the link located under the Help & Support section at the top of the forum. Its helps us track them better and the more users vote for it the better chance it gets looked into. Once a ticket is made I always recommend posting about it on the forum so others are aware of it. 

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  12. Please do not start new threads for the same issue. I also recommend a little patience our forum is small and we do not have as many users posting help responses as larger communities would have. I have merged your threads.

    I am not sure why the audio would work and not the video. Inside the BigBox video settings can you change between either VLC or Windows Media and see if that changes anything.

    What is your video's file type?

  13. What version are you on?

    Startup videos changed a long time ago (version 7.12) and the current process to place any videos you want used in a \Videos\Startup folder. There is no minimum of maximum time setting either since BB now plays the videos in full regardless of their length. There really is not a setting for the video to play when BigBox startups up. Just add the folder, the video (or multiple video) and go.

    The video you are using does play if you just open it correct?

    Can you post a pic of the inside of the folder showing how you set it up and the contents.

  14. No you should not need anything else. 11.16beta 1 was the version that had the "Object Reference" issue many had and it was fixed in beta 2. If you want to try beta 2 you can. If it does not work the only thing you need to do is going into your \Updates folder an run the installer for the last version that was working for you and have it install over top the current build. It will not delete or change anything. This is how you could have done it to go back to 11.15 instead of installing to a new folder and copying everything over.

  15. Are you able to start LB at all? LB crashes usually do not delete prior settings and media that have been downloaded. Are you able to see any of the media downloaded before the crash occurred inside your LB Images and Videos folders?

    I am not sure on the true cause of the error in your pics, but it has been reported before and the latest beta seemed to fix the "Object Reference..." error for those of use who experienced it.

  16. 11 minutes ago, Wanderer189 said:

    When running beta 2, RPCS3 will not run for me. I hear a sound like a windows prompt, but LB is frozen and keyboard is about useless. Can't even do ALT>TAB. Have to kill LB process in the task manger. At first I thought it might be the AHK script I was using, so I removed it and had the same issue. Went back to 11.15 and all is working good again, even with my AHK script.

    Anyone else having issues with the beta's and RPCS3?

    Working fine here.

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  17. 4 minutes ago, Jair said:

    Hi all, just trying to come back to Big Box after being away for a while, but it won't even start. I'm in Windows 10. Either by double-clicking the icon or trying to start from within regular Launchbox. Big Box just never comes up, not even a splash screen. I'm at Launchbox v. 11.15. Is that the latest version? Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.

    Check your Antivirus. There were some instances with recent Windows updates that errantly quarantined some LB and BB dll files.

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