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  1. 8 minutes ago, Inquisitor said:

    It does if you dont want to be on it, it's newer than the stable 11.15, so Launchbox will try to update to it after rolling back to 11.15. It can't update to it if it's not there.

    That's incorrect. I test constantly for LB going back and forth between betas and prior versions. I never delete any installer even if newer than the one I am running and LB never tries to reinstall it until I make it do so. Been that way for years I have been using LB and testing betas.

    If you have Check for Updates on it will ask you if you want to install, but it does not automatically do it. The Background option will. Which is why that has to be off.

  2. 2 hours ago, Inquisitor said:

    Delete the 11.16 beta from the updates folder. Its updating currently because you already have it downloaded and its a newer version, just remove it and it cant install.


    45 minutes ago, bundangdon said:

    Then you need to delete that 11.16 beta 1 from your "updates" folder and then turn off "Automatically Download Updates" in the background in LaunchBox options.

    @4monty The beta does not need to be deleted. Just need to make sure to uncheck the box for "Automatically Download Updates in Background". No matter how many installers you have in your updates folder you can revert to any version and use it without LB trying to update to a more current one in your folder if you have that unchecked.

  3. 1 hour ago, Soop said:

    I just got this going yesterday and set it downloading metadata overnight, but despite it chugging along to begin with, I came down today to see a load of sign-in errors and barely any progression.  I googled the problem, and it seems like one that's been around for a long time, but it doesn't seem like anyone is sure what the cause is, or if anyone has actually fixed it.  I see some posts by the admin stating that it "should be fixed in version x", but it's obviously still an issue.  It seems like the timeout for a failure needs to be significantly decreased for one thing.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

    Not sure what version you are on. However, the issue seems to be a timeout issue if you are also downloading from Emumovies. If memory serves me correct I believe there is a 15 minute or so timeout involving EmuMovies API. So until something is figured out the work around is to either uncheck downloading media from Emumovies or run it in chunks of say 500 games at a time.

    1 hour ago, Soop said:

    The second part is that the UI informed me that I could cancel the metadata download and restume it at any time, but I had several thousand items left to download this morning, and after a restart, I can't seem to get LB to progress.  I've tried Tools > "download metadata and media" but this just downloaded media for one game.  How do I resume the downloads?

    This is likely because you only had one game selected. You have to select all the games you want to download the media for. That option is not a general one that runs the downloader for all games if you select it. So you either go to a specific platform and select all the games or you can be in the All Games view and choose you full library.

  4. 3 hours ago, keithhov said:

    Thanks, I will do some type of action to narrow it down to see if its just a bad file causing problems, I will share if anything relevant happens.

    Also if you have videos we know some .flv file types has caused issues when in BB is in attract mode. So I would remove those.

  5. @keithhov I would test removing the entire folder of one image type and test. So maybe remove the marquee image folders (do not delete just move out of LB amd them test. If it crashes put the marquee images back and move the clear logos out and test. This way you can tell which image types might be the culprit. 

    I run this same theme on one build and it has no issues on new LB build. 

    Attract mode has been known to have issues when a user’s build has a bad video file or image file. So likely issue is a bad image as you mentioned. 

  6. Launch the game and then hit tab to go to the Mame settings menu. Choose the option for Inputs This Machine and see if by chance the bindings for those option are different than what you set.

  7. 59 minutes ago, tmagni78 said:

    So I've unchecked all the filters and still no dice.  Will not find anything.  Can you do bezels with those other emulators?

    Retroarch you can.

    31 minutes ago, tmagni78 said:

    Roms are .zip and .nes.  I was able to import them based on importing them with a diff emulator.  Now I can't get Mame to open them.

    LB does not care what the rom extension is, but if you try to import non-arcade roms using Mame as the emulator it will not work. Especially things like NES games. Can you share pics of your Associated Platforms tab for Mame in LB Manage Emulators. You may be missing the platform name and command lines needed to run consoles. If you should happen to be using software list for those consoles there is a plugin made by one of our forum members that will work.

    Did these roms come from the CoinOps you were using?


  8. 7 hours ago, Hifihedgehog said:

    You might not be seeing it maybe because it is Windows 10 related or perhaps it is a new "feature" specific to later feature updates of Windows 10. I noticed it on Windows 10 May 2020 Update with either Intel (Intel Iris Xe on Microsoft Surface Pro 7+) or NVIDIA (GeForce GTX 3090) with both clean and updated installs of the operating system. Pure nonsense, I tell ya.

    I am sure it is some stupid Windows thing. Just to confirm though, all my builds over the years have been Windows 10 with both Nvidia and Ryzen cards. The pc I have used for the past 4 years for all my testing its update history shows a May 2020 update had been done and never had this issue. I have always set the second screen above, unless I was building a Virtual Pin cabinet. So I am curious as to the cause some users have this issue. I have definitely experienced the scaling issues you mentioned though.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

    W00t! Yeah. I've seen that cause issues with some frameworks and back ends. They all assume that monitors go left to right from 1-N. I didn't think any of our dependencies did that but was worth trying. I left myself a note to look into the possible cause of that. Thanks for bearing with me and testing everything. Helps a lot.

    This is interesting. My 3 cabinets work regardless of marquee screen position. Good to know this worked for @Benjc. Another option to try when troubleshooting anyone with a similar issue.

  10. 1 minute ago, lildivaaa said:

    I have the same-type setup. To get mine to work, on top of the "options" settings to enable the marquee and which monitor it applies to...I also need to use an XML file to tell BigBox how I want my marquees to be viewed. I'll attach the XML code that I currently use in each theme I use. The XML file is called "GameMarqueeView.xaml" and is located in the "Views" folder in each theme.

    <UserControl xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation"
    	<Grid VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch">
            <Image Source="{Binding Path=ActivatedGame.MarqueeImagePath}" Stretch="Uniform" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Top" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" />


    LB actually does not need a marquee view xaml. All themes that may not have the PlatformMarqueeView.xaml or GameMarqueeView.xaml present in the views should still show marquees due to how BigBox is coded.

    So you have the same marquee screen type as the OP and it is the same resolution? If you remove those xaml files the marquee does not show for you?

  11. Since we seem to have not properly comprehended my request to let it rest and I have been respectful I think enough is enough. Time to lock thread.

    @KoritsuKyu Glad it is a viable option for you for now. Any issues related to this topic that might come up please start a new thread.

  12. I think we have started down that slippery slope. So let's just squash any more posts not related to the actual question the OP had. All that is going to keep happening is more back and forth. So let's move on.

    @KoritsuKyu If the option I mentioned works for you and you are sorted then glad you have what you need. If not, start a new thread and we can go from there

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  13. @Pixel As mentioned in my prior post anything more is not helpful and will be deleted. So I deleted your last post. Please let it be in this thread and I request again you make a separate thread. I am being as respectful as I can.

  14. 1 minute ago, Pixel said:

    Specific? Hmm...

    Look at the author post. Such a simple thing as having two manuals per game seems to be a problem to a average user. For years now, again and again. So why it was discarded? For me, a bit more advanced user, it is also a problem because my menu cannot hold the files in one simple menu. So both of us have a problem, right?

    Yet devs decide to create a new poll, which the features of are very minor.

    The things is that for a dev adding such a features cannot excees more than a few hours. It is a max of their time.

    Really? People have to beg for such simple features? Don't tell me that adding new fields would take day or weeks to implement. Come on... it's a matter of duplication of what was already done in the code and addning new names to it. Let's be serious...



    I recommend if you want to continue with your specific request open a new thread and start there. Any more on the subject in this thread is not helpful and will be deleted.

    Not trying to discount your specific need. It would just be better served in its own thread getting feedback there instead of derailing this one.

  15. I have used these cut monitors on numerous builds and currently have them in 2 cabinets now. I have not seen where primary is listed as 2 and marquee as 1. They have all been 1 as primary. Only time I had an issue was when DPI scaling was different for each monitor. The marquee was not showing up on one of those builds. I would also double check the Hz on the marquee. Some times the monitors I would get are set to 55Hz and would not show the marquee.

  16. 1 hour ago, Pixel said:

    Additional apps are not a user-friendly solution, unfortunately. I have thousands of additional apps. They are difficult to manage and my menu is all cluttered - PDFs with real apps and other kinds of files. 

    For your specific use I can completely understand this would not be the best way to handle your needs. However, it is a user friendly solution in many use cases and might be for the original poster. I know for my use it is as I am not the kind of person who has thousands of additional apps. Only those necessary to allow me to enjoy my games.

    So while I do hope some day our devs can put something more suitable in place for how you use LB/BB and I can see how a different option would be very helpful for how you manage your set-up. I would hope you can see it is not helpful to come to this post and just discount a viable option that might be useful for this user and many others.

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